Monday, June 2, 2008

'We still hope for a miracle'
Ceremony marks child's 1983 disappearance By Peter Smith The Courier-Journal When amily and riends marked the i th anni!ersary o the 1983 disappearance o 1"year-old #nn $otli%& they planted a child-si'ed %lue spruce in ront o the school (here her mother (orked at the time) *ast e!enin+& on the ",th anni!ersary o her disappearance& more than ,- amily and riends +athered a+ain to place yello( %o(s in a tree that no( to(ers as hi+h as the t(ostory roo o the .eredith-/unn School near Taylors!ille 0oad and 1ikes *ane) #nd they proclaimed their continued commitment to indin+ out (hat happened to #nn (hile also raisin+ a(areness o child e2ploitation) 3We still hope or a miracle& %ecause nothin+ short o a miracle can help to sol!e all this&3 said her mother& *udmilla $otli%) #nn disappeared on June 1& 1983) She (as last seen at Bash ord .anor .all on Bardsto(n 0oad& near (here she li!ed on $erald Court) 1er %icycle (as ound at the ormer shoppin+ center& and police ha!e kept the case open since& pursuin+ numerous leads %ut ne!er indin+ e!idence ena%lin+ them to conclude i she is ali!e or dead) The continued pursuit o the case 3helps me to keep hope&3 said #nn's ather& #natoly $otli%) 3That's important)3 1e said %oth local police and the 4ederal Bureau o 5n!esti+ation ha!e sho(n him the hu+e iles they ha!e kept o the in!esti+ation) 3We all (ant that to materiali'e someho(& not 6ust 7as8 paper only&3 he said) While markin+ the anni!ersary is pain ul& 3(e li!e (ith it e!ery day&3 *udmilla $otli% said) 3June 1 mi+ht %e a little di erent& %ut not !ery di erent& %ecause (e'!e +ot to li!e (ith that pain like one +ets used to li!in+ (ith physical pain)3 She said some o her ello( reli+ious education teachers at The Temple on Bro(ns%oro 0oad (ere once classmates o #nn) 3So 5 encounter 7such reminders8 all the time ) 1er pictures are all o!er our house)3

The ceremony (as or+ani'ed %y the 92ploited Children's 1elp :r+ani'ation& (hich coincidentally (as ounded ", years a+o to pro!ide education and raise a(areness o the issues o child e2ploitation& a%use and a%ductions) 9C1: !olunteer 0osie ;orris cited ne(s accounts o police sol!in+ cases that had +one cold decades earlier) 31o( did that happen<3 she asked = then ans(ered %y sayin+ that citi'ens and la(-en orcement o icials (ere determined to 3keep hope ali!e)3 9C1: 92ecuti!e / irector *ucy *ee noted that the past ", years ha!e %rou+ht ne( tools or indin+ missin+ children& such as the #m%er #lerts that %roadcast %ulletins o a%ductions and impro!ed technolo+ies that produce ima+es o (hat a missin+ child (ould look like years later) Such photos o #nn and other missin+ children rom >entucky and 5ndiana co!ered a %ulletin %oard at yesterday's ceremony) .any o those attendin+ kne( the $otli%s = (ho had immi+rated rom the So!iet ?nion in 198- = at the time o #nn's disappearance) 35t's somethin+ you ne!er or+et&3 said *ynn Tyler& (ho also li!ed on $erald Court at one time) *udmilla $otli% said her dau+hter (as 3a %eauti ul child as ar as appearance & and as ar as her soul and mind)3 3She and 5 really (ere riends& %ecause (e shared our dreams (hen (e came to this country&3 she said) 3))) 5t (as a li e ull o promise and it (as taken a(ay)3 @esterday's commemoration marked 3a !ery sad anni!ersary& %ut it's a %eauti ul ceremony&3 she said& addin+ that she hopes that 3(ithin our li etime& e!erythin+ (ill %e sol!ed& and (e (ill kno( (hat happened)3 0eporter Peter Smith can %e reached at 7,-"8 ,8"-AAB9) 35t (as a li e ull o promise and it (as taken a(ay)3

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