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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

160 / Friday, August 19, 2005 / Notices 48707

202–566–1624; e-mail: electronic public docket and comment total response costs, and EPA will system, EPA Dockets. You may use EPA maintain a lien against the real property
DATES: Comments must be submitted on Dockets at that was subject to the response action
or before September 23, 2005. to view public comments, access the as a means to obtain the balance of its
index listing of the contents of the response costs.
standards are comprised of data official public docket, and to access For thirty (30) days following the date
elements, formats, and definitions. Each those documents in the public docket of publication of this notice, the Agency
standard document provides an that are available electronically. will receive written comments relating
overview diagram that depicts the Although not all docket materials may to the proposed AOC. The Agency’s
organization of the standard. These be available electronically, you may still response to any comments received will
standards were developed and revised access any of the publicly available be available for public inspection at
by the Environmental Data Standards docket materials through the docket EPA’s Region IX offices, located at 75
Council (EDSC). The EDSC is a facility identified in Unit I.B. Once in Hawthorne Street, San Francisco,
partnership of among EPA, States, and the system, select ‘‘search,’’ then key in California 94105.
Tribes which promotes the efficient the appropriate docket identification DATES: Comments must be submitted on
sharing of environmental information number. or before September 19, 2005.
through the cooperative development of Dated: August 9, 2005. ADDRESSES: The proposed AOC may be
data standards. Oscar Morales, obtained from Judith Winchell, in EPA
The standards are intended for use in Director, Collection Strategies Division, Office Region IX Superfund Division,
environmental data exchanges among of Information Collection, U.S. Environmental telephone (415) 972–3124. Comments
States, Tribal entities and the U.S. EPA. Protection Agency. regarding the proposed AOC should be
They are not meant to dictate or to limit [FR Doc. 05–16114 Filed 8–18–05; 8:45 am] addressed to Ms. Winchell at the U.S.
data an agency chooses to collect for its BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Environmental Protection Agency (SFD–
own internal purposes. Changes in data 7), 75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco,
standards should not be interpreted to California 94105, and should reference
mean that revisions to databases or ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION the Perris Drum Superfund Removal
information systems are required. What AGENCY Site, and Region IX Docket No. 2005–
they do mean is that formats for sharing 0013.
data with Exchange Network (EN) [FRL–7954–9]
partners will change because the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: J.
Notice of Proposed Administrative Andrew Helmlinger, Office of Regional
Exchange Network has adopted Shared
Settlement Pursuant to the Counsel, (415) 972–3904, U.S.
Schema Components based on the data
Comprehensive Environmental Environmental Protection Agency,
standards. The SSCs are available on the
Response, Compensation, and Liability Region IX, 75 Hawthorne Street, San
Exchange Network Web site at http://
Act, as Amended by the Superfund Francisco, CA 94105.
The draft data standards documents Amendments and Reauthorization Act Dated: August 11, 2005.
can be found on EDSC’s Web site at AGENCY: Environmental Protection James C. Hanson, and Agency (EPA). Acting Director, Superfund Division.
are available through the Docket system ACTION: Notice, request for public [FR Doc. 05–16480 Filed 8–18–05; 8:45 am]
as indicated below. comments. BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
I. General Information
SUMMARY: In accordance with section
A. How Can I Get Copies of These 122(i) of the Comprehensive ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
Documents and Other Related Environmental Response, AGENCY
Information? Compensation, and Liability Act, as
amended by the Superfund [FRL–7955–1]
1. Docket. EPA has established an
official public docket for this action Amendments and Reauthorization
Proposed CERCLA Administrative
under Docket ID No. OEI–2005–0009. Action (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C. 9622(i),
Cost Recovery Settlement; Axsys
The official public docket is the notice is hereby given of a proposed
Technologies, Inc., U.S. Cap and
collection of materials that is available Administrative Order on Consent
Jacket Superfund Site, Prospect, CT
for public viewing at the OEI Docket in (‘‘AOC,’’ Region 9 Docket No. 2005–
the EPA Docket Center, (EPA/DC) EPA 0013) pursuant to section 122(h) of AGENCY: Environmental Protection
West, Room B102, 1301 Constitution CERCLA concerning the Perris Drum Agency (EPA).
Ave., NW., Washington, DC. The EPA Superfund Removal Site (the ‘‘Site’’), ACTION: Notice of proposed settlement;
Docket Center Public Reading Room is located in Perris, California. The request for public comment.
open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., respondent to the AOC is The Glidden
Monday through Friday, excluding legal Company (‘‘Glidden’’). Through the SUMMARY: In accordance with section
holidays. The telephone number for the proposed AOC, Glidden will reimburse 122(i) of the Comprehensive
Public Reading Room is (202) 566–1744, the United States $95,000 in response Environmental Response, Compensation
and the telephone number for the OEI costs incurred at the Site. The AOC and Liability Act, as amended
Docket is (202) 566–1752. provides Glidden with a covenant not to (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C. 9622(i), notice is
2. Electronic Access. You may access sue and contribution protection for the hereby given of a proposed
this Federal Register document removal action at the Site. EPA administrative settlement for recovery of
electronically through the EPA Internet maintains that a predecessor of Glidden past response costs concerning the U.S.
under the Federal Register listings at arranged for the disposal of a portion of Cap and Jacket Superfund Site in the hazardous substances subject to the Prospect, Connecticut with the
An electronic version of the public response action at the Site. EPA following settling party: Axsys
docket is available through EPA’s incurred approximately $204,000 in Technologies, Inc. The settlement

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