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Job Description

Computational Biochemist (Immunology)-RND00001820

Post-Doctorate internship designed to apply Immunology,
Biochemistry and Computational Modeling skills and experience to
characterize and prioritize all key skin and cell based Inflammatory
pathways, biomarkers, assays and materials that may influence P&G
Health & Beauty applications.

We are looking for candidates with strong leadership skills, good

team experience, a passion for winning, and who have demonstrated
depth and breadth in their computational work. We want candidates
with strong analytical and problem solving skills, who have a bias for
action with tenacious curiosity and persistence in delivery against
their objectives. Candidates will need to effectively handle multiple

Job Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will have expertise in Immunology and
Biochemistry, with experience in Pharmacology and Computational
Modeling (QSAR/QSPR modeling and 3D Docking virtual screening).
He/she will be familiar with various cell types and signal
transduction pathways relevant to various skin and cell relevant
Inflammatory cascades.
They will work within a multidisciplinary team to:
• primarily deliver a full Knowledge Map
related to all key skin and cell based
Inflammatory pathways and biomarkers
that may influence any Health & Beauty
category within P&G
• identify and document all key
inflammation-relevant biological pathways
and biomarkers
• identify and document all key
inflammation-relevant internal/external
in-vitro assays and in-silico virtual
screening models
• identify and document all key
inflammation-relevant internal/external
molecular materials.


We look for candidates who have a passion for winning and who
have demonstrated excellence in their work and academic
experience. We look for people with leadership skills who are
effective in teams. We want employees with strong analytical skills
and the ability to think of out-of-the box solutions to business
problems. We want people who are able to handle multiple priorities,
who have a bias for action and who are genuinely interested in
personal development and the development of others. Finally, we
want people who would respect and embody the Principles and Core
Values that make P&G the organization it is.

The successful candidate should have :

• Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry / Immunology /

Pharmacology / Biotechnology/ Microbiology

• Ph.D. in Immunology and/or Biochemistry with

hands-on computational modeling experience in
QSAR/QSPR modeling and 3D Docking virtual
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