Early Church (Apostolic age


33 - 313 AD

Holy Catholic Church 313 AD Constantine declares Christianity "Official (state) religion of the Roman Empire The Medieval Church Age 1054 split between East & West due to papal claim of supreme authority

Eastern Orthodox Reformation: 1517


Roman Catholic
4 main groups developed through the Reformation

Lutherans (Germany)

Anglicans (Originally Great Britain) Anabaptists
(Germany, England & Holland)

Reformed & Presbyterian (Switzerland, Holland & Great Britain )

Many new "denominations" are formed as various truths are restored to the church & Christianity is spread

The "Modern" church age As the various groups settled in North America further divisions resultedBuymany independent in SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this denominationsdocument without a watermark . - over 90-0 Visit in the U.S. alone. estimated www.smartdraw.com or call 1-800-768-3729.

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