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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

159 / Thursday, August 18, 2005 / Notices 48627

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Seat bottom cushion changes must be safety to seated occupants. Seat
evaluated to determine that compliance performance, including the restraint
Federal Aviation Administration with § 25.562 is maintained when system, under dynamic conditions as
[Policy Statement No. ANM–115–05–005] considering both the 14g downward test defined in § 25.562, is an important
and the 16g longitudinal test specified consideration of this amendment.
Policy Statement on Acceptance of a in the regulation. This policy addresses Replacing a restraint system on a seat
Component Test Method To demonstrating compliance with the certified under § 25.562 requires new
Demonstrate lumbar load criteria of § 25.562(c)(2) dynamic test(s) to be conduct using the
that is determined in a 14g downward actual seat. These dynamic tests can be
AGENCY: Federal Aviation test. costly and time-consuming. The FAA
Administration (FAA), DOT. The final policy memorandum as well conducted research and found an
ACTION: Notice of final policy. as the disposition of public comments acceptable new method of certifying
received is available on the Internet at restraint systems using a rigid seat
SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation the following address: http:// fixture instead of the actual seat during
Administration (FAA) announces the If you do not dynamic tests. This method will
availability of final policy on a have access to the Internet, you can significantly reduce the cost and time
component method for demonstrating obtain a copy of the final policy associated with certifying replacement
that a seat with a replacement bottom memorandum by contacting the person restraint systems. This policy
cushion complies with § 25.562(c)(2). listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION memorandum presents this new means
This policy addresses non-flotation CONTACT. of compliance.
monolithic (single layer) cushions. Issued in Renton, Washington, on August The final policy as well as the
DATES: This final policy was issued by 9, 2005. disposition of public comments
the Transport Airplane Directorate on Ali Bahrami, received are available on the Internet at
August 9, 2005. Manager, Transport Airplane Directorate, the following address: http://
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Aircraft Certification Service. If you do not
Michael T. Thompson, Federal Aviation [FR Doc. 05–16410 Filed 8–17–05; 8:45 am] have access to the Internet, you can
Administration, Transport Airplane BILLING CODE 4910–13–M obtain a copy of the policy by contacting
Directorate, Transport Standards Staff, the person listed under FOR FURTHER
Standardization Branch, ANM–113, INFORMATION CONTACT.
1601 Lind Avenue, SW., Renton, WA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Issued in Renton, Washington, on August
98055–4056; telephone (425) 227–1157; 10, 2005.
fax (425) 227–1232; e-mail; Federal Aviation Administration
Ali Bahrami, [Policy Statement No. ANM–115–05–10] Manager, Transport Airplane Directorate,
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Aircraft Certification Service.
Replacing Restraint Systems on [FR Doc. 05–16409 Filed 8–17–05; 8:45 am]
Disposition of Comments Forward and Aft Facing Seats
A notice of proposed policy; request AGENCY: Federal Aviation
for comments, was published in the Administration (FAA), DOT.
Federal Register on April 11, 2005 (70 ACTION: Notice of final policy. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
FR 18453). Three commenters
responded to the request for comments. SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials
Administration (FAA) announces the Safety Administration Office of
Background availability of final policy on Replacing Hazardous Materials Safety
Historically, substantiating changes to Restraint Systems on Forward and Aft
the bottom cushion of a seat certificated Facing Seats. Notice of Applications for Modification
to § 25.562 that could affect the lumbar DATES: The final policy was issued by
of Exemption
load typically required a full-scale 14g the Transport Airplane Directorate on AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous
downward dynamic test using the actual August 10, 2005. Materials Safety Administration, DOT.
seat. Industry desired a quicker and less FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: ACTION: List of applications for
expensive method in lieu of full scale Mike Thompson, Federal Aviation modification of exemption.
testing. As a result, the FAA funded a Administration, Transport Airplane
research project to develop a component Directorate, Transport Standards Staff, SUMMARY: In accordance with the
test methodology for demonstrating that Standardization Branch, ANM–113, procedures governing the application
a replacement bottom cushion would 1601 Lind Avenue SW., Renton, WA for, and the processing of, exemptions
not produce a higher lumbar load than 98055–4056; telephone (425) 227–1157; from the Department of Transportation’s
a certificated bottom cushion for a seat fax (425) 227–1232; e-mail: Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR
certificated to § 25.562. This research part 107, subpart B), notice is hereby
resulted in an acceptable methodology SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
given that the Office of Hazardous
that is documented in DOT/FAA/AR– Materials Safety has received the
05/5,I ‘‘Development and Validation of Disposition of Comments application described herein. This
an Aircraft Seat Cushion Component A notice of proposed policy was notice is abbreviated to expedite
Test—Volume I,’’ dated March 2005. published in the Federal Register on docketing and public notice. Because
This method provides a simplified April 11, 2005. Five (5) commenters the sections affected, modes of
means of demonstrating compliance responded to the request for comments. transportation, and the nature of
with § 25.562 and will streamline the application have been shown in earlier
seat certification process by reducing Background Federal Register publications, they are
the costs and time associated with seat The FAA has issued Amendment 25– not repeated here. Request of
certification. 64 to provide an increased level of modifications of exemptions (e.g. to

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