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m.1. ALICE ______ (d. 20 Oct. 1657, lost at sea)

2. 16 June 1658 Prudence (Marston) Swain
d. 28 May 1687 Hampton, NH
will 1 Nov. 1682

Moses was in Hampton in 1639 as a young man, unmarried, having moved from Ipswich. Margaret, wife of
John Stubbin of Watertown testified 19 July 1640 to purchasing from him: "dried suet about the month of
October last was twelve month, when he was going from Ipswich to live at Hampton first."(1)

In the spring of 1640 Moses was appointed the first herdsman for the town.(2)

On 20 Oct. 1657 Alice and their son John and six other people were drowned going in a boat from
Hampton. Moses married the widow of one of the victims, Prudence Swain.(2)

Moses was relieved from training in 1662 and was a selectman in the same year. He was then on the grand
jury in 1668.(3)

On 30 Dec. 1672 "Moses Cox of Hampton... for a valuable sum of money and other considerations, sells to
Francis Jenness, of Hampton, and his son, Thomas Jenness, all his right, title and interest in a tract of land
to be hereafter laid out (about 50 acres), it being the right of two shares in the cow common in a late
division of land called ye North Division, abutting upon Portsmo bounds towards the north & extending
southward towards Hampton Meetg hous- the 63 lot in number, bounded on the East by a grant to Edward
Gove and on the West by a grant to Abraham Perkins."(4)


 I. John- d. 20 Oct. 1657, lost at sea

 II. Mary- b.c.1644; m. John Godfrey
 III. Sarah- m. 21 Jan. 1664 Nicholas Norris
 V. Moses- b. 2 Nov. 1649
 VI. Leah- b. 21 Apr. 1661; m. 13 Dec. 1681 James Perkins; d. 19 Feb. 1749


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