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Sony PlayStation (tm) Copying For Newbies
Table Of Contents
1.0 What Is This?
1.1 Why make a FAQ?
2.0 The PlayStation Copy Protection
2.1 How to Break It ;)
2.2 The HardWare Needed to Break Protection
2.21 Explaination of the Hardware
2.22 Myths of PlayStation Protection Breaking
2.3 Software Needed to Copy the CDs
3.0 TroubleShooting
3.1 I Can't Copy Game XXX!?!?
3.2 I still can't copy it what do I do?
3.3 Teach me some 'tricks of the trade'!
4.0 CDR Drives & CDR Media
4.1 CDR Drives
4.2 CDR Media
5.0 General Questions
5.1 Can PlayStation Read a CDRW Disc?
5.2 Can You Send Me PlayStation Games?
5.3 How do you know so much?
5.4 How do I make an image of a PSX CD? So I can like send it on the In
5.5 Coolness!! How do i break it up into RAR junks now though?
5.6 What is this .SFV file? What is this .NFO file?
5.7 I've copied other games before, but i can't copy xxx!!??
5.8 Copying CD to CD
6.0 Emulation & Emulators
6.1 Emulators in General & Types
6.2 Bleem
6.3 PSEmu Pro
6.4 Virtual Game Station by Connectxx
7.0 PlayStation VCD Addon
8.0 WebSites for Various Information
9.0 PlayStation SWAP FAQ
1.0 What Is This?
This is, PlayStation Copying for Newbies. It is a FAQ that
gives instructions on the topic of PlayStation Copying. It started
out as a simple FAQ for a few questions. It's purpose is to answer

constant questions, and to inform the public. It has grown to

inform & answer more and more detailed questions.
1.1 Why does this FAQ exist?
People are fucking morons. Since this is true, I've decided to teach
a bunch of people how to fish, instead of just giving them fish. This
way, me and my #PSX-DC-FOR-FUN buddies don't have to answer stupid questions.
2.0 The PlayStation Copy Protection
PlayStation CDs aren't like normal CDs. There is more than them than
the Black Bottom sides. The black bottoms surface is a simple way to
recognize an authentic PlayStation CD to a normal Pressed Silver CD.
The black CDs (actually, a deep dark blue), are simple there to recognize
counterfeits from legit ones.
What really makes a PlayStation CD unique is the BAD SECTORS writen on the
CD. Notable, from SECTORS 12-15. These sectors are *BAD BLOCKS*. Just
like bad sectors you get on a floppy disk or a Hard Drive. They *ARE NOT*
ZEROs. 1s & 0s are legit sectors, these ARE BAD sectors. These CAN NOT
be duplicated with any consumer level CDR.
A CDRs firmware is intended to correct bad blocks when if they find them.
No one wanted to burn BAD BLOCKs on a CD. Thus, Sony used this knowledge
for their copy protection. Knowing that no consumer level CDR can burn
bad sectors, they created their own that could. Pretty damn smart if you as
There ISN'T ANY SOFTWARE OR FIRMWARE to allow a CDR to burn bad sectors.
2.1 How to break the Protection
Any PlayStation CD may be copied.. (ALL OF THEM) The problem is playing
them. Now, just because we can't produce the bad blocks doesn't mean there
is a way around them. This loop hole allows copied CDs to be played on
a PlayStation Console system.
2.2 I want to be able to play CDR Copies on my PlayStation (tm) how do I do it?
There are 3 known ways copy to play CDR Copies on your PlayStation (tm).
1) The Modchip
2) The Game Enhancer (or equivalent)
3) Swapping
2.21 Explanation HardWare to Break the Protection.
Here is a more descriptive explanation for each protection.
1) The Modchip is a small PIC microchip which is installed into
your PSX. It consists of 3, 4 or 5 wires soldered to points. Each PSX
model, (100x, 500x, 700x & 750x) have different layouts where they have
to be soldered. The modchip is deamed the best way to play CDR Copies
for the following reasons:


Modchips are cheaper: $5-$10

After the installation, it's easy to use.
No Swapping
Unless your friends got modchips, the fuckers can't take your games

