Romeo and Juliet Play adaptation by Year 6, Set One

ACT ONE (Written by Kayti, Staci, Jordan, Willem and Henry L)
Scene 1 Sampso n: Gregory : (Sunday morning) (Two Capulet servants – Sampson and Gregory are teasing each other) (Rudly) Those Montagues should be exiled by Prince Esealus! I quite agree! (Enter Abraham and Balthaser from the Montague family) Abraha m: Sampso n: (Scowling) We heard that Capulets. (Retorting angrily) You shouldn’t have been listening! (Enter Benvolio, Tybolt and guards) (Fight starts between the four servants) (Benvolio tries to stop it whilst Tybolt watches) (Fight broken up by guards) (Enter Romeo) Romeo: Benvolio my dear friend, I want nothing to do with this violence. However I have something to admit . I have fallen deeply in love with Rosaline.

Scene 2 (In the Capulet house) (Paris and Lord Capulet enter) Paris: Lord C: Paris: (Begging on his knees) Lord Capulet, grant me my forever longed wish. I beg you for Juliet’s hand in marriage. (Sorrow filled) I regret my decision, but you have asked too soon. Wait two years and your wish will be granted. However I would be honoured if you would come to our masked ball? I will of course come tonight, thank you for the invitation.

Scene 3 (Party has started) (Romeo and Benvolio have sneaked into the ball, Tybalt sees them across the room) Tybalt: (Angered) Romeo! Benvolio! How dare you make yourself present tonight?

(Enter Lord Capulet) Lord C: Romeo: Calm down Tybalt! No, they should not have come but I do not want a fight tonight. Please enjoy yourselves. (Gratefully) Thank you Capulet, we shall. (Romeo and Benvolio are having fun) (Juliet enters and is noticed by Romeo) Romeo: (Breath taken away) Look at her beauty and dazzling eyes. I long to know the angel’s name. (Juliet, who has been told off Paris’ wish is still overwhelmed) (However she spots Romeo and falls in love by first sight)

ACT TWO (Written by Abby, Georgia, Lucy V, Liam, Henry D and Sam)
Scene 1 (Romeo is hiding in Capulat’s orchard, away from his friends) (Romeo spots Juliet on her balcony) (Juliet doesn’t know he is there) (To herself) Romeo, Romeo, I love you so, but why are you a Montague? (Romeo is shocked by what he hears) Romeo: (Shouts to Juliet) Juliet, Juliet, I’m here my love! (Juliet is surprised to see Romeo staring at her) Juliet: Romeo: Juliet: Romeo: Nurse: Juliet: Romeo: Why Romeo, what a nice surprise to see you. I thought I would find you here, my love. Oh, Juliet, how I wish we could get married. Indeed. What can we do? I am sure my great friend Friar Lorence could arrange to marry us as soon as possible? (Stern voice behind the scenes) Juliet? Juliet? Where are you? (Shouting to her nurse) Coming! (Whispering to Romeo) Will I see you soon my love? I will be at Friar Laurance’s cell. We shall speak again soon and I will miss you. (Romeo leaves the orchard) (Juliet watches him leave, then retreats inside) Scene 2 Romeo: Friar L: Romeo: (Monday morning, Romeo vists Friar Laurance) Good morning Friar, how are you this fine morning? Why Romeo, I haven’t seen you in a while! May I ask you a favour kind sir? I am in love with Juliet and wish to be


Friar L: Romeo: Friar L:

married to her. I know she is a Capulet but I don’t agree with this fueding. We would have to marry in secret and not tell our families until after it had happened. Juliet? I thought you affections were with Rosaline? When did you meet the lovely Juliet? Not anymore. Juliet has stolen my heart. If this is your wish Romeo, it would be my pleasure to marry such a great man and his beautiful bride. (Romeo and Friar Laurence discuss Romeo’s secret wedding plans)

Scene 3

(Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo have fun in the court yard) (They silently act as if they are play fighting and laughing with each other) (Enter Juliet’s nurse)

