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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

151 / Monday, August 8, 2005 / Notices 45735

Canadian laboratories wishing to be Headquarters, 2100 Second Street SW., (d) Task Statement 51, concerning
considered for the NLCP may apply directly Washington, DC 20593–0001. This minimum standard of competence on
to the NLCP contractor just as U.S. notice is available on the Internet at tanker safety; and
laboratories do. (e) Other task statements which may
Upon finding a Canadian laboratory to be
qualified, HHS will recommend that DOT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For have been adopted for discussion and
certify the laboratory (Federal Register, July questions on this notice, contact Mr. action.
16, 1996) as meeting the minimum standards Gould, Assistant to the Executive (3) Other items to be discussed:
of the Mandatory Guidelines published in the Director, telephone 202–267–6890, fax (a) Standing Committee—Prevention
Federal Register on April 13, 2004 (69 FR 202–267–4570, or e-mail Through People.
19644). After receiving DOT certification, the (b) Briefings concerning on-going
laboratory will be included in the monthly projects of interest to MERPAC.
list of HHS-certified laboratories and SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Notice of
these meetings is given under the (c) Other items brought up for
participate in the NLCP certification discussion by the committee or the
maintenance program. Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5
U.S.C. App. 2 (Pub. L. 92–463, 86 Stat. public.
Anna Marsh, 770, as amended). Procedural:
Executive Officer, SAMHSA. Agenda of Meeting on September 7, Both meetings are open to the public.
[FR Doc. 05–15693 Filed 8–5–05; 8:45 am] 2005: Please note that the meetings may
BILLING CODE 4160–20–P The full committee will meet to adjourn early if all business is finished.
discuss the objectives for the meeting. At the Chair’s discretion, members of
The working groups addressing the the public may make oral presentations
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND following task statements may meet to during the meetings. If you would like
SECURITY deliberate: Task Statement 30, to make an oral presentation at a
concerning utilizing military sea service meeting, please notify Mr. Gould no
Coast Guard for STCW certifications; Task Statement later than August 24, 2005. Written
[USCG–2005–21992] 49, concerning recommendations for use material for distribution at a meeting
of a model sea course project in should reach the Coast Guard no later
Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory conjunction with an approved program than August 24, 2005. If you would like
Committee for officer in charge of an engineering a copy of your material distributed to
watch coming up through the hawse each member of the committee or
AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. pipe; Task Statement 50, concerning subcommittee in advance of the
ACTION: Notice of meetings. recommendations on a training and meeting, please submit 25 copies to Mr.
assessment program for qualified Gould no later than August 24, 2005.
SUMMARY: The Merchant Marine
Personnel Advisory Committee member of the engine department on Information on Services for Individuals
(MERPAC) and its working groups will sea-going vessels; and Task Statement with Disabilities
meet to discuss various issues relating 51, concerning minimum standard of For information on facilities or
to the training and fitness of merchant competence on tanker safety. In services for individuals with disabilities
marine personnel. MERPAC advises the addition, new working groups may be or to request special assistance at the
Secretary of Homeland Security on formed to address issues proposed by meetings, contact Mr. Gould as soon as
matters relating to the training, the Coast Guard, MERPAC members, or possible.
qualifications, licensing, and the public. All task statements may be
viewed at the MERPAC Web site at Dated: July 27, 2005.
certification of seamen serving in the Captain Lorne W. Thomas, USCG,
U.S. merchant marine. All meetings will
merpac/merpac.htm. Acting Director of Standards, Marine Safety,
be open to the public. Security and Environmental Protection.
At the end of the day, the working
DATES: MERPAC will meet on groups will make a report to the full [FR Doc. 05–15615 Filed 8–5–05; 8:45 am]
Wednesday, September 7, 2005, from committee on what has been BILLING CODE 4910–15–P
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Thursday, accomplished in their meetings. No
September 8, 2005, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 action will be taken on these reports on
p.m. These meetings may adjourn early this date. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
if all business is finished. Requests to Agenda of Meeting on September 8, SECURITY
make oral presentations should reach 2005:
the Coast Guard on or before August 24, Coast Guard
2005. Written material and requests to The agenda comprises the following:
(1) Introduction. [CGD05–05–088]
have a copy of your material distributed (2) Working Groups’ Reports
to each member of the committee or (a) Task Statement 30, concerning
subcommittee should reach the Coast Re-opening of South Berth at
utilizing military sea service for STCW Dominion Cove Point Liquefied Natural
Guard on or before August 24, 2005. certifications; Gas Facility, Calvert County, MD
ADDRESSES: MERPAC will meet on both (b) Task Statement 49, concerning
days at the RTM STAR Center, 2 West recommendations for use of a model sea Coast Guard, DHS.
Dixie Highway, Dania Beach, FL 33004. course project in conjunction with an Notice; request for public
Further directions regarding the location approved program for officer in charge comments.
of the RTM STAR Center may be of an engineering watch coming up
obtained by contacting Ms. Vickie through the hawse pipe; SUMMARY: The Coast Guard announces
Valderrama at (954) 920–3222, (c) Task Statement 50, concerning the review of a request from Dominion
extension 7253. Send written material recommendations on a training and Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
and requests to make oral presentations assessment program for qualified Limited Partnership to begin using the
to Mr. Mark Gould, Commandant (G– member of the engine department on south berth of its facility for receiving
MSO–1), U.S. Coast Guard sea-going vessels; LNG vessels. The Coast Guard solicits

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