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Valliyur or Vallioor is a panchayat union in Radhapuram taluk in

Tirunelveli district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Valliyur is one of the fastest growing towns in Tirunelveli district. This
town is located along NH 7. It gets its name from the goddess Valli,
consort of Lord Murugan. Its in a place that connects two big towns as
Tirunelveli and Nagercoil in NH 7.
Murugan Temple City in southern TamilNadu.
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Now this is a town panchayat.
A thousand years ago this was a great city ruled by Mannar
Kulaserapandian with his brothers togather called IVAR RAJA.His fort
was protected by a vast Agali [waterbody around the fort for
protection] is still visible around a village Kottaiady meaning kottai
adivaram.His favourite deity Durga devi temple is at the north east
side of this town ,now called MOONTRU YUGAM KANDA AMMAN, a
misconceived word. The durga devi idol here is facing north with all its
weapons in her eight hands.. It is interesting to note that this
Kulasekarapandian had his sea port at Kulasekarapattinam near
Udangudi,now famous for its Dasara festival.He used to travel from
vallioor to his port town through the olden route to Thieuchendur, and
deviate from the route in the middle towards the udangudi side from a
place now called MANNARPURAM VILLAKU.He frequentely visted this
port because the pearl merchants from this place brought him
amassing wealth for his treasury,On every visit he used to halt at the
villages along the route and helped them with money and their needs.
He was very popular among their people and hence they worshiped
him as a God ,after his heroic death in the battle between this five
brothers and the kalakkad king called kannadiyan.
While staying in his port city he build his Durgai amman koil at
Kulaserapattam for everyday worship .He decorated the deity every
day with HARAM otherwise called MAALAI made of MUTHU [pearls] and
hence the amman is presentely called as MUTHARAMMAN.The original
idol worshiped by the king was missing. only the remainter of a small
temple was exixtig.During the british rule foreign chiristian
missionaries started converting this regional people to christianity by
building many churches stong saiva tamil citizens started rebuildig
their dilapidated temples.Hindus of Ovari, Mannappadu and
Kulasekarapattinam recontrcted their places of worship and so in
K.Pattinam they build the ammankoil gaining impression from Ovari
Suyambu lingeswarar temple where the idols of God PARAMASIVAN
with PARVATHI in a seated position togather .The same way K.Pattinam
temple deities were made and.worshiped.You may the same type of
deities at Vadalivillai near vallioor, where from the famous
CHEMMBULINGAL [suyampulingam] haild.Yhat is why the DURGAI idol
is accompenied by lord Siva at K.Pattinam.The durgai at vallioor is

typical in shape just like any other places of famous temples.

During the Ivar raja period the vallioor suramaniaswamy temple,
meenatchisundareswarar temple, and sundaraparipoorana Perumal
temple were renovated\build.As in all other palaces there was
Sapthamathar idols were worshiped by the king
One of the sapthamather ideol of BRAHMI amman is there in Kottaiady
village worshiped by the villagers calling it as MOONTRU MUGAM
KONDA AMMAN.or moonankondal.BEcause ot the visiblity of three
heads in brami statue tey call it as MUPPIDAI [three headed].
Godess SARASWATHI worship inthis region has got an impartance
becuse the the Saraswathi now at Padmanabapuram palce was
brought to Vllioor by the saint pulavar Kambar when he deserted the
chola king in the matter of his sons involvement in the royal family. He
has taken shelter at Vallioor pandiyan king and the idol was left to the
care of vallioor king .When the TREVONGORE raja visited vallioor the
idol was gifted to him at his request and was taken to
Padmanababuram where a temple was built within the palace and
worshiped daily even today.The same saraswathi is taken on
procession to Trivandrum during the Nvarathiri festivalby the govt
representative officials of both Tamilnadu ana Kerala
This incidece created an religious awareness among this reginol hindus
and in each village there is a temple for muppidathiamman facing
northrepresting BRAMMI the avthar of Saraswathi in sapthamathas.
All over Tmilnadu Saraswathi is called Pechiamman meanig the
goddess who bestowed speech in human being which is essential for
expression of thought.Essaikiamman is also SARASWATHI god of
Music , in fact if you worship saraswathi you will become master of all
skills [A AYA KALIKAL 64]When you hear the name of ESSAIKIAMMAL,
MUPPUDATHI, MOONANKONDAL remmber you are mentinin the name
Godess Saraswarhi just like Rama in devotion'