Michelle Dupray 3-16-10 Depression and Suicide WebQuest Health 9: WebQuest  Answer the following critical thinking questions about

Depression and Suicide  Health Stats: Looking at the table below, what relationship is there between risks of depression and how connected teens feel to their school? Connected to School -Very connected -Quite a bit -Somewhat -Very little -Not at all connected  Risk of Depression -Very low -Low -Low to moderate -Moderate -High 

What could make someone feel very connected to school? - What could make someone feel disconnected? ² Something that could make someone feel connected to their school would be being involved in school events, having good friends at school, and many other things. Some things that could make someone feel disconnected are not being involved in the school events, not having that many friends at school, always being alone at school, etc. To understand more about depression follow this link http://www.depression.com/understanding_depression.html o Scroll down to Watch what happens and press onto See how depression affects the brain. o What are brain chemicals called? ² The brain chemicals are called neurotransmitters. o What are these brain chemicals responsible for? - The brain chemicals are responsible for our emotional conditions. o What happens to neurotransmitters when depression happens? ² When we are depressed, the neurotransmitters are not sent correctly. o What can be done about depression? ² For depression, you can take medication to raise the weaker signals of the neurotransmitters or improving the signals of the neurons. o After answering the questions, closeout of that window. o Go to the left hand side of the page and click onto Causes of Depression.  Is there only one thing in a person·s life that causes depression? ² No. There are many different things that can cause depression in a person·s life.  What are the 5 common factors involved in depression? ² Five of the common factors involved in depression are family history (genetics may cause depression), trauma and stress, having a pessimistic personality, the physical conditions of a person (such as being diseased ² some medications for diseases may increase the risk of depression), or physiological disorders. 

What does a pessimistic personality mean? ² To have a pessimistic personality means to have a negative outlook on things. (To have an optimistic personality is to look at things positively.) o Go to the left hand side of the page and click onto Who Gets Depression.  Are men or women most likely to become depressed? Why? o Go back to Who Gets Depression on the left hand side and press onto Anxiety and Depression.  Why does anxiety and depression occur together? ² Anxiety and depression occur together because of the sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness of depression. All of those emotions can cause somebody to become anxious, and anxiety tends to make a person even more tired than they already were. The tiredness of the anxiety can tend to lead to even more depression.  Is it treatable? How? ² It is treatable. You can use medication or go to therapy, or even do both.  Scroll down to Try these simple ways to manage stress and try one of the Breath Easy or Stretching activities« y What activity did you try? How could this activity help you to manage stress? ² The activity I tried was breath easy. This activity helped manage stress because sometimes you just need to clear your mind and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself. Suicide is the intentional killing of oneself. Suicide affects all kinds of people: young, old, bright, average, rich, poor, female, male. In the United States, suicide is the third-leading cause of death among young people ages 15-24. Between 1956 and 1990, the teen suicide rate quadrupled. But since 1990, the rate has declined. o Is there any way to tell whether or not someone is going to attempt suicide? ² The only way to really be able to tell if someone is going to attempt suicide might be if they are depressed. Otherwise, there really is no way. o If we understand these risk factors and protective factors, we can take steps to further reduce the suicide rate. o Is there a connection between depression and suicide? ² Yes. Some people who want to commit suicide are depressed. 

Risk Factors  Mood disorders, such as depression, are a major risk factor for suicide  A previous suicide attempt or a family history of suicide  Having both a mental disorder and a substance abuse disorder  Feelings of hopelessness or isolation  Lack of access to mental health treatment  Being influenced by the suicide of family members, peers, or celebrities  Click onto this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide to answer the following questions. o What is the most common cause of suicide? ² The most common cause of suicide is having a mental disorder, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

o Name the other 6 causes for suicide. ² Six other causes for suicide are substance abuse (such as drug abuse, alcoholism, etc.), genetics, judicial suicide (if they committed a crime, they will commit suicide to avoid their prosecution), military suicide (for their country during war), dutiful suicide (the belief suicide leads to a greater good), and escapism (living becomes intolerable). o It is the leading cause of death among what age group? ² Suicide is the main leading cause of death for the age group of people from the age of 35 and younger. A lot of people from the ages of 15-24 commit suicide. o What does Abrahamic religions mean? ² Abrahamic religions are the world·s three primary religions that believe in one God. The three religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. o What is an offense towards God mean? ² An offense towards God is also known as a sin. God does not tolerate sin, but He does tolerate sinners. If somebody is saved through Jesus, they no longer have sin in God·s eyes. If they are not saved through Jesus though, they still have sin. o What does sanctity of life mean? ² Sanctity of life means to protect our lives regardless of the sentence of our lives. Our lives are said to be holy, sanctified, and valued. KEEP GOING«THERE IS MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE«

World Geography: WebQuest  Click onto this link http://www.cdi.org/russia/johnson/7257-3.cfm to answer the following questions.  Read the following article called, Suicide rates in Russia on the increase o Russia·s suicide levels are among the world·s highest«why? ² Russian·s suicide levels are among the world·s highest because of financial collapse since the Soviet Union dissolved in the 1990s. o What are the differences in the suicide statistics worldwide as to those in Russia? ² The differences in the suicide statistics worldwide as to those in Russia is the men in Russia are more likely to commit suicide from the ages of 45-54, when most others are most likely to from any age under 35, most likely the ages of 15-24. o Why do you think suicide rates in Russia increased AFTER the last year of the Soviet government in Russia? (You will need to really use your critical thinking skills for this answer«or conduct further research.) ² I think the suicide rates in Russia increased after the last year of the Soviet government in Russia because the people became depressed of no longer having the Soviet government and their lives probably changed drastically.

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