1) They need to be soldered in. This is a pain for people who can't d
o it
find someone to do it for you, that is what I did.
2) The Game Enhancer is the newbie on the block. A Game Enhancer is sim
a GameShark or a Pro Action Replay with a different BIOS. (A GameShark or Pr
o Action
Replay is kinda like a Game Genie for the PlayStation) The GE allows you to
preform the 'swap trick' easier on the PlayStation. To put it in a nut shell
you force the lid sensor down, put a ORIGINAL CD of YOUR COUNTRY in the PSX.
then hit 'x', it'll power up, then down. Take the CD out, put your copy in
then leave, bamn your game plays.
There is a little bit more effort you have to do to play Multiple CD gam
but it is possible. If someone said you can't, they are fucking lying, tell
to fuck off.
1) No need to solder
2) Portable
3) Even children can use it!

1) You still have to swap
2) It'll wear out your PSX
3) Lost your GE, and you are fuck

4) MultiDisc Games are more Diffi
3) The Swap Trick Trick
The Swap Trick is the original way PSX Copies were played on a PlayStat
It has been succeded to the Modchip & Game Enhancer. It is still used for th
who are too cheap (or dumb) to buy a Modchip or a GE. Please note, Swapping
will eventually damage your PlayStation. Since you are stopping the disc bef
ore it
does stop by itself, you are wearing out the motor, and you may scratch the l
of the PlayStation, or your CDs.
I've decided to expand more on the Swap Trick. There is information
need to know before they decided to do the Swap, or buy a GE. This is how
e Swap
Trick works, in a nutshell. You need 2 CDs, an original Black Bottom CD &
copy you want to play. You use the original Black CD as the source of the


Code & Bad Block Check. This is then read by the PlayStation thinking it's
a legit copy. You then swap the copy in to play. The "swapping" is done a f
times because the PlayStation double checks the Country Code & Bad Blocks a f
times during the boot sequence....
NOW.. This is what Game Enhacer people DON'T TELL YOU. This is yet anot
reason why Swapping SUCKs. The PlayStation reads the TOC from the original C
The table of contents (TOC) is the layout of the CD. This is the reason why
alot of you don't get audio on your games. By reading the TOC of a diff. CD,
playing another, confuses the PlayStation. It would be like if you picked up
a book, read the cover, read the TOC, but then put it down, picked up another
skipped the cover & TOC and started to read. You'd be a bit confused, but yo
would still know what is going on. This is lame...
Those PlayStation games with AUDIO tracks get really fuckign confused.
refuse to work, why other tweak out. If the original CD doesn't have audio
tracks on the TOC, while the copy does, the game may call for TRACK 4 AUDIO
but the TOC goes "ugh.. no.. that isn't here dude". So the game may lock,
but typically it doesn't, it just doesn't play the song. THIS IS THE REASON
people that make GEs advertise the ModChip/GE combo. Not only does it make
them 2x of money, but it avoids this problem. I can offer you a 'quick fix'
for this though....
Find a Source CD that has lots of AUDIO. it can be a DEMO, TombRaider
anything. This will greatly help with games that need to call on audio.
NOTE however, this isn't a 100% fix, you may/will have problems here and ther
but not as bad.
There are rumours floating on the net that there are other ways to play
copies on your PSX. Let me list them, and defeat them now
A) The 'modified' Firmware for a CDR.
This is perhaps the most believed of all the 'phony' ways to play copies
The rumours are like this. With a modified firmware for your CDR, you c
get your CDR to burn the 'bad sectors' on the CD, thus you don't
the modchip. Well, although this should work 'in theory', there
no modified firmware on the Internet. This is the bottom line.
one in their right mind wants to fuck with their $350+ CDR, when
can buy a $5 modchip and just install it like everyone else.


B) A NEW PlayStation CD Copying Software.

This is full of shit. The PlayStation Copy Protection isn't software
based, it is hardware based. There are bad sectors on the CDs which
need to be detected to bypass the copies. There is no such software,
because CDRs are designed to fix the bad sectors. This is a hoax, there
is no such thing, if it is, it doesn't work.