Nurse: Mercuti o: Nurse: Romeo:

Gentlemen, would you please grow up! (Laughing) You are only saying that because you can’t keep up with the sense of humour around her! We are only joking! Us Montague’s can have fun. (Getting angry) You behaviour is terrible – I came to talk to Romeo not the rest of you. My lady, please ask Juliet to meet me at Friar Laurences cell this afternoon. We will be Wed today. (Everyone leaves the stage)

Scene 4 (Juliet waits for her nurse to return with news from Romeo about the marriage) Juliet: Where is my nurse? I asked her to seek out Romeo and ask him of our wedding plans. I do hope she returns home, I can sense my father is planning something else for me. (Juliet’s nurse arrives back and whispers in Juliet’s ear) (She leaves for Friar Laurences cell) Scene 5 (Romeo is stood with Friar Laurence waiting for Juliet) (Juliet arrives and Romeo and Juliet greet each other) (Romeo and Juliet then end the scene standing infront of the Friar,ready to be married)

ACT THREE (Written by Sophie P, Beth, Sally, Matty and Oscar)
Scene 1 (1 hour after the marriage) (Benvolio and Mercutio are talking in the Verona streets)

Benvoli o: Mercuti o:

Why not go indoors for the weather is too hot? (Teasingly) No I won’t! (Tybalt enters has a silent discussion with Mercutio) (Romeo enters bouncing with joy, until he sees Tybalt talking to Mercutio)


(Sneering at Romeo) You are weak and don’t deserve to marry Juliet! (Romeo doesn’t respond but glares are Tybalt)

Tybalt: Mercuti o:

What is the matter Romeo? Do you know I am right? Juliet will never marry you! (Standing in front of Romeo) You have no reason to say that! Romeo loves Juliet and there is nothing you can do about it. (Tybalt and Mercutio fight) (Tybalt kills Mercutio) (Actors freeze for a count of 5 seconds)



Benvoli o:

Romeo, NO! He is not worth the pain. (Romeo kills Tybalt)

Romeo: Prince Montag ue:

Now I will run away, for I realise what I have done is wrong. (Angrily) Because of Romeo’s actions, I will banish him from Verona. If he returns, he will be killed.

Scene 2 Juliet:

(Juliet’s home) (Juliet sitting in her bedroom) (Upset and worried) Oh where has Romeo gone? I was looking forward to our wedding night together. (Juliet’s nurse enters the room) (Crying) My lady, where is Romeo? Someone has died! (Falling to the floor in front of her nurse) NO! My dear Romeo has died! No Mam, Romeo killed Tybalt and is banished from Verona. (Pleading) Promise me you won’t blame Romeo, there must be a reason why he committed such a act. (Paris visits the Capulet house) (Lord and Lady Capulet are sat together as Paris approaches him) (Juliet and her nurse are listening at the door in secret)

Nurse: Juliet: Nurse: Juliet:

Scene 3

Paris: Lord C:

Do I have permission to marry your daughter? (Considers the request for a few seconds) The wedding will be on Thursday night. (Juliet bursts through the door)

Lady C: Juliet:

Dear Juliet, you will be married to Paris on Thursday. I refuse to marry him. (Juliet runs out the door followed by her nurse)


Juliet, I think you should marry Paris to protect your future. We do not know if Romeo will ever return.

