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Virtuoso Digital Implementation

Automatic implementation of digital blocks in mixed-signal designs

Cadence Virtuoso Digital Implementation is a complete synthesis and place-and-route system.

It enables small digital block implementation in the context of an advanced analog-driven
methodology. Driven by unified design intent and abstraction, Virtuoso Digital Implementation
automates synthesis and optimizes place-and-route to accelerate the mixed-signal design process
and ensure the highest quality of silicon.

Virtuoso Digital
Designed to complement the Virtuoso
Layout Suite, Virtuoso Digital
Implementation enables capacitylimited1 execution of a complete digital
implementation solution from RTL-toGDSII. Targeting mixed-signal designs
that contain small digital blocks,
Virtuoso Digital Implementation
enables Cadence Encounter RTL
Compiler synthesis and Encounter
Digital Implementation System
functionality. Encounter RTL Compiler
provides a high-performance synthesis
solution to help you efficiently develop
smaller, faster, lower-power chips.
Encounter Digital Implementation
System uses extremely fast, integrated
engines to optimize digital block
implementation. Both technologies
are based on the industry-leading
Encounter digital IC design platform,
proven to deliver high quality of silicon
(Figure 1).

Virtuoso Spec-Driven Environment
Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator
Virtuoso UltraSim
Full-Chip Simulator
Virtuoso XL Layout Editor


Encounter RTL Compiler

SoC Encounter L

Virtuoso Chip Assembly Router

Assura Physical Verification

Figure 1: Virtuoso Digital Implementation

Enables automated digital
implementation for small digital
blocks, including synthesis and
physical implementation
Matches the functionality enabled
by Encounter Digital Implementation
System L

1 Virtuoso Digital Implementation enables an RTL-to-GDSII solution that is limited in capacity. Encounter
RTL Compiler is limited to a final mapped instance count of 50k instances or 200k generic instances.
Encounter Digital Implementation System is limited to a capacity of 50k instances. Two Virtuoso Digital
Implementation licenses can be combined (stacked) to double the capacity limits. For users who require
larger or unlimited capacity, other Encounter products are available.

Ensures the best quality of

silicon for digital logic (speed,
area, and power)
Integrates with the Virtuoso
platform through unified design
intent and abstraction to enable a
complete implementation solution2
Significantly reduces the time to
design closure

Virtuoso Digital Implementation

Enables Cadence First Encounter

silicon virtual prototyping
Supports full-timing modeling of
mixed-signal blocks with built-in
physical optimization for rapid
timing convergence
Supports timing-driven implementation
using a common timing engine with a
signoff quality delay calculator
Integrates power planning, power
routing, and power analysis
Supports multiple power domains
Easy-to-use clock tree synthesis handles
multiple and re-convergent clocks
Includes clock gating for
low-power design
Seamlessly supports SDC
Supports libraries and rules of multiple
process technologies down to 28nm
Supports rectilinear blocks
Supports LEF/DEF data transfer via
standard interfaces and OpenAccess3

Rtl synthesis
Read/write standard inputs/outputs
Built-in high-performance data path
Arithmetic optimizations
Total negative slack (TNS) optimization
Testability analysis and scan insertion
Clock gating
Multi-Vt leakage power optimization

Silicon virtual prototyping

Based on proven First Encounter

Full gate-level placement

Fast detailed trial routing (10x faster
than traditional detailed routers)
Higher correlation with the final
Fast analysis with 2.5-D parasitic
extraction (10x faster than traditional
Delay and timing analysis using
industry-standard timing library and
constraints formats
Physical optimization technology for
advanced timing closure
In-place optimization (IPO) for
cell resizing, buffer insertion, and
load splitting
Leakage power optimization
Advanced logic restructuring option


Fine mesh routing supported with

embedded macro blocks
Power-grid design results in IR drop
numbers within 10% of SPICE
Interface to signoff power-grid verification requires an Encounter Power
System license, which must be
purchased separately.

Easy-to-use, built-in signal and power
wire editing functionality
Tcl programming interface throughout
the flow
Intuitive and helpful commands
Familiar use model
Easy-to-learn system enables ramp up
within a week
Helpful reports for all steps

Industry-proven routers
Support for advanced engineering
change order (ECO) routing


Wire editor environment for

custom edits

HDL (to synthesis): Verilog, VHDL,

SystemVerilog (directives, pragmas)

Clock tree synthesis

Logical and timing library: library

format (.alf), TLF, or .lib

Ultra high-speed clock tree synthesis

to minimize both clock skew and
insertion delay

Physical library: LEF

Support for gated clocks and multiple

clock domains

Mixed-language/mixed-level netlist:
gate-level netlist in Verilog, gate-level
EDIF netlist

Post-route clock tree optimization

Timing constraints: SDC

Useful skew analysis and optimization

Floorplan information: PDEF

Advanced power planning

Detailed floorplan information: DEF

Quick power planning, including

static and dynamic power
consumption analysis

Delay information: SDF

Interconnect parasitics: DSPF/RSPF, SPEF

Built-in power/IR drop analysis*

2 Requires Virtuoso Layout Suite XL or Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL.

3 The loading/display/data handling of custom objectsincluding Pcells, RODs, multi-part paths, and fig groupsis
enabled by the Encounter Mixed-Signal GXL Option, which must be purchased separately.

Virtuoso Digital Implementation


Cadence Services and Support

Optimized gate-level netlist

(from synthesis)

Cadence application engineers can

answer your technical questions by
telephone, email, or Internetthey can
also provide technical assistance and
custom training

Netlist: DEF, Verilog

Interconnect parasitics: DSPF,
Delay information: SDF
Floorplan and placement: DEF, PDEF

Linux (32- and 64-bit)
Solaris (64-bit)
SOLX86 (64-bit)
IBM AIX (64-bit)

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