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Your guide to what’s going
on in Waringstown

Oct 15 - Jan 16




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to the first edition of our Community

I am Neil Harrison, Community Pastor for
Waringstown Presbyterian Church and team
coordinator for CONNECT. At the heart of this
publication we want to connect with and inform the
people of Waringstown about everything that
happens within Waringstown Presbyterian Church
(WPC). In addition, you will find information about
other groups which are active within our community.
Our aim is to provide you with interesting interviews,
articles and interactive content that will provide
something for everyone.
We hope you find this
helpful and our goal is to publish three times per
You will soon notice that the building known locally as
‘Rigmarole’ will be renamed ‘CONNECT 61’. Not only is 61 the number of our
building on Main St, but the words of Isaiah 61 fit perfectly with our vision for the
This building is one hub for our community work and it comprises three floors. At
ground level you will find Eden Coffee House during the day but in the
evenings it is used by community groups. The Basement (accessed via steps
adjacent to the Country Chippy) is a youth centre for ages 11-18. It is open
every Thursday evening, as well as at other times, for different projects and
activities. The Top Floor is currently office space but will soon be developed as
a meeting room. This will be available to community groups.
We are excited about connecting more with the
people of our community and look forward to
meeting you soon!

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon
me, for the Lord has anointed me to
bring good news to the poor. He has
sent me to comfort the brokenhearted
and to proclaim that captives will be
released and prisoners will be freed.
Isaiah 61:1



I’m Philip Thompson, the minister of
Waringstown Presbyterian Church. Our church
family is all about knowing Jesus and making
Him known.
One of the aims of our congregation is to
offer hope, something that seems to be in
short supply. A lack of hope can lead to all
kinds of problems. The hope we want to share
is not of our making, but is a hope that is
given by God through His Son, Jesus. It’s the
hope that, because of Jesus’ life, death and
returning to life, those who follow Him can
have a new start with God, purpose in a life
spent in friendship with Him, and a knowledge
that even death can’t end this! We want to
share this gift that God has given through
Jesus Christ.
You would be really welcome at our services
in WPC.
On Sunday mornings we have
crèche, children’s activities and a familyfriendly area where people with younger
children can choose to sit. We love to learn
from the Bible and believe God’s Word still
speaks today.
This winter, our theme is ‘On the Move’, looking
at the amazing story of God’s people being
brought out of slavery in Egypt to the Promised
Land. It is an epic adventure that has featured
in movies. It’s also a story with a message for
us as we are constantly on the move into new
circumstances and situations in life. Most of
all, it’s a story that tells us how God rescues
people, and it points ahead to the rescue
and life he provides through Jesus.
Thanks for taking time to read through this
newsletter and we would look forward to
seeing you at any of the events or activities it



Church Life



11am-2pm (WPC Hall)
Luncheon Club (Senior Citizens Lunch)
Contact: Melvyn 07854 875170

Church Office Open
Contact: Barbara 02838882654

6.30pm-7.45pm (WPC Hall)

10am-12pm (WPC Hall)

Rainbows (Girl Guiding for Ages 4-7)
Contact Joanne:

Retired Men’s Fellowship (Bowls&Coffee)
Contact: Melvyn 07854 875170

6.30pm-7.45pm (C of I Halls)

Table Tennis Club

Brownies ((Girl Guiding for Ages 7-10)
Contact Lynda:

8pm-9pm (WPC Hall)
Guides (Girl Guiding for Ages 10-14)
Contact: Lynn 07761 902767

8pm-9pm (WPC Hall)
Senior Section (Girl Guiding Ages 14-26)
Contact Laura:

8-10pm (WPC Hall)

7-9pm (WPC Hall)
6.45-7.45pm (C of I Halls)
Anchor Boys (BB for p2-p4, places limited)

7-8.30pm (C of I Halls)
Junior Section (BB for p5-p7)

7.30-9.30pm (WPC Hall & C of I Halls)
Company & Senior Sections (BB for yr8+)
Contact: Joe 07970 555303
or ‘Waringstown BB’ Facebook Page

Banner Making
Contact: Barbara 07525 265665

7-9pm (WPC Hall)

8.15-11am (Polypipe Factory, Dromore Rd.)

Friday Fun Club (Youth Club for p5-p7’s)
Held fortnightly.
Contact: Suzie 07706 797647

WPC Wheelers (Men’s Cycling Club)
See page 5 for more details
Contact: Richard 07878 327196

7-9pm (WPC Hall or Café Eden, Connect 61)
Fusion (Youth Fellowship for Ages 11-14)
Rotates venue depending on Fun Club
Contact: Chris 07725 170295

9-11pm (WPC Hall or Café Eden, Connect 61)
20:20 (Youth Fellowship for Ages 15-18)
Rotates venue each week
Contact: Chris 07725 170295



Weekly Diary



6.30pm-7.45pm (C of I Halls)


Rainbows (Girl Guiding for Ages 4-7)
Contact Janice:
or Judith: jp.hinds@btinternet,com

