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Computer Graphics SPRING

Assignment #2
In Your Dreams

Have a dream. If you don’t dream, or don’t think you dream, or don’t remember your
dreams, have a wild idea. The stylistic point of this assignment is “surrealism.” Look it up.
Go online, Google “surrealism” and look at various links. Look for the work of artists such
as Magritte, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Dorothea Tanning, and Max Ernst.

1. For your proposal: Sketch your idea, even if it’s a very rough sketch. Include several
written sentences in your proposal, describing your dream idea in words.

2. The photo shoot will be on Thursday, March 18. Everyone will be photographed and
everyone will be a photographer. Be prepared for what pose you’ll be in.

3. Save your photos of yourself in a folder titled “Picture research” (in your Dream folder,
Maggie Taylor in your Assignments folder, in your folder with your name). Choose the best picture of
yourself for the project and save it as a Photoshop file (not evil jpg) in the main part of
your Dream folder so I can evaluate and grade it. Use the Quick Mask technique to isolate
your figure from the background and save the selection as a channel. (There must be an
alpha channel saved with your picture file.)

4. Create a new document: 7.5 x 10 inches, 300 pixels per inch. It can be either horizon-
tal or vertical. Save the document as a Photoshop file (i.e. “Marty’s Dream.psd”). Load
your picture of yourself as a selection, and drag yourself into your “Dream”.

5. Do picture research online and save the pictures you like in your “Picture Research”
folder. Be aware of the resolution and dimensions of your document, which will be 2250
Rene Magritte
pixels by 3000 pixels. So if your background sky is made of one image, it will need to be
at least 2000 pixels wide for a horizontal composition. You can only enlarge an image by
a little bit before it starts looking lousy and pixillated. Save more images than you think
you’ll need to give yourself choices.

6. Use the tools in Photoshop that you’ve learned so far. Your document must include
named layers and layer sets, masks and layer masks, filters and blending modes.

7. Save your document in layers as a .psd file in your “Dream” folder in your assignments
folder, make clear in its name which is the final version. On the due date you will hand in
a copy of the dream printed on good quality paper.


DREAM DUE DATE: Thursday, april 1 (No fooling!)

60% Craftsmanship
(document well constructed, adept use of tools and functions)
15% Degree of difficulty
25% Creativity (imaginative idea and composition)
Viktor Koen