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Ka Leo O Ka Liona

Volume 49, Issue 9 March 2010

 Annual Chuckwagon
 KMC Winter Forum
 Leo Convention
 Highlights of your GM and
BOD meetings
 Your Calendar of Events
 And More!!

Profile of the Month: Harry Suzuki—Page 10

Waiakea Lions Club

District 50 Hawaii, Region 7, Zone 1

The Voice of The Lion

Visit us on the Web for a full-color version of our
newsletter at:
Ka Leo O Ka Liona

Upcoming Hawaii Lions Events & WLC Projects for 2010

 March 2, 2010 – Leleiwi Park Clean-up and GM Meeting, 3:00

p.m. work, 5:00 dinner
 March 7, 2010 – LHL at Lion Yamaguchi residence, 8:00 a.m.
 March 9, 2010 – BOD meeting, Michelle’s Hale, 6:00 p.m.
 March 13, 2010 – Companion Appreciation Night, Higashi Hong-
wanji Hall, 6:00 p.m.
 March 16, 2010 – GM meeting, Michelle’s Hale, 6:00 p.m.
 March 23, 2010 – BOD meeting, Michelle’s Hale, 6:00 p.m.
 April 29 – May 2 District 50 Convention in Hilo
 July 9-12, 2010: Hawaii International Youth Camp

Mark your calendar for these events!

Contact Us:
Waiakea Lions Club
P.O. Box 1895
Hilo, HI 96721
President: Lion Ken Rosene:
Editor: Lion Craig Watanabe:
Visit us on the Web at:

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

President’s Message

Aloha you wonderful Lions and CIS's!!!

Aloha to ALL the hard it was still a success. THANKS TO EVERYONE

working Waiakea Lions THAT SHOWED UP!! Going back to the con-
and CIS!!! tainer, I had a little tear in my eye as I drove
by the Naniloa Golf course where the Hilo 3
It takes more than a par tournament was going on. There will al-
tidal wave to stop the ways be golf, but only one great Chuckwagon
WLC!!! The Annual Breakfast!!
56th Chuckwagon Break-
fast was almost derailed. The KMC Winter Forum was well at-
All the hard work done the tended, I believe there were 159 Lions, shar-
night before looked like it ing ideas and getting things done. The hospi-
was done for nothing be- tality room on both nights was also very well
cause of the tsunami alert enjoyed!!
that was posted early Sat-
urday morning. The Leos Convention, also up a KMC, had a
large turn-out. Thanks to all the WLC mem-
The fire and enthusiasm looked like it had bers that helped and delivered lunch to the
been sucked right out of the morning WLC hungry Leos on Saturday.
members. It was with much disappointment
that we locked the doors and went home to Leleiwi Beach clean-up/General Member-
see if Hilo was going to be able to hold up ship Meeting of the WLC had a beautiful
against the tidal surge that afternoon. As it day to enjoy. The Lions and Leos who
turned out, it proved to be a very good civil missed the meeting, sure missed out on a de-
defense exercise. licious dinner put together by Lion Ken Ue-
mura. But, I suppose a lot of the gang were
After some thought and consideration, the still dragging from the Sunday Breakfast!!
WLC decided to go ahead with the breakfast
and the phone tree was started. Leos, Boy That's about it for now, let’s forge ahead to
Scouts and Cub Scouts all got calls, and eve- the next projects, because WE SERVE and re-
ryone responded with flying colors the follow- member, we are the "Knights of the Blind".
ing day!!

Calls went out to the local radio stations with Aloha, WLC President Ken Rosene and
radio personality Mynah Bird repeating that CIS Yvonne.
the breakfast was on for that Sunday morn-
ing. The Chuckwagon Breakfast was a go!
"Happiness is not so much in having as shar-
What a happy bunch of Lions and crew that ing. We make a living by what we get, but we
showed up, looking a little bit more tired but make a life by what we give." --Norman
happy! The breakfast was really a success! A MacEwan
lot of no- shows, but considering the situation

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

Lions Club
I am sure you were equally shocked when
you learned of the 8.8 magnitude earth- LCIF Committed to Relief Efforts
quake that struck Chile. As with the Haiti After Earthquakes
earthquake and other past natural catastro-
phes, LCIF responds quickly to ensure
those impacted get the aid they need,
but the Foundation is also committed to
long-term relief.

