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Rice May Induce Cancer

A recent study has confirmed the exact consumption that excessive amounts of arsenic in rice may
cause genetic damage, which means the nuclear membrane of nucleus cells will be damaged.
Although the earlier reports have confirmed that human body can absorb toxic elements through
the consumption of rice, such phenomena hasnt attracted enough attention of the FDA. Based on
the fact, the study has provided strong evidence for the necessary of establishing safety limit of
arsenic in rice.
Actually, relevant reports about the excessive levels of arsenic in rice have already been warned
more than a decade. The warning is based on the fact that rice is able to naturally adsorb the toxic
elements in soil. To be more specific, an increasing number of followed studies have shown that
the levels of arsenic in rice products is higher than any other kind of cereals. In this way, maybe
those countries with high-consuming level in rice should pay more attention to such problem,
which means they had better explore some relevant standards in rice limitation. In addition, the
study has indicated the level of consumption in rice is directly connected with the arsenic-induced
genetic damage or even cancer.
In fact, taking the current reality into detailed consideration, the arsenic levels in rice is a waiting
necessary supervision. Although some relevant institutions have issued a comprehensive report on
the excessive arsenic in rice in order to meet the consumer research, some further information
about the relevant safety standard is required as well. It is extensively important for the public
health. Might rice induce cancer? Maybe a large number of people will feel worried about the
problem. Especially, for Chinese, they eat rice every day so maybe they own a high risk in highlevel arsenic which could lead to cancer. Recently, a group of researchers have attempted to look
for the nucleus damaged cells through micronucleus test. And they have found arsenic is the main
cause of human malignant bladder tumors and lung cancer culprit.
More specifically, the concept of rice may induce cancer has raised more attention among
various countries, thus such concern requires a series of modern standards for the purpose of
preventing people from cancer caused by rice. Although the safety limit of rice hasnt been set so
far, I believe it is just on the corner.
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