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FLAME CASE CONFERENCE 2015 MAX VISION EYE CARE CENTER* ABSTRACT The case study discusses the genesis
FLAME CASE CONFERENCE 2015 MAX VISION EYE CARE CENTER* ABSTRACT The case study discusses the genesis


The case study discusses the genesis of Max Vision Eye Center, a specialty eye care hospital started by two young doctors Dr. Ankur Sinha and Dr. Ajay Jhinja. Having established themselves as one of the recognized players in the eye care market in Jaipur, and having taken the first step towards creating adequate infrastructure for their business, the promoters are typically faced with the challenge of charting their growth path in the coming years.

The setting up of the organization was fortuitous, as both the founders were pushed into setting up the organization by their life circumstances. However, their decision so far had proved to be a blessing in disguise. Finance and finding the right work force for their hospital set up were proving to be the major areas of challenge for the firm. The field of medicine, particularly in area of surgery, has been witnessing significant growth peppered with frequent innovations. Competition often came from new and advanced techniques. This puts a constant pressure to learn and simultaneously perform the latest surgeries and leveraging from advances in information technology. They were aware that incorporation of the latest technology is no longer an option but a compulsion.

The Max Vision Eye Care Center (MVECC) case provides an opportunity for students to discuss the various aspects of a new business, like entrepreneurship qualities needed for a venture creation, the charting of future direction, managing limited resources and facing competition. In the case of MVECC, the two doctors had the right qualifications and exposure, but the fact that the entire eye care industry was undergoing rapid changes in terms of technology and completion, throws different challenges to these doctors. The students can approach this case from the point of view of a new business creation and growth starting from searching-screening-planning/ financing to set up, startup and ongoing operations and growth.

With hardly 5 years of establishment to its credit, it is now looking for opportunities to grow from its embryonic phase in its life cycle stage. It needs to look for ways to expand after consolidation phase under the vision of its Co-founders Dr. Ankur & Dr. Ajay.

The case discusses the challenges faced by these doctors, not only at every stage of their venture creation but also prior to and post the same. This will give the students valuable inputs to discuss what makes a good entrepreneur and what he needs to do to deal with the changing needs of patients, technology and competition.

Pedagogical Objectives

To understand and appreciate the dilemmas of new establishments like hospital

To decipher that although financial constraints are the foremost issues faced by start-ups, every other functional area of management needs a fair treatment

To assess and appreciate the different management styles/approaches as founder-doctors

exhibited by the two of the

Case Positioning and Setting

The case can be used in courses on health care management as well as in courses on entrepreneurship. In general management the case may score in providing insights in the role played by different functional areas of management in any organization (not just healthcare) especially in a new venture (here a hospital).