MAINE SPRING YOUTH CONFERENCE Whuuuuuu!! (with BoUUndaries) Arrive: Friday, April 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Leave: Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2 pm Ferry Beach, 5 Morris Ave., Saco, ME Con Coordinators: Marsha Lawson is Program Coordinator; Craig Lentz of Ferry Beach is Facilities Coordinator; Linnea Schroder at the District Office is Registration Coordinator (Youth and Adults from throughout the Northern New England District are welcome.) YOUTH AGES: Grades 7-12 ADULTS: At least one adult is needed for every 8 youth from a church. (See further information for adults in this form.) COST: $50 (Make checks payable to Northern New England District) Please note: Do not stay away if the fee is a hardship for you. Speak with the District Office about the possibility of a small scholarship. DESCRIPTION: This conference is about having fun and being safe – what better place than Ferry Beach to foster fun and fellowship – and the workshops in this conference will be focusing on boundaries on sexuality. BRING: DO NOT FORGET -Warm clothes, gear for cold weather, sleeping bag, padding and/or bedding, pillow -Secret Buddy stuff (Secret Buddy is someone whose name you pick from a basket. You put good vibes -- nice notes, candy, small toys and gadgets, pictures -- into his/her bag. Your Secret Buddy will put things in your bag.) -Flashlight with working batteries -Toiletries including: washcloth, toothbrush/paste,etc., towel, soap, shampoo (there will be designated times to take showers) -Snack to share (Please try to bring a healthy, environmentally conscious snack) FOOD: Please eat dinner before you arrive on Friday evening. Meals: 3 meals Saturday, Breakfast and a light lunch on Sunday. Bring healthy snacks to share. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available at all meals. Be sure to indicate any special dietary needs on your registration form. REGISTRATION: Complete the Registration Form and return it with payment, to Joy Blanchette, Administrator, NNED, 10 Ferry St., STE #318, Concord, NH 03301 by March 31, 2010--no exceptions! Youth participation will be confirmed with churches. Each adult must have a positive reference from the DRE or Minister of his/her sponsoring congregation. Maximum of 80 participants first come, first served. Adults must Send in a Code of Ethics form to NNED office for a background check. OVERNIGHT ARRANGEMENTS: Both Nights: Everyone will go to sleep by midnight – early bedtime is 11 pm. -Everyone will sleep in two common areas with monitoring by 2 awake adults all night Sharing of blankets and sleeping bags is not allowed. There will be no physical contact allowed during designated sleeping times. For more information please contact Marsha Lawson at 207-233-8714 or for program information; Contact the District Office for

registration information at (603) 228-8704 or via email at Emergency Contact during the Con: Marsha Lawson 207-233-8714; Craig Lentz 207-423-2529 CONFERENCE CODE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS In order to hold a safe and effective conference, I, the Unitarian Universalist conference participant (youth or adult), promise to: -Above all, respect others and not engage in behavior that constitutes verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuses to self or others. -Take responsibility for my actions. My actions affect the people around me. -Not engage in sexual activity or violence and not have weapons or drugs at the conference. (No tobacco, alcoholic or unauthorized medications). -Stay on the premises unless I receive specific permission from the conference coordinator to leave. -Keep the leadership informed of my whereabouts at all times. -Participate in all conference activities. -Sleep in designated areas at the specified time and remain in supervised areas at all times. -Abide by all conference rules, with the knowledge that infringement of these rules may result in my expulsion from activities at the conference leaders' discretion and my own expense. -Abide by the UU Principles EXPECTATIONS OF ADULTS AT THE CONFERENCE All Adults…… -Attempts will be made to recruit adults from outside the conference participants to cover overnight shifts. Adults attending con may be expected to take a 2-hour night shift if needed in order to have 2 adults awake all night as approved by the Maine Youth Adult Committee (YAC) and the NNED District Office and Ferry Beach -Are resources for youth and need to be available and visible to interact with youth. -Are expected to stay at the conference for the entire weekend. If they cannot, this needs to be communicated on the registration form stating who will stand in for them -Should establish check-in times with youth under their responsibility to assess well being, concerns, issues. -Participate fully in every activity. -Report concerns or issues to the adult coordinator and/or deans. -Maintain clear boundaries and model appropriate and respectful behavior -Assist adult coordinator when needed -Send in a Code of Ethics form to NNED office for a background check DIRECTIONS: The Con will be held in Roland Hall, 14 Morris Ave., Saco, ME - it is the third building on the left when you turn into Morris Ave. – big and green; go to the following website for directions - Call Marsha Lawson at 207-233-8714 for help.

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