ACT FOUR (Written by Kerry, Mia, Daisy, Jack, Ben H and Danny)
Scene 1 Paris: (Paris enters the church, pleased with himself) (Paris is talking to Friar Laurence) Please arrange the wedding on Thursday for Juliet and I. Her father has finally agreed that we can be together. (Paris leaves missing Juliet as she walks in) Juliet: (Sad and furious) I will kill myself before I marry him, for I wish the wedding would not to take place. (Juliet sits down, puts her head in her hands and cries) Friar L: I have hatched a plan, Juliet. It will be difficult but I think it will help you to be with Romeo. (Friar Laurence whispers to Juliet) (She smiles, hugs the old man and runs out of his cell)

Scene 2 Juliet: Lord C:

(Juliet finds Lord Capulet) Would it be possible to move the wedding? I need more time to get prepared as I want everything to go just right. I suppose one more week could be possible. (Juliet thanks her father)

Scene 3

(Juliet walks into her bedroom) (Lady Capulet follows her inside)

Juliet: Lady C:

My mother, I do not feel my best. I need a long, undisturbed sleep. You must rest my daughter, I shall let you be. (Lady Capulet and Juliet’s nurse leave) (Juliet walks over to her dresser)


(Talking to herself in the mirror) Now my love we will be together forever. Everyone will think I have died from drinking this poison in my hand, but it’s only a trick. See you soon my love. (Juliet drinks the poison and falls onto her bed)

Scene 4 (The next morning, Juliet’s nurse walks into her room) Nurse: (Singing happily) Juliet! Juliet! Here lies your morning food. (Shakes Juliet) Juliet, wake up! Are you there? (Juliet’s nurse runs onto the landing) Nurse: Juliet is DEAD! (Everyone gathers together, heads hung low and attend the funeral)

ACT FIVE (Written by Ella, Molly, Imogen, May, Olivia, Lucy W and Sophie T)
Scene 1 (Balthasar, Romeo’s servant rides into Mantua where Romeo is in exile) Romeo: Balthas ar: Romeo: Balthasar, my dear friend! Do you carry a message from Friar Laurence? (Shaking his head) No. I came to inform you of Juliet’s death. (Romeo looks grief stricken, his hands fly to his throat) (Loud, exaggerated words) Oh! My dearest Juliet, my one and only love! I must ride to Verona and see her tonight! (Romeo turns and speaks to the audience) Romeo: I cannot live without my beautiful Juliet. No words can express my grief. I will ride upon the full moon and visit the apocathery to buy poison. Tonight I must die along with my beautiful wife.

Scene 2 Friar John: Friar Laurence? I come bringing bad news. (Panicked) What? Whatever could it be?

(Friar Laurence is in the church) (Friar John walks in with a grave face)

Laurenc e: John: Laurenc e:

I was unable to deliver the message. Romeo is unaware that Juliet’s death is a hoax. Your plan has failed. I am so sorry, more than you will ever know. Oh my dear friend! Do not despair! We will find a way to fix this. (He punches the air) We will fulfill our purpose. (The two men nod in agreement)

Scene 3 Paris:

(The Capulet tomb) (Paris is inside as Romeo approaches) (Shouting) Romeo! How dare you! How dare you tarnish this place of rest with your evil presence. (Paris draws his sword, Romeo takes a step back)


Paris – you don’t understand! Please listen, just for a second. (Paris lunges, sword poised to kill Romeo) (Romeo draws his sword and puts in through the heart of Paris)


(Softer voice, talking to Paris’s dead body) We were in love Paris. She was my everything. I would have done anything for her. (Romeo walks over to Juliet’s coffin and kisses her on the head) (He brings the poison to his lips and drinks – he falls to the floor) (Friar Laurence enters)

Laurenc e:

Romeo! Oh no Romeo! I wasn’t here in time! (He hears people outside and runs from the tomb, fearing capture) (Juliet wakes and looks around her)


Romeo? (Juliet collapses, sobbing onto Romeo’s dead body)


My love for you burned brighter than that of a thousand suns. My heart sings for you and I lived for you, yet you live no more. And so, I must make the same sacrifice. (Juliet brings Romeo’s posion to her lips but discovers there isn’t any left) (She lifts Romeo’s dagger, holding it above her head and stabs herself) (She falls to the floor, next to Romeo, into his arms)

Lord Capulet :

This tragedy results from our fueding families. From this day on the Capulets and Montagues will be friends, in memory of the brave Romeo and his beautiful Juliet.

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