Friday, March 23, 1990

Fort Knox area is searched for Ann Gotlib’s body
By Cary B. Willis The Courier-Journal Police and FBI agents began searching a remote area of Fort Knox yesterday for the body of nn !otlib" the #ussian immigrant $ho $as %& $hen she disa''eared from a suburban Jefferson County sho''ing mall se(en years ago. man con(icted of murdering three 'eo'le" including t$o teen-age girls" $as brought from Texas to Kentuc)y and returned Wednesday by the *.+. ,arshal-s +er(ice" according to Charles Bro$n" a s'o)esman for the Texas .e'artment of Criminal Justice. uthorities refused to comment on $hether ,ichael /ee /oc)hart -- a &0- year-old drifter from Toledo" 1hio" $ho re'ortedly has confessed to crimes in all but fi(e states -is a sus'ect in the highly 'ublici2ed disa''earance. But the state medical examiner" .r. !eorge 3ichols" said yesterday that county 'olice told him a man had confessed to the crime. 4They said they re5uired assistance at a site $hich had been (isually identified by a man $ho allegedly is her murderer"4 3ichols said. Jefferson County 'olice $ould not comment beyond saying a search $as under $ay. They said the search $as called off at dar). n FBI agent said only that in(estigators $ere acting on seemingly reliable information. It could not be determined last night if the FBI and 'olice $ere to resume the search today. Phil .oty" a s'o)esman for the FBI" said agents sur(eyed a $ooded area on the military base Wednesday e(ening. n intensi(e search" in(ol(ing county 'olice and military 'olice" began yesterday morning" he said. +ome digging $as ta)ing 'lace" he said. .oty said in(estigators are searching in an area that is off-limits to the 'ublic. 6e refused to say ho$ the information about Fort Knox $as de(elo'ed. 4We-re not going to go into that. It-s 7ust one of the many leads that $e-(e gotten in that case and it-s come u'. It $as e(aluated as being at least $orth a try" so $e $ent on do$n there.4 nn $as last seen at Bashford ,anor ,all in the late afternoon of June %" %089" after (isiting a friend $ho li(ed nearby. Police found the girl-s bicycle at the south end of the sho''ing center" near Bacon-s de'artment store" that night.

nn and her 'arents" /yudmila and natoly !otlib" had mo(ed from the +o(iet *nion to /ouis(ille in %08:. Police ha(e 'ursued hundreds of leads since nn-s disa''earance" but ha(e come u' em'ty each time. 6er disa''earance has gri''ed the community unli)e any other in recent history" $ith candlelight (igils and 'ublicity dri(es )ee'ing ali(e ho'es of finding her. 3ichols said .r. .a(id Wolf" the state anthro'ologist" $as sent to Fort Knox at the re5uest of county 'olice. Wolf-s 7ob 4has to do $ith systematic in(estigation of burial sites" and e(aluation of s)eletoni2ed and decom'osed remains"4 3ichols said. 4 t the time I $as contacted they $ere as)ing for assistance in e(aluation of a site to see $hether .r. Wolf could ex'ose or identify a burial site"4 he said. /oc)hart" $ho com'ares himself to serial )iller Ted Bundy" is on death ro$ for )illing a Texas 'olice officer and has been sentenced to death for )illing teen-age girls in Indiana and Florida. /oc)hart re'eatedly stabbed a %;-year-old !riffith" Ind." girl in 1ctober %08<. %=-yearold /and 1-/a)es" Fla." girl $as found bound" gagged and stabbed in January %088. /oc)hart has told 'olice that he has )illed &: to 9: young girls and committed crimes in all but fi(e states" according to officials. /oc)hart $as con(icted in 1ctober %088 for )illing Beaumont Police 1fficer Paul .. 6ulsey Jr. on ,arch &&" %088. 6ulsey $as shot t$ice" including once in the chest" $ith a .9><-caliber ,agnum at a motel in that city.