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Statement of Case

The Young Women Outreach Center (YWOC) is a community center

that has helped the community over the years with a focus on
empowering young women. YWOC has successfully helped these
functionally illiterate young women. They lack the knowledge and
skills to change their situation. The center is providing a very
important service for women who are in need of pregnancy
counseling, family planning, community services and so much more.
The YWOC is centrally located in downtime Kinston, North

The location makes it easier for women to take

advantage of the resources and become better prepared to deal

with some of the challenges they will face. Those challenges may
include difficulty in securing gainful employment and trying to
communicate the need for services for their children. YWOC
requires further help in expanding resources and creating new
programs to employ a diversity of eligible people to occupy these
new positions. The organizations technology system can be
updated to meet the challenges in the newer innovative world of
global technology.
I started working at the Young Women Outreach Center (YWOC)
as an intensive personal adviser. I worked with young mothers who
have deeply entrenched socio-economic problems. One of my staff
members, Mary, was a very aggressive team leader who was having a

lot of success with getting the young women to attend parenting

classes at the Center. She was a very personable leader and was
dedicated to helping the at-risk young mothers. The mothers
looked up to her because of her willingness to promise extra
money in the form of a stipend that the Center was providing.
Although this was not the existing policy, her team started
offering the young mothers more money and benefits and more women
started attending the Center. The Director was pleased with
Marys strategy work, but one of the other team leaders, Janice,
were not. Janices team had been using the existing system and
policies to determine how much money they were going to give the
young mothers for their participation in the classes. Janices
team worked well as a collaborative team and each member
understood the others communication style.
Mary upheld the organizations vision of shared information
among her teams, to bring leaders and staff around that have
skills and knowledge to the table, to enable change in the
organizations management that will effect change in the
organizations leadership. Team members and staff would be able
to tolerate change, if they understood why the changes should
occur, and if they feel the changes are fair. Integrating
accessible information into the organization that can be easily
communicated and utilized by the team and staff and between

Marys policy changes included giving additional money to

the participants created laissez-faire capitalism. The system we
employed applied an equity-based rewards system and rule- reward
system. The functional team generated costs and tensions between
teams; this interfered with communication within the team. The
adaptive collaborative approach we employed required individuals
with had insight and the ability to process the information that
was communicated.

Collaborative communication tools record, and

store data to provide feedback on the organizations

communication software. YWOC informal networks and interpersonal
relationships have a critical role in the organizations success
in the community. The managers at YWOC have meet to come up with
strategies to transform the organization from the industrial age
and how it communicates, shares information and collaborates
among teams and staff.
As one of the leaders at YWOC, I was aware that the skills
and tactics from both the leaders and teams were needed to
participate in building relationship with stakeholders and the
community. YWOC leveraging community resources to deliver
valuable solutions that are innovative and provide opportunities
for community growth and strategic communication.

As the leader

I will address the diverse needs and establish guidelines for

training, conflict resolution and interpersonal workplace

relationships, and to be role model. I will select and recruit

team members to be leaders for promoting collaborative dialog
between team members and management.
Concept 1.
Barriers to Communication