C) The PSX Boot Disc

This is a misunderstood idea. The PlayStation Boot Disc is not intended
to defeat the PSX Copy protection. The PSX BOOT Disc is for those peopl
who have Development PlayStation and create their own programs. This Bo
Disc allows them to boot their programs and play on their PSX, nothing m
D) Reading a PSX Disc in CD+G Format w/ Subcodes
This was the most gayiest piece of shit. Someone said that you can copy
CD, in CD+G format, w/ all Subcodes and it'll work. This is full of shi
t. CD+G
format is the format for Karaoke CDs. Nothing more. Subcodes have to d
o with
audio CDs, and the sectors between them. This was a practicle joke, not
hing more.
2.3 Software Needed to Copy the CDs 2.4
This is yet another common question asked. Here is a list of known CDR
Software that copies PSX CDs the best.

Gear/Gear Replicator

CDRWin is the best all around PSX Copying program. It is the best in CD Dupli
period. You can download a copy @ Be warned, if y
use illegal Serial Numbers, the program will burn bad CDs. Just use the Sharew
version until you get it to work on your system.
Due to people not having THE BALLS TO FUCKING LEARN CDRWIN. I'll have to exp
it to you. Before you join and irc and start to bitch, remember, I had a CDR
when blanks were $10 a piece, and I coastered alot, I really wish someone was
to hold my hand, like I did with you now. So now that CDs are $1, quite your
bitching, if you fuck one up.. oh fucking well.
1) Leaving all the fucking SETTINGS ALONE!! DON'T TOUCH CACHE or ANTHING
2) Fuck with the settings @ your own risk. Once you know what you are doing
fuck with it.
3) The ONLY thing you need to change is the RETRY count. Put as many '9's as
you can in that box.
4) Put your PSX CD in your reader + your Blank in your burner. (Or your PSX
in your burner, then wait, then take it out to put a blank in). Click on
Disk, then like click okay. Leave all the options. Pretty easy huh?

Prassi is another popular software package. It is excellent for copy PSX CDs.
You can get it off the net, search for it. That is why search engines exist.
NERO is a good PSX Copying program. Many people don't like it, because they c
an't multi
task as well if they burn CDs. Try it if you have to.
is where it is.
Gear/Gear Replicator is a last resort. This is a powerful program, but it's a
to understand.
*NOTE- I will *NOT* add help or walkthrus for *ANY* of the CDR Software. If
someone out there is BORED, and would like to do it for any of the above pro
(a better CDRWin would be nice too). Talk to me on iRC + i'll add it and gi
you credit.
3.0 TroubleShooting
3.1 I can't copy game XXXX?!?!?
Bitch.. calmdown, it isn't the end of the world, so shut up and listen. If
you can't copy a game. Try reading the CD slower. There are options in all
good CDR copying programs to set the reading speed slower. Some games (especi
rentals) need to be set slower, i once had to read games @ 1x to do it right.
Take your time . . .and as it burns, go take a shit, go out with friends or so
3.2 I still can't copy it what do I do?
Try using your CDR to read the Disc, and/or clean the ORIGINAL CD, with alcoho
l &
tissue paper. (Wait till it dries first dumbasses). This helps.
3.3 Teach me some 'tricks of the trade'!
Sure n/p. When you burn PSX CDs. Here are some tips. Reading slower is good
In addition, burning slower, is always best. If you find problems burning @ 4
or 8x, then burn slower. If you have to go down to 1x all the time. Well, th
what you gotta do. You aren't supposed to copy PSX CDs.. so that is your trad
e off.
Use good quality CDs so you can burn @ higher speeds. Also, the PlayStation i
needs to be a higher model to read higher burns.
Always, always, make the Image of the PSX CD to your HD, then burn it back to
the CD.
This is the default option in CDRwin. It shouldn't be a big deal. Those who
"But I can burn CD2CD fine!!" Well good fucking for you, you know what you ar
e doing
CD 2 CD is unreliable. It is best to do CD2CD w/ a SCSi reader & a SCSi CDR.
A CD2CD burn can die for any reason, typically, the source CD is fucked, and c

a buffer underrun. So always make an image. Go buy a 32x CDROM.. they are li
ke $50
for an IDE, or like $100 for a SCSi. You can make an image in under 5min. So
you aren't
saving much time going CD2CD.
4.0 CDR Drives & CDR Media
4.1 CDR Drives
What is a good CDR to buy? I only got $125! Save your money. Bottom line,
all big software companies say "... a lower priced IDE drive simply will not
give you the benefits and quality of a higher end SCSI drive.." Thus, save
your money, don't buy that extra burrito at taco bell. There are GOOD IDE
drives out there. Just make sure your CDR Supporst Disc-At-Once recording,
and you'll be fine. The following is a list of the most popular CDRs:

Name / Manufacturer Our Comments


Excellent CDR/The Best/Top of the Line
Same as Plextor/The xxxx Sucks Though



Decent CDR/Will Get the Job Done


Good CDRs & at a Good Price

Good Bit Pricy though



Lameass CDRs Breakdown/Overheat Avoid
Okay/De out/Small LifeSpan

Smart & F. SCSi/IDE MODEls

Variable-> Made by Yamaha/JVC They

Are simply a resold product some rock

some sux ass.

4.2 CDR Media

What is good CDR Media to use? There are various types of CDR Brands that wor
on PlayStation. Some work better than others. Here is a list of typically
brands of Media. Remember, it is up to you to find the best media that works
with your setup. Try to use Blue bottom CDs, and stay away from Gold & Green
bottoms. Note-> Media will vary with different PlayStation models & even
certain PlayStations. They will also vary according to the CDR itself.

Recording Speeds Our Comments

8x, 4x, 2x, 1x
Excellent CDRs/Good 4 all PSX & Speeds
*Verbatim 8x, 4x, 2x, 1x
Excellent CDRs/Good 4 all PSX & Speeds

2x, 1x
Okay CDR/Burn Slow/CDR Not Recommended

2x, 1x
Okay CDR/Burn Slow/Not Recommended

2x, 1x
Medicoare, burn slow for good results
8/4/2/1->Blue 0x/Gold Gold Ones Suck/Blue Excellent but $$
8x, 4x, 2x, 1x
Good CDRs, have good results


2x, 1x
Crappy, but work good @ 2x burning

2x, 1x (Maybe 4x) Seems to be a good medium for PSX

4x, 2x, 1x
Good CDRs, have good results with them

5.0 General Questions

5.1 Can a PlayStation read a CDRW Disc?
It depends on the PlayStation. My 5501 does, yet my older 5501 doesn't.
My friends 5501 does only with certain RW Discs. Thus, some do, some don't,
try it for yourself, you can always erase it.
5.2 Can you send me PlayStation games?
No, fuck off.
5.3 How do you know so much?
I'm GOD!. J/k. I did my own research on this subject, so I know my shit now.
Alot of people fucked w/ me, but now I know my shit. If you think i'm full of
give me proof, and you will be da man. (or da woman).
5.4 How do I make an image of a PSX CD? So I can like send it on the Internet
Bitch.. you should do that.. it's illegal.... but for the 'educational' use.
is how to do it.
CDRwin is the most widely accepted 'trading' program for Images, be them PSX/
so use it. Load CDRWin, and tell it to make a Image to the CD, but NOT burn
The recording options should be shut off now. When it's done. You got an im
age to
send to someone. Name it something you can understand. Like for Resident Ev
call it like "RESEVIL1.BIN" always end it with .BIN PLEASE!
5.5 Coolness!! How do i break it up into RAR junks now though?
Here are two ways, for the Windoez declined + the DOS Inclined.
WinRAR -> Hightlight the .CUE & .BIN of the Image you want to compress.
Click on add to archive. Set your compression (Best is better,
it takes more time, but you have less files, so it sends on the 'Ne
quicker). Set your Directory Size to 64k. This helps with compres
but since Directory Size helps only @ times, set it to the lowest s
o it'll
compress faster. Click on Multimedia Compression + Solid Compressi
on. This
Will really help. Name the RAR, and click 'ok' Now wait...

