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Lindab Butler m e t a l b u i l d i n g s y s t e m s

Butler Building Systems

Butler Building Systems
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Lindab Butler Building Systems
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Lindab Butler Building Systems
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Lindab Butler Building Systems
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Butler Building Systems
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Lindab Butler Building Systems
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Lindab Butler Building Systems
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Truss Beam Framing for roof openings Portal Brace
Roof Purlin
Crane Support

Wind Bracing


Beam and Framed wall

Post Endwall openings
Intermediate (LRF)
Rigid Frame


Bay Spacing
6 m to 12 m
The WIDESPAN Structural System


is versatile and economical.

The proven economics of rigid frame
construction provides unlimited
Rigid Frame
design flexibility. Endwall (WX)
(extendable) Canopy Width Extension Wall Girt
Rigid Frame

WIDESPAN Structural System

Building Type Type Description Width Eave Height Min. Roof Slope Building Type Type Description Width Eave Height Min. Roof Slope

12.00 m – 23.00 m 4.00 m – 9.00 m 1:48 Clearspan

MP 6.00 m – 21.00 m 4.00 m – 6.00 m 1:48
Mono Pitch

24.00 m – 42.00 m 4.00 m – 12.00 m 1:24 WX Width 6.00 m – 12.00 m 3.00 m – 7.00 m 1:48
LRF Clearspan

over 42.00 m 5.00 m – 12.00 m 1:12

MRF Modular 24.00 m – 90.00 m 4.00 m – 9.00 m 1:48

CRB Clearspan 15.00 m – 30.00 m 4.00 m – 6.00 m R=Wx2

Curved Roof R=Radius

Note: For other dimensions contact your local Lindab Butler Sales Office.
Lindab Butler m e t a l b u i l d i n g s y s t e m s

The SYSTEMLINE Structural System
offers economy and flexibility for
spans from 10 m to 25 m, especially
where high roof slopes are required.
The primary frames are fabricated
from standard hot rolled profiles.


The Multi-Storey Structural System offers all the benefits of systems construction and the reliability
of Lindab Butler's technology and products.

Multi-Storey and Mezzanines


The system combines truss roof beams supported on steel or concrete columns and pre-punched galvanized
purlins and girts.

Multi-Storey and Mezzanine support steel to suit various floor construction details, including precast concrete units, metal
deck with concrete topping or site cast concrete floors.
Lindab Butler m e t a l b u i l d i n g s y s t e m s

Design Specifications
Crane Supports
Structural design is in accordance with specific country requirements and generally in accordance with the requirements of the applicable
Building reactions and anchor bolt layout drawings are supplied as part of the structural design documentation package, for use by the foundation
design engineer.
General arrangement drawings will be supplied for approval if requested.

Material Specifications
Structural Steel Structural Galvanised Steel Strip
Material shall conform to: Material for cold formed light gauge structural members including
– EN10025 for technical delivery conditions purlins and girts shall conform to:
CANTILEVER BRACKET STEPPED COLUMN BRACED COLUMN – EN10029 for tolerances – EN 10147 for technical delivery conditions
CRANES) CRANES) CRANES) Steel quality shall conform to: – EN 10143 for tolerances
– S355J2G3 for welded sections Steel quality shall conform to:
– S235 for hot rolled sections – EN 10147-S350+Z275 N-A-CO
Where 350 = minimum yield strength in N/mm2
Secondary Structural Components Surface Preparation and Coatings Z275 = coating weight in g/m2
Primarily consisting of cold formed Z and C sections, available in depths ranging Surface preparation (shotblasting) for all primary structural elements N = normal spangle
from 100 mm to 350 mm and thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm. shall be in accordance with ISO 8501-1: A Sa2½. A dry film thickness of A = as coated surface
40 microns “Korrodur+” primer paint shall be applied to all primary CO = chemically passivated and oiled
structural elements. The primer paint is Alkyd resin based with high build Minimum yield strength 350 N/mm2
zinc phosphate. This primer is intended to protect the steel during the Minimum tensile strength 420 N/mm2
erection process, however, in non-corrosive, indoor conditions, expe-
rience has shown that this one layer will successfully protect the steel
work without application of a top coat. Hollow Structural Sections
Where further protection is required, the following options are available: Material shall conform to:
a) Tri-coat layers: second and third layers consisting of 40+40 microns KH – BS EN 10210-1; Designation S 275 J2H
kombilack quick drying finish paint consisting of a combination of PVC Tolerances and Section Properties shall be in accordance with:
and acrylate. – BS 4848 Part 2 - 1991 or DIN 59410
b) Fire protection: Based on Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik certificate Mechanical Properties:
(Z-19.11-329) Minimum yield strength 275 N/mm2
F30 = 30 minutes fire protection paint system (600 microns) Minimum tensile strength 430 N/mm2
Overlapped purlins provide strength with maximum Typical girt connection detail. or
economy. F60 = 1 hour fire protection paint system (2000 microns)
c) Special coatings:
– hot dip galvanised coating (90-100 microns)
– Multicoat: hot dip galvanised coating, plus one layer special topcoat
(excellent for highly aggressive corrosive environments)

Quality Certification
ISO 9001 audited by TÜV.
Welding procedures and quality is inspected by SLV Duisburg
based upon DIN 18800-7.
Lindab Butler complies with the quality requirements of EN 729-2.

Lindab Butler buildings have been tested by our research specialists and
approved by building authorities around the world. GmbH
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und Zertifizierungsstelle
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Typical corner detail at extendable Endwall. Fully engineered framed openings for windows and doors
with countersunk bolts. Lindab Butler reserves the right to alter the above specifications without prior