Our efforts continue in Haiti, where Mau-

reen and I visited last week. We were
amazed to see what the Lions of Haiti
are doing to restore stability to their
country and know that the Lions of Chile
will bring the same service to their commu-

Together, we are all working to bring hope

to the people affected, displaced and suffer-


Al Brandel
LCIF Chairperson

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

GM & BOD Meeting Highlights

By PDG George Kodani

General Membership Board of Directors Meeting High-

Meeting Highlights lights

Prexy Ken Rosene announced 1st VP Lion Pat Naughton reported the 60th Charter
the Lions of the Months: Anniversary & Installation to be held on June 19, 2010
at Nani Mau Gardens.
(December 2009) – Lions
Kayleen Kameda, Tracey Ka- Flag Day – PID Watanabe reported 5 Lions presented
meda, Gerald Seikaku; Lion flags at Keaukaha Elem on Feb. 8, 2010. Feb. 10 –
of the Month (January 2010) Kapiolani, 10:15 a.m., Waiakeawaena, 10:30 a.m.,
– Lion Stanley Takemura. Waiakea Elem., 1:45 p.m.

Lion Dr. Mitsui reported 60th Prexy Ken Rosene reported that the Long Range Plan
Charter Anniversary and In- Review – to be held after 2010-2011 club elections at
stallation to be held in June incoming officer’s Retreat.
19th at Nani Mau
New Business:
IPP Abe Kubo reported four Lions and 1 Leo at- Lions Pat Naughton and Bob Kawakone (m/s) made
tended presentation of $1000 check to Rainbow motion to approve $300.00 for Boy Scout Galen Sako,
Sanctuary on Sunday, January 31, 2010. Troop 19, project (14 foot long Shelf for Braillle Bibles
and storage cabinet for cassette player and tapes) for
22,500 metal tabs (flip tops from canned bever- the National Federation of the Blind. Motion passed.
ages) donated to Hale Oleua, Aloha Club of Hilo
at one minute per tab, a total of 367 hours of Non-Profit organization [501(3)c] (referral from GM
meeting) – tabled by consensus.
dialysis treatment has been reached.
PID Herb Watanabe and Lion Loren Mochida (m/s)
made motion to support D50 Hawaii Lions Cabinet rec-
New Business ommendation for Proposed 2010 Amendments and
refer to GM for approval. Motion passed.
Lion Clifford Yamaguchi suggested that Waiakea
Lions Club look into becoming a 501(3)c non- Lion Cedric Mitsui reported donation for one round trip
profit organization. Referred to Board of Direc- air fare made from Sight & Hearing budget fund for
tors. April 5, 2010 Low Vision Clinic.

Actual Corporate memos:

"As of tomorrow, employees will only be able to access the building using individual security cards. Pic-
tures will be taken next Wednesday, and employees will receive their cards in two weeks."
(Microsoft Corp. in Redmond WA)

"E-mail is not to be used to pass on information or data. It should be used only for company business."
(Accounting manager, Electric Boat Company)

"No one will believe you solved this problem in one day! We've been working on it for months. Now go act
busy for a few weeks and I'll let you know when it's time to tell them."
(R&D supervisor, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing/3M Corp.)

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

2010 WLC Chuckwagon Breakfast

By Lions Bob Kawakone & Craig Watanabe

This year’s Annual Chuckwagon Breakfast turned And what a surge it was. Townsfolk from Hamakua to
out to be more of a challenge than in recent times. Puna came out in droves to support our fundraiser to
help out our communities. Ticket sales at the door were
With our local economy still reeling in high unemploy- brisk and netted several hundred dollars in additional
ment, ticket sales were slow coming in...then we get hit contributions to our cause.
with a tsunami warning the day of the
event! The event itself proved that despite a
postponement due to a tsunami warn-
When the order was made to postpone ing, people still came out the next day
the breakfast, concerns were made to enjoy a breakfast prepared by the
that we may have to donate food Waiakea Lions Club of Hilo.
items and possibly refund tickets.
In the end the teamwork of the Wai-
The tsunami warning was cancelled akea Lions, CIS’, Leos and advisors,
promptly after 2pm when a small se- Troop 19 Boy and Cub Scouts and
ries of tidal surges swept in and out of Prexy Ken Rosene and KHBC’s Mynah Bird
various volunteers worked their
Hilo Bay with no significant effect on way thru the morning and served
the shorelines.
2,380 plates to all those who came. Ticket sales
Calls went out to local radio stations with radio personal-
generated $18,600 plus $170 in eggs (sold) will be
ity Mynah Bird repeating the call that the Waiakea Lions used for various non-profit organizations in the
Club Breakfast was ON AGAIN!! WLC Lions, CIS’, Boy East Hawaii area. A total of 3,720 tickets were
Scouts, Cub Scouts, WHS Leos and other volunteers sold.
waited in the pre-dawn hours at Waiakea High School’s
cafeteria for the next surge...of people eagerly holding Lion Billy Lyman thanks all Lions, CIS, Leos, Advi-
out for this once a year event. sors, and Scouts/Cub Scouts for their hard work
and for selling the Chuckwagon Breakfast tickets