-> Set these options and save them. "Solid, Multimedia, Best"
At the DOS Prompt type "RAR a -y -m5 -v20000 <Filename.RAR> <name o
f bin.BIN> <name of cue.CUE>

5.6 What is this .SFV file? What is this .NFO file?

The NFO file, is from the group that released it. Type typical groups are:
Carnage, ConsoleX, DVNPSX, Kalisto, Paradox, & WackyISO. These tell you if
the game is JAPAN/USA/EUROPE & if it's NTSC/PAL. In addition, it gives you
comments about the game, the # of Discs # of rars etc.
The SFV file is special... This file contains the text for the CRC Check
for the rars of the PSX CD. You should run SFV on the rars to make sure
they all work before you unrar. Then you know if they are good. To use
this, you need SFV32.EXE. If you are nice, and not a dick, (or a bitch if
you are female), then someone will send it to you. It's pretty simple,
just click on 'valitate' and highlight the files you need to check. Make sure
the .SFV is in the same dir as the rars.
5.7 I've copied other games before, but i can't copy xxx!!??
Try everything that is listed here. If you still can't do it it's because
A) Your Source CD is fux0red!
B) Your CDROM Reader is fucked
C) Your CDR Sux
D) You are a 'fucking moron' hehe
My answer, *EVERY* PlayStation game is copyable. Try it with another Source
CD. If you still can't do it, go fucking buy it and stop being a crying bitch
just cuz you can't copy Pac-Man
5.8 Copying CD to CD
CD to CD copying is copying from your source CD on the Fly to your Blank Dis
I'd recommend you *NOT* to do this. Especially if you are new to this. For t
who are just striaght up dumb (or those few of you who know what they are doin
Go for it. I advise you use a SCSi CDROM + a SCSi CDR however. CDRWin will
also do CD2CD burns. There isn't an advantage anymore for CD2CD really. If
you have a good CDROM reader, you can make an image in under 5min, which
isn't saving you much time. In CDRWin you can set it so it deletes the image
after the burn is done. Copying the CD to an Image file on the HD, then back
to a CD is the most efficient and best way in the game. Many, many variables
can coaster your CD. A bad CDROM reader or CDR, a scratched or bad source CD
etc..etc can cause you to coaster on a CD 2 CD burn.
6.0 Emulation & Emulators
6.1 Emulators in General & Types
An Emulator is a program (some times hardware) which mimics a specific
machine on another. A PlayStation Emulator will play PlayStation games
on a computer. Here is a quick list of popular emulators that run on a
Emulator Program
Genecyst / KGen
NESticle / FWNES

- What Console it Emulates


Sega Master System & GameGear Emulator

Sega Genesis
GameBoy Emulator
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

PSEmu Pro/ Bleem

- Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

- Nintendo 64
- Sony PlayStation

6.2 Bleem
Bleem is an upcoming *COMMERCIAL* Sony PlayStation Emulator for the PC.
It is not yet released, but there is a 'leaked' beta floating around
the Internet. It can commonly be found on WebSites/FTPs/iRC
Bleem is a good emulator, you can't save your game, or play Sound Effects
Yet. The FINAL Commercial version will have this supported, *BUT*
you will have to pay for it and it will not work on Copied PlayStation
Bleem's URL is
6.3 PSEmu Pro
PSEmu Pro is one of the first ever Sony PlayStation Emulators for the PC
It has come along way, and it's a good emulator. It, like Bleem plays
a wide variety of games. PSEmu Pro supports 3D Acceleration, saving and
many other features. I suggest you get both Bleem & PSEmu Pro if you want
to toy with PSX Emulation. You should also know that one of PSEmu's great
feaures is it's plugin support. Which allows various devices to be update
by other users. There is 3D Accerlation, and various Input Plugins. Ther
is also a Plugin which allows you to run BIN/CUE from DAO/CDRWin!!
6.4 Virtual Game Station
Virtual Game Station is a Sony PlayStation Emulator for the Macintosh.
The Mac G3 is the preferred sytem to run it on. Unless you got a MacnCrap
computer, don't bother. VGS is similar to Bleem in that it's *COMMERCIAL*
and that it needs ORIGINAL CDs to play games.
NOTE- These emulators aren't perfect, and not all games run on them. So befor
you think you can both not pay for games, and not pay for the system, you are
wrong, besides, it's best on a PSX. Dual Shock/GameShark/Commslink Etc.. kick
7.0 PlayStation VCD Addon
This is an addon periphal for the PlayStation. It plugs in the back of yo
PSX. It plugs into the serial and Audio/Video connector in the back, whic
h in
turn gets plugged into the TV. This little addon allows you to play VCD (
CDs) on your PlayStation. This DOES NOT.. I REPEAT DOES NOT, play DVDs.
8.0 Various WebSites
8.1 General Information
- PlayStation Copy Protection
- PlayStation Copying

