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10th March
Nelson Central School
2010 We e k l y N e w s l e t t e r
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa te whanau whanui o te Problem-solving skills encompass the ability to plan; to be
Kura Tuatahi o Whakatu – greetings to friends and resourceful in seeking help from others; and to think
family of Nelson Central School. critically, creatively, and reflectively in order to solve day-
to-day human and other problems.
Thanks to everyone who support the swimming sports/
carnivals organised by each syndicate. The inter-school Autonomy is having a sense of one's own identity and an
swimming sports take place on Thursday. Sports ability to act independently and to exercise some control
coordinator Sheryll McKeage is working with children to over one's environment. That involves mastery basic and
ensure we have children in most events. I know the water even complex tasks, taking control of ones self and
is cooling down but let’s see if we can hang in there for a developing a belief in ones own abilities and worth. The
few more days. Our pool is likely to close on 19 March. development of resistance, especially refusing to accept
negative messages about ones self, and of detachment, for
We need your help example, distancing oneself from dysfunctional situations
As a safety measure we ask that children walk their wheels serves as a powerful protector of autonomy.
in the school grounds. Occasionally we have to remind Lastly, resilience is manifested in having a sense of
children of this and when approached they usually readily purpose and optimism and a belief in a brighter future.
comply. It can be a little embarrassing at times when we Setting goals, establishing educational aspirations,
have to ask parents/caregivers and pre-schoolers to also motivation to achieve and persistence are all part of the
walk their wheels but I hope you will understand if we do equation for resilience.
The ability to ‘bounce back’ through an inner strength and
Interviews resolve is an important one for children to develop. I am
The web site for booking interviews is open. If you do not sure you have heard of the proverb that says if you give a
have access to a computer at home you are most welcome person a fish you will feed him/her for a day; but if you
to use a library computer before or after school. The school teach them how to fish you will feed him/her for a lifetime.
code is available on the school website if you have lost It is the same with encouraging and teaching children
your notice; alternatively you can pick up another notice resilience. As adults you won’t always be around to pick
from the front office. your child up when they falter but you can teach them how
Donation to get back up on their own.
Thank you to those people who have made their donation Upcoming events
to the school. We very much appreciate your support. 11-12 Mar R7 Camp
11 Mar Inter school swimming sports
Getting along at school
12 Mar Heritage to take school photos
A term we use a lot in schools is ‘resilience’ – a term used 22-25 Mar Parent-teacher meetings
to describe a set of qualities that foster a process of 1 Apr End of Term
successful adaptation and change even when we face Term 2 starts Monday 19 April
situations of risk and adversity. In a sense it is one of the 27 Apr Prospective families/students meeting
‘technical’ terms we might use to describe ‘getting along at 3-7 May R2 Camp to Marahau
Term 2 finishes Friday 2 July
We are all born with an inbuilt capacity for resilience, by
which we are able to develop some important coping Term 3 starts Monday 19 July
mechanisms including social competence, problem-solving Term 3 finishes Friday 24 September
skills, a critical consciousness, autonomy, and a sense of Term 4 starts Monday 11 October –
purpose. 26 Oct Prospective families/students meeting
Social competence includes qualities such as 26-27 Oct R5-6 camp
responsiveness, especially the ability to get positive 28-29 Oct R3-4 (+y3 R14) camp
responses from others; flexibility, including the ability to Term 4 finishes Thursday 16 December
move between different cultures and social situations; Public Holidays During Term Time
empathy; communication skills; and a sense of humour. Queen's Birthday - 7 June (Monday)
Labour Day - 25 October (Monday)
Our weekly newsletter is kindly
sponsored by –