See all pictures at our blogsite:

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

2010 WLC Chuckwagon Breakfast

By Lions Bob Kawakone & Craig Watanabe

as well as vendors for their donations, KTA Super

Stores, (rice), Suisan, (eggs), Meadow Gold Dairies,
(beverage), Gas Company, (propane gas), T. Hara &
Co., Ltd. (syrup, carnation milk, & Nestle Quick Choco-
late), Hilo Candy (candy), Tropical Hawaiian Products,
(puree), Hawaiian Fresh Products, Inc., (papaya).

Also Mahalo to WLC members who solicited local busi-

nesses: Lions Loren Mochida for soliciting Meadow Gold
Dairies to donate 23 cases of beverage, Lion Melvin
Kunimoto for soliciting the Gas Company to donate
(propane gas), Lion Ken Uemura, (coffee), and for solic-
iting KTA Super Stores, Suisan, T. Hara & Co, for mak-
ing donations, Lion Ken Nakagawa for door prizes, &
Lion Toshihisa Aoki, (papayas).

Mahalo to Lion Alan Shiraishi for crunching the final

numbers as the committee’s treasurer. Not an easy job
as WLC has decided to refund tickets to anyone who
didn’t come to the breakfast due to the tsunami warn-

Our warmest Mahalo to the Troop 19 Scouts/Cub

Scouts, for selling 280/250 breakfast tickets respect-
fully. Kudos also to the WHS Leos for selling 280 tick-
ets. Combined, the Scouts and Leos sold nearly 900
tickets this year.

Photos by Lion Craig Watanabe

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

2010 KMC Winter Forum

By Lion Cedric Mitsui / Photos by Hilo Lions Jan Asano

On February 19, 20,

2010, 9 Lions and 3
CIS attended the
District 50 – Hawaii
Lions KMC Winter
Forum, held at the
Kila u e a M ilit a ry

The opening cere-

mony was held at
the Ohia Room, and started at 6 pm. MC for the fo-
rum was PDG Norman Sakata. Both DG Alan Garson Dinner was on your
and VDG Chris Tamura welcomed the 156 Lions, CIS own and at 6:00 pm,
and guests that attended this year’s Winter Forum. the Fun Night started
The Keynote speakers were PID Maurice and Lani Ka- with the Live and Si-
hawaii who spoke on their two year experience while lent auction, auction-
traveling over 250, 000 miles. CIS Lani used her eer, PID Hebert Wata-
travel opportunity to inform Lions during their visit, of nabe, who did an out-
District 50 – Hawaii Lions significant contribution to standing job in raising
LCI. funds for Region 7 & 8.