- PlayStation in General
8.2 Ordering ModChips & Game Enhancers (GE)
- Modchips
- Game Enhancers
8.3 Ordering Blank CDR Media
8.4 CDR Cover/Labels

Copyright and Usage Conditions:
Anyone who wishes to post this FAQ on a Web page or some other Internet
or non Internet resource may do so providing the FAQ is left in its
ORIGINAL form and the work is not credited as your own. You may do
whatever the fuck you want to do with this FAQ. Just remember, I wrote
it, so go ahead & cut n paste it to death. Mine was out first, so people
know you just copied it.
This F.A.Q. is intenended for those people who want to BACKUP their PlayStation games, so they do not Damage their originals. If you don't own
the original CD, it's against the law . . .

9.0 PlayStation SWAP FAQ

<---Snip Taken from the PSX Swaping FAQ -->

Please check the table below to determine what Swap Method is best for
your particular machine. NB: the Double method will work on ALL models
of the PlayStation but is NOT very easy to do so I have only listed it
if your machine ONLY supports this method and no other.
Model Number

Country of Origin

Swap Trick?


[Initial batch]
[Second batch]
[Initial batch]
[Second batch]
[Third batch]
[Initial batch]
[S/N 592xxx or higher] * USA
[Initial batch]
[Second batch]
[Development machine]

Yes, all
Yes, black
Yes, black
Yes, double
Not known
Yes, all
Yes, double
Yes, all
Yes, double

* S/N = serial number, importantly linked to date of manufacture.

There are five methods which allow you to use almost ANY PlayStation CD
in ANY PlayStation, regardless of origin. I have yet to hear of any
hardware damage using these methods although this doesn't mean that it
hasn't happened. Please understand NOT all PlayStations are created the
The five methods are detailed below (one very easy, three quite easy and
one difficult.) Various terms are used below, please be sure you know
exactly what they mean before attempting any of the swap methods:
A CD which is intended for your region, most likely bought at a local
store. The pack-in demo CD is a "local" disc.
Any CD which contains territory information other than that of the host
machine. Japanese, European and Australian CDs are all foreign if you
have a US machine.
It is important to note that running a PAL (Australia, Europe) on your
NTSC machine (US, Japan) or vice versa can cause display problems.
Take this into consideration when buying/using imports. See below for
possible solutions.

The Read Only Memory section of your PlayStation where the different
country protection routines are stored.
Designed for listening to audio CDs or the audio tracks stored on PS
CD-ROMs but also provides a handy backdoor for swap trick-ers.
A small button shaped object located near the CD tray at the rear on the
right hand side. Indicates to the PlayStation whether the lid is open or
closed and essential for any swap trick.
The White screen is the initial screen that appears on bootup and the
Black screen is the first thing to appear when you boot a valid CD-ROM.
METHOD ONE: The Audio Menu [Safe and very easy]
-----------------------------------------------Works on : Very early Japanese, European and American machines.
Success : 80%
Problems : Music is often corrupted. The TOC (Table of Contents)
from the boot CD is always used which is less than ideal.
o Power up your PlayStation WITHOUT a game or demo CD in it.
o Select the CD Audio menu.
o Get a local CD that matches the country of the machine you
have. (ie a Japanese game for a Japanese PlayStation etc.)
o Find some tape, Blu-Tak or something similar. Several people I know
have found the corner from a cornflake packet works well <shrug>.
o Open the lid and look at the top right of the bottom section,
near where the hinge is. See the small circle in the groove?
Good. This is the lid sensor.
o Insert your local CD.
o Put the tape, Blu-Tak or whatever over the sensor and *gently*
push it down. The CD will now spin for a few seconds.
o When the CD has finished spinning take it out and replace it
with the foreign game you wish to play.
o Now shut the lid and exit the CD Audio menu. The game should
now work fine (see above for exceptions.)
o When you have finished playing, open the lid and remove the
tape, Blu-Tak etc from the sensor. This will stop the CD.