70 Nile Street, Nelson – Phone 03 548 4972 – Fax 03 548 4483 – Email
Principal: Secretary: BOT Chairman: Geoff Clark 545 8010 Website:
Wanted Large Beanbag ‘Pee Wee’ Family Fun Day
If you have an unwanted beanbag seat, about 200 When: Sunday 21st March 2010
litres, Room 11 would be happy to give it a good 10am – 2pm
home. Contact Tracy NCS ext 830. Thanks Where: Kevin King’s Farm, Stringer Rd
Speech and Drama
(off the Coastal Highway)
What: · For children 12 and under
Adele Tippet LTCL has two vacancies for pupils for
individual speech and drama lessons.
· $15 per rider
Information / Conditions:
Please phone Adele on 5489691 for more information
· A safe and simple ‘Pee Wee’
Private Singing Lessons practice day, aimed at learners,
Zoe Jackson (Professional singer/vocal trainer) is offering beginners or the less confident
private singing lessons to be held in at Nelson Central · For 2 wheelers and quads
School. Please contact Zoe on 5488762/027 2796596 or
· An adult must ‘Sign In’ and
supervise at all times
· Bring your own motorbike as
there will be none for hire
· All riders must wear a fitted
motorcycle helmet and
appropriate footwear
· Flat and undulating tracks
· No Dogs please
Amusement / Food:
· Free Bouncy Castle
· Sausage Sizzle and Drinks for sale
· For further info contact Nic Picard
540 3031 / 021 448571
Bouncy Castle Proudly Sponsored by
Sharon De Jong and Phil Neal
Of Ray White Real Estate Mapua

All Proceeds to Mahana School

Great Results for YOU and Nelson Central School

If you are thinking about selling your property and you would like to help out Nelson
Difference ! Central School as well as getting the best results, then look at this:

For every property that is sold through me, I will donate $100 to benefit the kids of
Nelson Central School.
Bjorn Bonten
Business - 544 2900
Call me today for an obligation free appraisal After Hours - 545 1535
Mobile - 021 034 9173

Above - Central’s participants in the recent Weetbix Tryatlon

Below - Photos from the Te Pouahi Swimming Sports (see Rm 15’s blog for more)
Kiwi Cricket draw for this weekend (13 March) Nelson City Football
Please note teams can be regraded or added at any
We cater for Midgets (5yrs) through to Seniors
Fourth Round Date: 13 March 2010 Register by Friday 19 March to receive a discount
INCREDIBALL GRADE Midgets $30 Juniors $70
Ground Team Team If you are interested or would like more information,
7 Central Stars v HSS Smashers please contact
Sonia Malpas ph 545 0494
Cricket Report
This week Central played the combined St Josephs /
Central team. SORRY LOGAN !!!
Last week we
Central made 114. Top scorers were Thomas Z 23 published a short
no ,Nic C 17 no and David Z 19.
piece on Logan
St Josephs/Central made 33. Top scorer was Max H competing in the
with 7. South Island BMX
Titles in Dunedin and
Nelson Triathlon Club
being placed 1st in the
Kids Triathlon Series 2010
9 year old boys.
But we used last
(for ages 7 to 11)
years photo !!!
Here is the right one.
Well done Logan.
Meet 6 pm in the car park by the Beach Café Totara Tryathlon Results 2010
Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
Wednesday - 10 March and 17 March 2010 1st Aimee H R 7 1st Thomas Z - R1
2nd Bianca G - R7 2nd David Z - R7
3 Lydia B - R2 3rd Sam M - R2
Bring swimming togs, bike and running shoes
4th Tayla P room8 4th Albie M - R2
5 Grace M - R1 5th Ben A - R7
These races are completely free (kindly sponsored by th
6 Isabella S - R1 6th Ronan O - R7
Nelson City Council)
7th Baimon W - R2 7th Jonti W - R1
8 Molly M - R8 8th Sam H - R2
9 Paige C - R1 9th Omar D - R2
WEEKLY SPORTS RESULTS 10th Elizabeth D - R1 10th Callum M - R8
Week ended 7th March
Year 6 Girls Year 6 Boys
Mini Soccer
1st Ella M - R2 1st Devon B - R1
Central Rovers 3 v Nayland 1.
Goal scored by Ben P, room Renw 2 2nd Mai P (- R7 non swimmer) 2nd Nic C - R1
rd rd
Player of the day: Willem D, Room 12. 3 Isabelle E - R2 3 Ben W - R7
4 Grace L - R2 4th Max H - R7
Central Panthers 6 v Henley 0. 5 Paige B - R1 5th Pascal K - R8
Central Stars 5 v Stoke 1 6 Kezia H - R2 6th Ben Z - R7
7th Hannah P - R2 7th Toby - R7
Hardball Cricket 8 Stella C - R2 8th Jackson B - R1
9 Evie W - R2 9th Harry D - R2
Nelson Central 114 runs v Nelson Central/St Josephs 36.
Top Scorers Central: Thomas Z 23 n.o., Nic C 17 n.o., Open Race
David Z 19. 1st Freya (teacher - R1)
Top scorers Central/St Josephs: Max H 7. 2nd David Z - R7
3rd Devon B - R1
Softball 4th Ben W - R7
Central/Hampden St Bombers v Tahuna Titans. 14 all 5th Nic C - R1
draw. 6th Thomas Z - R1
Little League SOFTBALL 7th Max H - R7
Round 4 Team 1 Team 2 8th Chris Lewis (parent)
Sat 13 March Central/Hampden Bombers v Central/ 9th Albie M - R2
Hampden Bombers 10thJackson S - R1
Sunday, 21st March 2010 11.15am-2.30pm
(only 1 ½ weeks to go!)
GALA MEETINGS – These will now be on Thursdays at 7.00pm in the staffroom up until
the gala. (this weeks one 11th March 7.00pm). We would love to see anyone involved in
the gala at all. Please bring your questions and ideas. Stallholders information will be
handed out. If unable to attend please call at front office for your stall information.



