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Making Pajama Pants

Using your own pair as a pattern

1. CUT OUT: Fold your fabric in half, right sides together. Take your
own pajama pants and fold them in half. Lay them on your fabric. Cut
around sides with a ½” to ¾” seam allowance, or border. You need to add an
extra 2” to the top and bottoms so you have extra fabric to hem the legs and
make a casing for the elastic or drawstring.
g. Take your pajama pants and flip
them to fold them the other way, it will have a different curve for the crotch
or center seam, and usually the back has a wider leg too.
**Notice the front curve of the center or crotch seam is shorter and less steep, where
wh the back
is almost a J shape.

3. Sew Inside of Legs

2. Sew Center Seams
With right sides together, sew Unfold each side and
the curve of the crotches for put them right sides
both the front and the back together. Pin the crotch
together, and sew up
one leg and down the
other. *I will some
times start at crotch and
sew to ankle, then start
at crotch and sew down
other side
4. Sew sides
Pin sides together and
5. Hem Pant Legs 6. Make Elastic Casing
Press the bottom of the legs
sew each side. Iron the top of pants over 2”.
up 2”, then fold in half, so
Depending on how thick your
1” is folded up, then fold
elastic or drawstring is, you’ll fold
again on the 2” press seam
over twice again, to make a tube for
so it is folded over twice.
the elastic to go in. Add ¼” to the
Sew along the hem at ¾” or
width of your elastic. Sew along
guide on fold.
casing but leave 2-3”
2 unsewn to get
elastic in there.

7. Elastic
Take your elastic and measure around your waist
until it’s comfy, cut it off with ½” extra or so. Use
a safety pin on one end of your elastic. Thread
elastic through casing tube you created, until it comes
out the other end of the hole you left. Take out safety
pin and sew the ends of the elastic together. Tuck the
elastic back up inside and sew the hold shut.