Church Office Open
Contact: Barbara 028 38 882654

6.30pm-7.45pm (C of I Halls)

Little Lambs (Baby & Toddler group)
Contact: Ruth 07879 665308

Brownies ((Girl Guiding for Ages 7-10)
Contact Zoe:

10.30am-12pm (WPC Hall)

7pm-10pm (WPC Church)
Music Practice (For Sunday worship)
Contact: Sam 07976 369668

7.45pm-9.15pm (C of I Halls)
Guides (Girl Guiding for Ages 10-14)
Contact Jill:

7.30-10pm (The Basement, Connect 61)

8-9.30pm (WPC Hall)
First Wednesday (Mid-week Bible study)
First Wednesday each month

The Basement Youth Centre
Youth centre for ages 11-18 offering a range of
programmes and projects during the year.
Come along and see what you think!
Contact: Neil 07745 534886

8-9.30pm (WPC Hall)
Central Prayer Gathering
Third Wednesday each month

9.30-10.45am (WPC Church)

Morning Worship

This Autumn’s Series…

10.45-11.30am (WPC Hall)
Coffee Time between services

11.30am-12.45pm (WPC Church)

Morning Worship
6.30-7.30pm (WPC Church)

Evening Worship


Little Lambs is a Baby and Toddler group
 meets each Thursday morning between
10.30am and 12 noon in Waringstown
Presbyterian. It is led by Heather McDowell
and Ruth Maxwell with the help of volunteers.
With a wealth of engaging toys and great
space for playtime, Little Lambs offers an
environment where your child can easily
make new friends and have plenty of fun!
Song and snack times are a big hit with the little ones while parents and
grandparents can relax with a cuppa and
one of the famous scones.
Little Lambs is a source of support and
encouragement for those looking after
young children with many making life-long
friends. Connecting people is at the heart of
what Little Lambs seeks to do.
All at Little Lambs invite you to come along
on a Thursday morning from 10.30am where
a warm welcome (and a cuppa!) await you.
For almost 30 years there has been a
Luncheon Club held in the main
hall of Waringstown Presbyterian
Church for elderly residents. The group
meets on Mondays from 11am-2pm
and is enthusiastically led by Melvyn and Pamela Hamilton.
The club begins with tea/coffee and cake after which they engage in a range of
activities including arm chair bowls, board games and more. The group also
receives regular visits from both the Fire Service and Community Police Team for
advice on home safety.
This vital club provides friendship, the opportunity to connect with the world outside
their home and some release for carers. In the heartfelt words of Melvyn and
Pamela, “We have room at the tables for more.” If you are aware of anyone who
could benefit from this existing community service, please get in touch with
Melvyn on 07854 875170.

The cost of each session is only £4 and
transport is organised for those who
need it, including wheelchair users, free
of charge.

Community News

‘Love for Life’

have made their
home in Waringstown for around fifteen
Recently, I met up with Graham Hare,
the current General Manager of ‘Love
for Life’, in order to discover the role this
organisation has in our community and
its greater impact throughout Ireland.
Graham began by explaining why, as a former teacher, he has given the last
seven years of his life to this work, “I loved teaching and had career development
opportunities but when this position came up I had a choice to make.” This choice
was, in his words, “To seek first the Kingdom. This is the call of everyone here. We
are paid to sow Kingdom values into young people.”
Graham went on to describe the work
done in partnership with schools to deliver
excellent relationship and sex education
programmes which complement
curriculum requirements.
Over thirty
thousand pupils have received
presentations in the last year. 117 primary
and 117 post primary schools from across
the province, of which five were cross
border. Added to this Love for Life are
now working with the Public Health Agency to deliver their programme to Youth and
Community groups. “It has taken time and evidence of good practice to gain
such support and to build a rapport with schools and the community alike but in so
doing, we are in a better position to influence future policy. Throughout, our goal
has remained to help young people make great choices and to encourage them
to recognise and pursue healthy relationships which reflect theirs and others’ value,
worth and identity.” Indeed, their most recent campaign entitled EVERY highlights
their ambition to provide a free programme to every post-primary school in N.
If you are interested in volunteering with Love for Life with fundraising ideas or office
admin then contact Graham at 028 38820555 or email at
Article by Eileen Cardwell

COFFEE MORNING @ LOVE FOR LIFE on Sat 17th Oct 10-12pm
ALL donations go towards the work of Love for Life



Community Events


Drop a drawing, painting or
photograph of something related to
Waringstown into the competition entry
box in Connect61 for the chance to
win one of four High Street Shopping
Vouchers. Even if you don’t win, your
picture may still be published in future
editions of Connect! There are four age
categories: pre-school, primar y age,
secondary age and adult. Please clearly label
your entry with your name, age category and contact telephone
number. Closing date for entries is 15th December 2015.
[Terms and conditions can be found on our Facebook page (notes section) or
a paper copy can be requested by contacting Neil using the details below.]

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