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“Reality of Death”

Almighty Lord Allah (swt) says in the

"Blessed be He in Whose hands
is Dominion: and He over all
things hath Power; He Who
created Death and Life the may try
which of you is best in deed: and
he is the Exalted in Might, Oft-
Forgiving;.... (Surah Al-Mulkhat
Every one of us has to die. In this
regard Allah mentioned in the
Qur'aan that everyone has to die
including the Prophet himself:
Allah says in Holy Quran
"Truly thou wilt die (one day),
and truly they (too) will die (one
Surah Al Zumar (39:30)
Allah also said that every soul shall
taste the death:
"Every soul shall have taste of
death; In the end to us shall ye be
brought back
.(Surah Al-'Ankabut The Spider
No one knows when and where one
will die. No one even knows how
someone is to die. In this respect
Allah says in the Qur'an
"Nor does anyone know what it is
that he will earn on the morrow:
Nor does anyone know in what
land he is to die. Verily with God is
full knowledge and He is
acquainted (with all things)"
(Surah Luqman:-31:34)
It is understood that Allah alone is
the One Who gives life, and it is He
Who takes off life. In this regard,
Allah says in Qur'aan
: "It is He Who gives Life and
Death; and when He decides upon
an affair, He says to it, "Be, " "and
it is. " (Surah Al- Mu'min -The
While life and death are from Allah,
we have to remember that they are to
take place with the permission of
Allah alone. Each one's life and death
are decided by Allah. It is stated in
the Qur'aan
"Nor can a soul die except by God
as leave, the term being fixed as
by writing. Many do desire a
reward in this life, we shall give it
to him, and if any do desire a
reward In the hereafter, we shall
give it to him. And swiftly shall we
reward those that (serve us with)
gratitude. "(Surah Al-'Imran -The
family of Imraan 3:145)
Allah (swt) makes us to die daily
while sleeping. He makes most of us
to wake up from our temporary death
so we can praise Him and to worship
Him. The Qur'aan states
"It is God that takes the souls (of
men) at death; and those that die
not (He takes) during their sleep:
those on whom He has passed the
decree of death, He keeps back
(from returning to t life) but the
rest He sends (to their bodies) for
a term appointed. Verily in this are
Signs for those who reflect. (Surah
Al-Zumar - The Crowds 39:42)
Allah has assigned an angel
responsible for taking our souls out
of our body. The angel's name in the
Qur'aan is ( Malakul- Maut) Angel of
Death. Allah informs us in Holy
"Say: "The Angel of Death put in
charge of you, will (duly) take your
souls: Then shall ye be brought
back to your Lord. "( Surah Al-
Sajdah- Prostration:32:11)
The life of each and every human
being on this earth is a short one,
but the deeds and actions of a true
believer are eternal if he knows how
to channel them in the right
directions. As far as the life span of a
human being is concerned, our
beloved Prophet (pbuh) said:

Narrated by Abu Hurairah (May

Allah be pleased with him) saying
that the Prophet (pbuh) said: "The
life span of my followers are
between sixty and seventy. Very
few of them do exceeds this age. "
Reported by: Tirmizi
Life in this world is a temporary one.
The real( Permanent) life is the one
of Life Hereafter. In this respect the
Qur'aan states

"What is the life of this world but

amusement and play? But verily
the Home in the Hereafter, that is
life indeed, it they but knew."
(Surah Al-Ankabut -The Spider:
We are here on a trial basis, we are
here on a temporary basis, and we
are here for a passage to Paradise or
Hell . The real life of an eternal rest is
that of the hereafter. In this respect
Allah says in
"O my People! This life of the
present is nothing but (temporary)
convenience. It is the Hereafter
that is the Home that will last.
"(Surah Al Mu'min -The Believer:
(40 39)
Without coming to this world, and
without dying we can't go to
paradise. We can't dream to go to the
final destination without tasting
death. So we have to die whether we
like it or not. Death is truth (Haqq). . It
is a passage to Paradise. Therefore, it
is important that we remember the
death and prepare for it..
Our beloved Prophet (pbuh)
reminded us that we have to
remember death, as it is the one that
defeats all types of pleasures.
Narrated by Ibn Umar (May Allah
be pleased with them) that the
Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
"Increase your remembrance of
the One which defeats pleasures"
While we are to remember death,
we have to prepare ourselves to
meet it - before it meets us. In this
regard our beloved Prophet (pbuh)
said: ''Do for your life as if you are
to live eternally, and do for the
hereafter as if you are to die
tomorrow. ''
Remember that death is a process to
reaching the final destination for
both the believers and the non-
believer. We hope and pray that each
and everyone will go to Paradise. In
other to achieve this ultimate
success we must find out what Our
Creator wants from us. and we must
strive to seek the truth. In order one
must desire the ultimate success
there are two important things are
necessary. First one must desire the
real truth and second one must strive
to seek the truth.