Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ann Gotlib's fate remains mystery
Girl, 12, vanished quarter-century ago By Sara Cunningham The Courier-Journal The evidence relating to the 198 disa!!earance o" #nn Gotli$ ta%es u! an entire "ourdra&er "ile ca$inet in the 'ouisville (etro )olice (a*or Crimes +ivision, +es!ite the staggering volume o" ti!s, leads and theories surrounding the missing 12year-old -ussian immigrant &ith red hair and "rec%les, &hat ha!!ened to #nn remains a mystery, said (a*, +ave .ood, commander o" the (a*or Crimes +ivision, &hich is res!onsi$le "or the case, /0ntil &e !hysically have a $ody, some$ody tells us &here she is or she &al%s in the door, it1ll $e an o!en case,/ .ood said yesterday during a ne&s con"erence held to mar% the 22th anniversary tomorro& o" the girl1s disa!!earance, #nn &as last seen on June 1, 198 , at Bash"ord (anor (all, across the street "rom her Gerald Court home, She &as su!!osed to $e headed home $ut never got there, 3er $i%e &as "ound leaning against a $ric% !illar at the $usy sho!!ing center o"" Bardsto&n -oad, #t the time, .ood &as &or%ing on the tra""ic detail "or Je""erson County !olice and &as called in to hel! search, )olice com$ed the area, tal%ing to anyone &ho might have &itnessed &hat ha!!ened, $ut nothing turned u! that e4!lained #nn1s disa!!earance, There &ere &itnesses &ho couldn1t !ass !olygra!h tests, sus!ects &ith air tight ali$is, strange coincidences and ti!s that led no&here, Some o" the more outlandish theories included the suggestion that the Soviet government had %idna!!ed #nn $ecause it &anted to "orce her "amily to return to -ussia, 5B6 o""icials said they never "ound evidence that su!!orted the theory, 7thers thought she ran a&ay or &as murdered $y a serial %iller, But there &as never any concrete evidence to convince !olice, /8verything1s a !ossi$ility until &e "ind a $ody or her,/ .ood said, #nn1s !arents, 'yudmila and #natoly Gotli$, still live in 'ouisville and tal% to !olice o"" and on a$out the case, .ood said,

The Gotli$s are also still in contact &ith the 84!loited Children1s 3el! 7rgani9ation, 8C37, "ormed *ust a month $e"ore #nn vanished, !rovides su!!ort "or "amilies o" a$used or missing children, said 'ucy 'ee, e4ecutive director o" the organi9ation, /7ur "ounder, -osie :orris, has al&ays $een a su!!ort !erson "or #nn1s !arents,/ 'ee said, :orris &ill $e one o" the s!ea%ers at a memorial service to $e held in #nn1s honor tomorro& at the (eredith +unn School, The Gotli$s !lan to attend, # !laque &ill $e !ut near a tree !lanted in #nn1s memory, 'ee said, /.e1re holding the service "or all missing children, es!ecially #nn,/ 'ee said, /5amilies &ant the !u$lic to remem$er their child1s !hoto, their "aces, 6t1s very di""icult, $ut you never %no& &hen something might trigger a memory that could hel! "ind out &hat ha!!ened to #nn,/ )olice continue to !ursue leads that come in "rom time to time a$out #nn, .ood said, )olice as% anyone &ho might %no& something a$out the disa!!earance o" #nn Gotli$ or any other missing !erson to call the anonymous ti! hot line at 2;<-'()+, /#ny time it1s a child, it1s a traumatic event "or the community,/ .ood said, /6t1s one o" those o!en &ounds &e1d li%e to heal "or the community,/ -e!orter Sara Cunningham can $e reached at =2>2? 282-< (8(7-6#' S8-@6C8 8C371s memorial service "or #nn Gotli$ and other missing childrenA .henA BA > !,m, tomorro& .hereA (eredith +unn School, >2 (el$ourne #ve, #ttendanceA 7!en to the !u$lic 2,

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