The deletion of the word “White Only” in our Consti- The night’s activities ended with
tution and By Laws, that enabled all races to become the fun and exciting “Reverse
Lions, the creation of our Lions Pledge by Lion Tom Bingo” ably hosted by the Akaka
Shields of the Honolulu Lions Club, and for the pro- Falls Lions club. Everyone won to
motion of our Motto, “We Serve” by Lion George the delight of over 100 Lions, CIS
Akau, worldwide, that was eventually adopted by LCI. and guests. The 2nd night’s Hospi-
tality room was hosted by VDG’s
The first night’s hospitality room was hosted by both Eric Nordmeier and Jack Kampfer.
DG Alan Garson & VDG Chris Tamura. Everyone was
treated to PID’s ono Portuguese bean soup and a Kudos to PID Herbert Watanabe,
spread fit for a king. Beverage flowed in many types for donating three pots of Portuguese bean soup that
and brands. was served at the hospitality rooms and to Lion Cedric
Mitsui for donating five items worth over $250.00 to
On February 20, the District 50 – Hawaii Lions 3rd the auction, on behalf of the Waiakea Lions Club.
Cabinet meeting was held at 9 am and ended at 11:45
pm. The President’s Panel started at 11:45 am that Mahalo to Lions Herbert Watanabe, George Kodani,
featured discussions concerning the Region/Zone, Ken Rosene, Bob Kawakone, Cedric Mitsui, Wayne/
Membership, extension, retention, leadership and ori- Carol Kuwaye, Pat Naughton, Jon /Myrtle Lum, and
entation, and the responsibilities of a club president, Kevin/Lynnora Ono, for participating in this year’s KMC
that ended at 12:30 pm. Following the president’s Winter Forum.
panel, a hosted lunch for all was provided at cabinet
#76 that featured help yourself sandwiches and PID’s Mahalo to Lions Cedric Mitsui and Bob Kawakone for
Portuguese bean soup. their part in this year’s President’s Panel that was well
At 1:30 pm the Round Table discussions were held at received by the Lions who participated
the Ohia room, led by DG Alan Garson, and ended at
2:30 pm. Everyone in attendance, were able to say a
few words concerning their experiences as a Lion and
or a significant project they chaired or participated in.

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

2010 Leo’s Convention

By Lions Cedric Mitsui, Abe Kubo and Ken Uemura

On February 5, 2010, Li-

ons Cedric Mitsui and Bob
Kawakone attended the
opening ceremony of the
2010 Leo Convention held
at the Kilauea Military
Camp Ohia room. 100
Leos, Lions, and advisors
were in attendance that
included District Governor
Lion Alan Garson, CIS Pricilla, and District 50 Leo Club ing a supportive
Director, Lion Rick Yee. Lions club. After a
5 ½ miles hike
Lion Cedric and I had dinner at the Crater Rim Café at within the Volca-
5:30 pm and at 7:00 pm the opening ceremony was noes National Park,
called to order, club in charge, the Waiakea High School the Leos, and their
Leo Club. All told, 10 Leo clubs attended Hilo, Laupa- a d v is o rs w e re
hoehoe, Waiakea, Kaiser, Leileihua, Mililani, Campbell, ready for lunch,
Molokai, Waipahu and Farrington. and what a delight
it was to indulge in
DG Lion Alan Garson led a magnificent
with his welcoming re- spread the mem-
marks, and was followed by bers of the WLC had prepared for them. The spirit of
District 50 Leo Club direc- Aloha and Lionism prevailed on this day.
tor, Lion Rick Yee, opening
remarks and the introduc- On the menu, two types of bread, the fillings were, tur-
tion of the Leo club mem- key, Ham, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, round onions,
bers that were in atten- cheese, and pickles. To add a special touch to lunch,
dance. This was followed Lion Chef Ken added potato chips, desert, mayo and
by a number Leadership mustered. Juice and water were also served.
sessions and during that time, the Lions in attendance
judged the Leo clubs Project & activities booklet to de- The project was a success only because of the participa-
termine the winners of 1st through 3rd place for 2010. tion of the rest of the lions. PID Herbert Watanabe, Li-
ons Ken Rosene, Kevin Ono, Stanley Takemura, Cedric
The Waiakea High Leo Club and their advisors are to be Mitsui, Melvin Kunimoto, Bob Kawakone and James Mi-
commended for the planning for this year’s Leo Conven- yake. (story by Lions Abe Kubo and Ken Uemura)
tion. Judging from the comments made by the Leos and
their advisors, this year’s convention was one of the Editor’s Note:
best. They enjoyed the work shops, activities and most
of all, the beauty of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Our Waiakea High School Leos took 3rd in this
and especially the Kilauea Military Camp facilities. year’s Best Large Club for contests and awards.
(story by Lion Cedric Mitsui) Congratulations WHS Leos!!!

During the 2010 District 50 Hawaii Lions Leos Conven-

tion, members of the WLC prepared and served lunch to Photos by Hilo Lions Shirley Ito
the visiting 83 Leos, Lions and advisors on the grounds
of the Kilauea Military Camp.

