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From the Desk of Philip

What Makes the Great Great?
Part 3

My search for what made the great great was even-

tually answered with one single word. Greetings from
For those reading our YOUnique Weekly for the first
time, welcome to our daily growing Gold Tribe. Be-
I am absolutely honoured
ing GREAT is a passion of our Gold Tribe, so this is
and so very grateful to be
a subject that interests us all.
part of YOUnique Wealth
Some weeks ago I spoke about my lifelong quest to as an Independent Busi-
answer a question my grandfather had asked me as ness Owner (IBO). The
a young boy; “What is it that differentiates the knowledge and wisdom I
great warrior from the average soldier, son?” For years I pondered have gained so far from
the difference between the two. Trying to understand the difference YOUnique leaders and mentors about
between a great warrior and a normal soldier led me to study the wealth, gold and silver, multiple streams of
great men and women of history, but there I did not find my answer. income and self development in these
The more I studied them, the more I realized the great figures of his- changing times is so very important; in
tory were all so vastly different in character as well as in the events fact it’s priceless.
and demands that shaped them.
A company that truly cares, with great
Have you ever been surprised to discover that the answer can be purpose and vision, operating with such
found in the question? In the same way, the solution is most often to honesty and integrity makes it truly
be found in the problem. Rather than searching in the pages of his- YOUnique. The opportunity to mastermind,
tory, maybe the answer to my Grandfather‟s riddle was to be found learn and grow with like-minded people in
in the study of the warrior and soldier. itself is amazing - and it’s only just begun!
I am really looking forward to the journey
How often do movies depict the sober mood leading up to a fierce ahead to be, do and have a more prosper-
and bitter battle? I would sometimes picture in my own mind the pre- ous and abundant life.
battle scene: Continued on Page 3
To your success,
Niall Devlin
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A US study showed that four out of ten employees stated With Simon Heapes, Treasury Secretary
their jobs are "very" or "extremely" stressful. These difficult
and exhausting conditions are having adverse effects. The
study shows that 70% of US respondents and 81% of
global respondents say their jobs are affecting their health.

It seems we are all working longer and harder to generate

income streams that support a lifestyle we dream of; yet we are in danger of
missing it, because we cannot go the distance.
Debt Binds People
At the close of 2009, Deborah, my life partner and best friend, had noticed a and
change in my behavior over time and gave me a self assessment on burn- Destroys Creative Initiative!
out. I scoffed, “Burnout! Me! – no way.” She persisted, and eventually I took
the test and, yes, scored in the danger zone. This was a shock to me and a I just consulted with my research
„close to home‟ proof of the insidious nature of stress and its negative im- team regarding the liabilities or debt
pact on performance, health and relationships. of the issuer of the world‟s reserve
currency (the United States of Amer-
Therefore, how to go the distance is today‟s challenge. I love long distance ica) and asked for the total unfunded
running and have won many titles by coming from behind with a concen- liabilities/debt of the country. The
trated burst in the final 25 meters of the race to pass somewhat stunned answer came back at over a stagger-
opponents and cross the finish line accelerating. Winning is such a fantastic ing US$100 Trillion dollars. That‟s
feeling! Life, however, is the longest race where demanding more of your- Trillion with a T.
self to meet the current „crisis‟ without balanced management can easily
become the new “norm” and begin a negative cycle. What most don‟t realize is that debt
is purely a symptom, not a cause. In
You might say the answer is endurance. Okay, but who wants to just en- simple terms, the cause is inflation.
dure? It certainly doesn‟t get me that fantastic winning feeling. So if not en- Inflation being the increase of money
durance, then what? I need sustained power focused on the goal to make supply into the global system.
the difference.
Please note here that over 70% of US
Here are the principles for effective and sustained action: dollars are outside of the USA within
foreign banks. Consider this for a
Concentration of Force moment - when money supply is put
Economy of Effort into the system, how do our financial
engineers get that money to every-
The heart muscle is a wonderful example. It contracts to pump just the right body? Answer: They lower interest
amount of blood that is needed now, and then relaxes to fill again in prepa- rates, make borrowing extremely
ration for the next push. Likewise, Concentration of Force is the overpow- easy, and seduce everyone into debt
ering effort needed NOW to do something toward reaching your goal, where with easy credit financing.
Economy of Effort is the balance needed to manage the reserves so fu-
ture bursts are possible. Applying these principles to your life and finding This is exactly what has happened
the balance is a constant process that, when reached, produces a seem- over the last few decades until re-
ingly endless supply of unstoppable energy. cently. Now think again; in the Eng-
lish-speaking world we call
A hard day at the office without effective results is simply a waste of time. „borrowing money‟ as „getting fi-
Results are ALL that count when it comes to measuring progress toward nanced.‟ This is an interesting word
your aim. If you are working hard and wondering why your goals seem fur- when you look at its core meaning
ther away, you are working on the wrong things. Stop, reassess and and origin. The word „finance‟ comes
change. You ARE actually in control. Yes, you are!! from the French/Latin term "Finare"
meaning fine or penalty. Therefore,
Next week – a true gift so you don‟t break when you‟re in a tough spot. See financing can be a penalty if not kept
you then. in check and managed very carefully.
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Mike Turton, CEO

