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MOTOR IB46002 1032W

• Designed with medium to high Ke to accommodate low and high buss voltage
• Voltage rating up to 325 Vdc for offline drives
• TENV and IP54 environmental construction
• Compact, bearing optical encoders and cover (optional)
• Precision servo gearing (optional)

Ratings Symbol Units

Continuous Stall Torque Tcs 3.390 (30.00) Nm (lb-in)
Peak Stall Torque Tps 10.169 90.00 Nm (lb-in)
No Load Max. Speed ω nl 4000 RPM
Continuous Rated Torque Tcr 2.467 (21.83) Nm (lb-in)
Peak Rated Torque Tpr 4.932 (43.65) Nm (lb-in)
Rated Speed ω rated 4000 RPM
Rated Power W (HP) 1032 (1.38) Watts (HP)
Inductance L-L L 2.06 mH
Resistance L-L R 0.32 ohms
Max. Terminal Voltage V dc 325 Vdc
Current at Cont. Stall Torque, o-p A rms 13.51 Amp
Current at Peak Torque, o-p A peak 57.32 Amp
Torque Constant L-L Kt rms 0.181 (1.60) Nm/A rms (lb-in/A)
Voltage Constant L-L Ke rms 0.18 (18.97) V/rad/sec (V/kRPM)
Current at Cont. Stall Torque, o-p A dc 19.11 Amp
Current at Peak Torque, o-p A dc 57.32 Amp
Torque Constant L-L Kt dc 0.243 (2.15) Nm/A (lb-in/A)
Voltage Constant L-L Ke dc 0.243 (25.48) V/rad/sec (V/kRPM)
Max. Axial Shaft Load Fa 177.93 (40.00) N (lb)
Max. Radial Shift Load Fr 400.34 (90.00) N (lb)
Motor Constant, L-L Trapezoidal Km 0.28 (2.51) Nm/√w (lb-in/√w)
Motor Inertia Jm 0.00124300 (0.0110000) Kg-m² (lb-in-s²)
Motor Weight 7.711 (17.00) Kg (lb)
Thermal Resistance Rth 0.74 °C/Watt
Thermal Time Constant TTC 0.00 min Sold & Serviced By:

Max. Winding Temperature Tw 155 °C

Toll Free Phone: 877-378-0240
*Test conditions: Motor operated at rated winding temperature, mounted to an aluminum heat-sink. Toll Free Fax: 877-378-0249
Aluminum Heat-sink: 18 x 18 x 1/2
MOTOR IB46002 1032W
Configure Order Number

Standard motor assemblies can be configured using the catalog number format above and motor options listed below.
Motor options are typically stocked as separate components and can be quickly assembled to order.
Cables and connector kits are motor accessories and ordered as separate items.
Examples of configured motor assemblies:
IB23000-Q1 - IB23000 Motor with 1000 Line Encoder, 5 Vdc 3Ch w/ Line Driver
B5-IB34002-CH - IB34002 Motor, B5 Brake and 5000 Line Commutation Encoder, 5 Vdc 6 Ch w/ LD
G3010-IB23831-H1 - IB23831 Motor, G3010 10:1 Gearbox and 500 Line Encoder, 5 Vdc 3 Ch
Contact MCG for any required special features not listed here.


Cables & Connectors
Connector Kits - Power and Feedback
9700526 Mating Hall Connector Kit, body and 6 crimp contacts (FH)
9700522 Mating Encoder Connector Kit, body and 8 crimp contacts (FE)

Sold & Serviced By:

Toll Free Phone: 877-378-0240

Toll Free Fax: 877-378-0249