Kudos to project co-chairs Lions Abe Kubo and Ken Ue-

mura, the project was a huge success. The members of
our Leo club were the envy of the visiting Leos, for hav-

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

Profile of the Month: Lion Harry Suzuki

By Lion Abe Kubo

Lion Harry Attended Kurtistown Elementary, Olaa

Intermediate and Hilo High schools and retired
from the County of Hawaii Department of Public
Works, Building Permit Division in 1986. CIS Sue
attended Hilo Union Elementary, Hilo Intermediate
and Hilo High School, and has a Seceretarial Sci-
ence degree. She retired from the State of Ha-
waii, Department of Education in 1991.

Lion Harry served in the Hawaii National Guard for

31-years and retired as a Staff Sgt (E-7) from the
National Guard in 1980 after serving in Vietnam in

Lion Harry Joined the Waiakea Lions in 1972 and

has been a Lion for 38-years and has actively
served on numerous committees. Lion Harry is
THE Lion called on whenever there is a job that
needs manpower.

Do you know what Lion Harry does in his spare

time? How about CIS Sue? Do you know what
she makes and donates for the Fund Fest every
Lion Harry Suzuki was born on November 11th, year? Get to meet both of these hard working ohana
1931 in Kurtistown, Hawaii and CIS Sue was members by talking story with them at the next Wai-
born in Hilo, Hawaii and currently reside in Hilo. akea Lions project. You can bet they will be there to
Lion Harry and CIS Sue has a daughter, Judi (Chris) support all Lions activities.

Lions Pledge

I pledge allegiance to my country

And to the cause of peace
Throughout the World.

I believe in the principles of

Lionism as contained in the
Lions Code of Ethics.

I am proud to be a Lion
Dedicated to the service of others.

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

WLC Lions Celebrating Birthdays in March

Adolf “Duffy” Bartels—3/23

Glenn Kotomori—3/13
Barry Mark—3/65
Clayton Mitsui—3/32
George Sakamoto—3/14
Richard Santos—3/16
Collins Tomei—3/18

WLC Lions Celebrating Anniversaries for March

Aoki Toshihisa—3/88
Clement Chang—3/85
Jonathan Lum—3/70
Billy Lyman—3/01
Garry Maeda—3/05
Kurt Williams—3/01

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

DG Newsletter
March, 2010 - District Governor Alan Garson
District 50 Hawaii

Reprinted from website

Aloha, Fellow Lions

Saturday will feature the nominations and election of
Spring is almost here, and it is getting close to con- our District Governor and Vice Governors, and a host of
vention time! The convention committee, headed by Constitutional, By-laws and Standing Policies Amend-
Lion Gregory Ayau of the Crescent City Lions Club has ments. Please be sure to study these very thoroughly
been very busy putting together a spectacular function before coming to the session so that we may proceed in
for all members, CIS‟s and guests. an expeditious manner.

The deadline for registering and signing up for all of the The awards luncheon, officer training sessions, and Dis-
functions and activities is fast approaching – Monday trict Governor Banquet will highlight Saturday’s sched-
March 15th! ule. And of course, there will be hospitality rooms open
all three nights!
Don’t miss out on all of the fun and excitement, the
business sessions, hospitality rooms, and greet our In- Come and enjoy the convention and the variety of ac-
ternational Second Vice President Dr. Wing-Kun Tam tivities that Hilo and its surroundings have to offer!
from Hong Kong, China, who will be our guest speaker Visit the web site at: for infor-
at Friday’s luncheon. mation and forms.