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Great, continued from Page 1

A deathly silence descends as the soldier fearfully ponders the coming hours. How would his day end? How did
he come to be here? He thinks on the abstract chain of days and events that led him to this terrifying moment.
Next he turns his attention to his lover and pens a few words, “My dearly beloved, I hear the sound of death
and battle all around me and know that my turn is coming soon. If I die today, know that I always loved you.”
Soldiers exchange these notes one with another with the words, “If I die at your side today brother and you
should live, please deliver this letter to my lover.”
This soldier‟s future has become shaped by the current moment and the circumstance he now faces. His mind
has fallen into the grip of the fear and death that surrounds him. For this soldier, his future life now rests in the
hands of fate.
On a hill not far off from the soldier stands the warrior. His posture is tall and proud, his arms confidently folded
on his chest. He is unmoved by the external atmosphere of fear that surrounds him. The sound of screams of
death and battle only serves to strengthen his inner resolve. He has clothed his mind and heart with impregna-
ble armor plating. He has no thoughts of past circumstances or estranged lovers. Instead his mind is fixed on
one thing, and one thing only. His PURPOSE!
Why is he here? What is today‟s objective? He has no space for fear. His mind pays no attention to the battle of
this day. Rather, he is fully focused and persuaded in his sole purpose; the victory and successful conclusion of
his war. “Today is not my day to die,” he shouts as he takes up his arms and storms out to do his day‟s work.
I had stumbled on the one word that made all the lives of the great people I studied make sense. At last I was
able to answer my Grandfather‟s question that had burned within for all these years. Regardless of whether
they were Warriors, Kings or Queens, Presidents, Inventors, Business Barbarians, Entrepreneurs or Tribe Lead-
ers; regardless of their vast differences as people, events and circumstances, they all shared one common thing
By stumbling upon and then studying this one word, I was better able to understand my own life. I was able to
better define who I was, and why I was here - my own Life Purpose. It is Purpose alone that makes the great,

Philip Judge, President

Debt, continued from Page 2

In today‟s world we have become desensitized to particular terms and their true meanings as pointed out above.
So here's another thing to think on and consider when you hear the words Trillion Dollars. Chuck Missler made
this comparison many years ago, and it has stuck in my mind ever since. How about comparing dollars with
time as seconds? One million seconds equate to approximately 11.5 days; one billion seconds equate to 32
years; and one trillion seconds equate to 32,000 years!
Two questions for you to ponder:
1) Can the debt ever be paid back?
2) Was paying the debt back ever an objective from the beginning?
Until next time,
Simon Heapes

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