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11:23 am, 2/20/2010 3rd, 9 Serpent

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The understanding, the communion, keeps flowing, this morning. I am so pleased. I am so

blessed. Furthermore, I am deeply, humbly grateful. I am not doing any of this, you know...or
perhaps you don’t. Just remember to listen in heart, so this will make better sense, inner
sense (innocence) for you. (I just love words!)

Understanding is us. We are understanding, expanding out into the universes, into the
multiverse, and beyond. There is always a beyond, which is beautiful.

I am hearing beautiful music, within. This often happens to most of us, of course, but I’ve
learned to pay attention to just what is playing, being open to why. It is not always so simple
as the last song we heard, of course. Well, it helps that I don’t listen to much music, so what
plays for me is more pure, as far as its meaning for me goes.

Hope I haven’t lost you, there. Bottom line is that everything, every
little thing, has meaning. It pays
off, big time, to be observant. There is a whole world of renewed experience, hidden there in
that one word: ‘Observe.’ It is certainly, or I have certainly found it to play a major part on the
path Homeward.

When I say ‘Homeward,” it’s with a capital ‘H’. Homeward, to me, means into Source, into
God, into divinity; however you see that. It’s a funny word, since initially we all associate it
strictly with the body’s sense of it, which is here is a body, and there is that body’s home, its
current place of residence.

It’s a given that I don’t mean that, since I’m not the body. I just wear this body. It in no way
defines who or what I am. So, Homeward; what does it mean? I bet you get the sense of it,
there. I bet you feel it, too. We are, in effect, a divine spark that has broken off from the
fullness of divinity in order to have a 3D, a material experience. (I won’t say ‘Earthly’,
because we’ve been on many other planets and stars that this.)

So we’re this spark, this light.


Just took a phone call, and it was so great. Someone I gave an energy treatment, of sorts, to
was reporting back to me on the effect, and it was major for her. That is such a blessing, both
for her and for me. I haven’t been doing this sort of thing for long, but it just seemed a natural
part of my path, and so I’ve started. Wow, what an effect!

Okay, we’re the Light spark, the Light; we’re not the body at all. No, not at all. Not one bit.
That may be a bit advanced for some, but just be open to it, to the possibility of it, then. Don’t
accept what you’re not ready to accept. Just be in heart, and keep an open, receptive state.
That’s all.

I’m hearing Tom Kenyon’s “Music” within, now. That one I did just play, his Immunity CD. It’s
great. You might want to Google Tom Kenyon, and check him out, his work using sound for
healing. The Quantum K website also has some good sounds. There’s always the better
known ones, of course, like Josh Goldman and the rest. Sound is crucially, critically
important, and we don’t realize it, initially.

You can tell when someone is not aware of this both by how they speak, the words they use
(such as cursing and profanity), as well as by the ‘Music’ they listen to. Sound creates. It
really is that simple. Sound creates. It thus behooves us to begin to at least look into this, to
explore this area of awareness.

It helps, too, to keep touching bases with your heart, with that center point where all
Knowledge resides, and where your best intuition originates. Yes, we do get ‘Gut feelings,’
and the various chakras will give us readings on things, on energies. That which comes from
the heart, though, is the purest and best.

It is not necessarily the heart chakra, actually not likely the heart chakra that I mean, here. I
don’t really know what it is, in a time-and-space sense, a material, understandable, logical,
sensible sense. It isn’t that. It isn’t on that dimension, do you see? It is something else.

It is maybe not a ‘Thing,’ at all, in the typical sense of the word. It is perhaps not a ‘Space,’
either. I don’t know and I don’t care is about all I can report about that. I just know there is a
basic, foundational, fundamental connection with deep, deeper, even deepest Reality, capital
‘R’, that can be made by setting the intent to go within the heart.

Those are just words, you see. What is the heart, really? There is the physical organ; it’s not
that. There are actually two chakras called the heart. The main one is what people call the
heart chakra, the 12-petaled lotus. That is one, and it may be that; I don’t know.

Then there is another, less well known heart chakra called the Secret Chamber of the Heart.
I’ve actually entered that one, bodily, once--at least, that was the experience. It was filled with
a magical sort of light that was both golden and pink at one and the same time. Both colors
could be seen together, as one, yet could also be individually distinguished. It is not a ‘Color’
we have a word for, in 3D.

It is taught, in the Mystery Schools, that the actual spark of divinity, an actual flame, a spiritual
fire, resides on an altar, here, in this Secret Chamber. Some also teach that this is the place
we go to make contact with the Higher Self. I really don’t know.

I know of these, and the other major chakras, of course; and of some others, as well. We
have more of the major chakras as our DNA is being rebundled, reassembled from the etheric
back into the physical, as we are going through these times of acceleration of energy. We
have additional chakras above the head that begin to come online.

But I am not a chakra person, a teacher of anything esoteric. That is fine, and I have no
problems with believing this, but that is not where I’m coming from. I’ll let other people teach
this. That’s where I’m getting my initial instruction on those things, anyway. Realistically, we
all teach one another. No one knows, or should try to teach, everything. Let each follow her
heart, and this won’t become an issue.

Okay, this is going on long, so let me sort of summarize. There is a centering ‘Space,’ or
place, for lack of a better word. Remember, the words are just hints, just indicators, or
pointers. Please don’t get lost in them. They are meaningless, really. They just point to

So, there is a sort of space that exists in some way, on some dimension or maybe not, for it is
really a junction point of all dimensions. This is accessible to all of us. It is our birthright,
really. It is closer to who and what we are than any body or mind ever even dreamed of
being. But don’t get lost in that, either.

Just know that somewhere in the center of your chest, about midway between the breasts, is
a point, seemingly deep within the center of the body, that can be accessed. This is the
ultimate power point. This is what I refer to when I say to center down, to enter the heart.
This is the place and the space of all knowing. Better than this, with words, I cannot do right

Thank you. God bless.



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