DROP OFF in Room 2 – Dave needs to get sorting!

ELEGANT JUNK – We would love your JUNK! Please drop small items
off directly to Jonathan in Room 7. All larger items to room 10.

GARDENING ITEMS AND PRESERVES. Please drop off in Room 10 (Where


This involves arranging and setting up the games which will be played at the gala. A full
detailed file is provided with all the info required. Its NOT hard, one or more person
with some enthusiasm. Please phone Julie Walker ASAP 5488371 if interested.

‘Mrs Harrison’s Bottles’

We need bottles Urgently – please bring to marked box in foyer
We need at least 150!

Gala Posters: Children will have their posters to colour in by now.

Please put them up anywhere around town to let people know we are having a gala


If you have any old bolts or nuts you are not using could you please donate them
to me. I am making sculptures for the school gala. There will be a bag on the
bag pegs in front of Room 7 for them. Thanks Tom (R7)
SIGNS – Is your fence visible to the public? We would love to use it to advertise the gala.
We have ready made signs (kindly painted by Bridget) waiting to go up. Please call at the front
office to collect one if you have the position!

SUSHI MAKERS – Are you able to help roll sushi. We need HELPERS. If able to help
please Ph Rebecca on 5488000. Thank you.

GIFT BASKETS - A huge thankyou to those who have already donated to your classroom
baskets. This is the final reminder for donations to be made for the gift baskets. The final
day for donations will be Friday, 12th March. Then the work will begin to make them look as
fantastic as possible. The spectacular final products will be displayed in the school foyer a few
days prior to the gala. Keep an eye out for them. Save your dollars to bid at the auction on
the day! Please phone Christina Cooper on 5394089 if you are keen to help make the baskets.

SPONSORSHIP OR DONATIONS – If you are able to help our fundraising efforts in

any way, please contact Anne Sofield on 5481665 or 027 4137778. Thankyou.

FACEPAINTERS – Facepainters required. Please phone Meredith on 5489135. (full

instructions given)

SUPERMARKET BAGS – If you have any spare please leave in Room 10.

PAVLOVAS – If you would like to donate a pav to this stall it would be greatly appreciated.
Even if you don’t have time to make one a bought one would do the trick!!! Also needed please –
fresh or frozen BERRIES or PASSIONFRUIT. Please let Sue Ford in Room 1 know if you can
help in any way.

CAKES – Baking, cakes, biscuits would be appreciated. Thankyou to those who have already
offered. Please phone Melissa 5469000 if you can do some baking or drop off to staffroom on
the day of gala.

OTHER ITEMS NEEDED – Apples (for toffee apples), Lemons, Eggs

SWEETS – We would gratefully accept any offers of ingredients for the Sweet Stall. These
can be left at the school office or phone Wendy 5458489.
Needed – sugar, caster sugar, icing sugar, fruit juice powder (orange and raspberry preferred),
cocoa, coconut, dried fruit, butter and straws.
Sweetmakers needed – Please phone Wendy if you can help. Wendy can provide recipes.

FOOD PURCHASING – Could all stallholders please get their food requirement orders to
Alex and Chris Chisnall Urgently Email – or ph 5391444.


PLEASE PHONE MEGAN CLARK 5458010. (Thankyou to all of those who have offered to
help in anyway already. We have received your details and you will be hearing from us. We will
provide a full list of helpers and duties in next weeks newsletter).