Our Flag Ceremony Thursday evening will be special, Reminder of upcoming events:
taking place on the lawn (weather permitting) of the  March 12 – 14 Molokai Lions 71st Charter Celebra-
Hilo Hawaiian Hotel with Moku’Ola (Coconut Island), tion
Hilo Bay, and Mauna Kea in the background.  March 17 Wahiawa Lions 70th Charter Celebration
at Dot’s in Wahiawa
The Friday morning business session will include reports  March 20 Kuhio Lions Zone Party
from the various committees and the Necrology Service  March 27 VDG Chris Tamura’s Fundraiser
in memory of our departed Lions who have given so  April 16 Hawaii Kai Lions 37th Charter Celebration
much to our district in past years. and Installation Dinner
 April 17 63rd Annual Picnic for the Blind and Visu-
We will have one or more service projects on Friday ally Impaired at Manawale’a Riding
afternoon. Our original plan was to work on the “Playful
 Center
City” project in downtown Hilo, but there have been
delays on that site, so we are looking at alternatives. So  April 29 – May 2 District 50 Convention in Hilo
bring your work clothes, gloves, and covered shoes. We  Check e-mail and web site for next “Safe Sidewalk”
may be painting, picking up rubbish, or even a small project dates and locations.
construction or repair project. Be prepared! Lion Alan Garson
District Governor
The Imiloa Astronomy Center will be the site of our Fri- District 50 Hawaii
day Fun Night. The planetarium will seat 120 at a time, Visit the Hawaii Lions D50 Website
and we are planning two showings, so the first 240 peo-
ple will be guaranteed a seat. If there are significantly
more people interested in seeing this outstanding show, WE SERVE WITH PRIDE
we may be able to schedule a third showing.

Ka Leo O Ka Liona

Editor’s Note
By Lion Craig Watanabe

Aloha fellow Lions! ments. The most common PDF viewer is

Adobe Reader. This software is free to
Apologies for publishing download and is available at
this newsletter late, it Go to “download” and click on Adobe Reader.
won’t happen again, I The current version is 9.1
2) If you want to read this bulletin directly with-
With three more months out having to go to your email, simply go to
until the end of yet an- to view
other action-packed year, it directly. You don’t need a PDF view to open
the Waiakea Lions Club the newsletter. You can also print it from this
forges on as we search for online site directly to your printer for a paper
Board and Committee copy.
heads for 2010-2011. 3) Internet Explorer 8 has been a bit buggy lately
and won’t open PDF documents. Download
I must remind those who are new to Waiakea Li- Mozilla’s Firefox browser and follow the install
ons that next year will be our 60th Charter Anni- instructions. If you need help with this con-
versary so those who will sit on the Board of Di- tact me and I’ll step you thru loading in Fire-
rectors and Executive Board itself will play a deci- fox.
sive role during this historic year. With long range
planning on the plate we will set a course for con- also has previous
tinued success for our club. If you are one of bulletins of the 2009-10 issues as well as addi-
those individuals, seek out advice from fellow Li- tional photos and videos that cannot be seen any-
ons as to what each position requires. You’ll find where else but on our very own blogsite. If you
that many of the Board of Director positions can get a chance I highly recommend you go to our
be held with minimal impact on your family and blogsite for more on our projects.
work schedules.
If anyone of you has any issues with your com-
This past year we have had changes in the way puters or electronics in general feel free to contact
we operated such as the cancellation of this year’s me for help.
Fund Fest and how “Tsunami Tsaturday” impacted
the annual Chuckwagon Breakfast. Two very im- Mahalo,
portant projects for WLC. How will we do next
year? These are some of the issues the next Lion Craig Watanabe
Board will discuss. Fresh ideas and views will help Servitude, it’s what we do!
identify a course of action, this is why as new 2009-10 WLC Bulletin Editor
members, it is up to you to help determine WLC’s

On another note, if you are still having trouble

opening up the online version of this bulletin
within your email here are three suggestions that
may help you read each month’s issues.

1) You may have to download the PDF viewer

again that is used to open up these docu-

Waiakea Lions
P.O. Box 1895
Hilo, HI 96721
March 2010
What’s Happening This Month—Waiakea Lions

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3 4 5 6
Crescent City GM WLC GM Mtg
Akaka Falls Encore 11:30 Board 3pm Leleiwi Beach
Mtg 6:30pm Kow’s 12noon GM park
restaurant 3/1/10
Puna Lions, Pahoa
NHBRHD Facility 7pm
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Lions Helping Lions WLC BOD Mtg Companion Apprecia-
Clifford Yamaguchi 6pm Michelle’s Hale tion Night—Higashi
Residence 8am Hilo Lions Club Hongwanji 6pm
6:30pm Kow’s Res-

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Puna Lions WLC GM Mtg
Pahoa Neighborhood 6pm Michelle’s Hale
Facility 7pm

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
6pm Michelle’s Hale
Hilo Lions Club
6:30pm Kow’s Res-

28 29 30 31

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