Try and get a local CD with as many tracks on it as you can.

The local CD must have at least as many tracks as the foreign CD
or you won't get all the music. Depending on the boot CD the
foreign game may give poor results or even crash.
Unfortunately the number of music tracks is NOT the only deciding
factor (the length of the data track is another) and you may find
that you are unable to get your foreign game to work satisfactorily
with the choice of boot CDs you have. See the other methods, they
may give better results.


Owners of Japanese SCPH-1000 (later batch), SCPH-3000 machines and

later European/US models will find that this method does NOT
work. Sony has removed this particular loophole in the latest ROM

iii You can ONLY run PAL games on NTSC machines if you have an RGB
cable (not s-video, composite or ANYTHING else.) This also
applies to NTSC games on a PAL machine. In Europe this problem
is easily solved by investing in an import spec RGB/SCART cable
as sold for use with Japanese/US PlayStations. In North America,
Australia etc you will need to look into the options available to
you (an old or expensive monitor, probably.) I understand a cable
for 1084 monitors will shortly be available in the US.
METHOD TWO: The OLD Black Method [Fairly safe and easy]
-------------------------------------------------------Works on : All early machines, see above for meaning of "early".
Success : 85%
Problems : Most games will work albeit sometimes with music glitches
or unexpected crashes.
o Follow the Audio method with a local CD in your machine. The lid
should be up and the lid sensor held down.
o When the black PlayStation screen appears (after the white Sony one)
QUICKLY lift the original game out and replace with the foreign one.
You have a few seconds to do this and it soon becomes second nature.
o If you must have the music working 100% or have a really stubborn
foreign game then try the NEW Black method detailed below.
METHOD THREE: The NEW Black Method [Fairly safe but tricky]
-----------------------------------------------------------Works on : The same machines that can do the OLD Black trick.
Success : 100%
Problems : Not supported by all models.
o This method is a variant on the White Audio menu method but involves
an extra step where you basically "piggy back" the OLD Black method
onto the White Audio menu hybrid.

o Try and get a local CD with lots of music tracks as this gives you a
little extra time to perform the first swap.
o Go to the Audio menu and press down the sensor, remove the local CD
just before the audio tracks pop up and replace with the foreign CD.
The foreign CD's tracks should appear and NOT those of the local CD.
o Replace the boot CD and exit the CD Audio menu.
o At the Black screen, replace the import CD as in the original method.
The territory information that normally appears before the TM at the
Black screen will be corrupted, this is normal.
METHOD FOUR: The White Method(s) [Fairly safe but tricky]
---------------------------------------------------------Works on : The same very early models that can do the Audio method.
Success : 100%
Problems : Not supported by all models.
o Switch on your machine and count 1..2..3..4 and THEN swap discs. You
need to do this *JUST* before the white Sony screen appears. The
timing is tough, you want the PS to read the country code but NOT the
TOC so don't expect to get it right every time.
o Another variation is to use a hybrid Audio Menu swap trick: remove the
boot CD and replace it with the "foreign" game just after the original
country code is read and before the TOC. Many people find this method
easier then the original White method.
If you have performed the swap correctly then the import CD audio tracks
will be shown NOT those of the local CD.
METHOD FIVE: The Double Swap Method [Fairly safe but pretty tricky]
-------------------------------------------------------------------Works on : All PlayStations to date, including the latest models.
Success : 100%
Problems : Do not kid yourself, this method IS difficult. The end
result is well worth it (especially if you have no other
I can NO LONGER accept any more questions on this method, everything you
need to know is here. Please, please do not e-mail me asking for help.

1x and 2x refer to the CD motor speed (single speed and double speed),
watch a few of your games boot up with the lid open and you can easily
see and hear the "gear changes". To get full music timing is highly
critical otherwise the original TOC is used.
o Insert your local CD.
o Remove the local CD when the motor changes to 2x and replace it
with your foreign CD.
[If you did this right, you *SHOULD* see the black PS screen now.]
o Watch and listen to the CD motor. It will slow down and then
speed back up to 2x.
o After a few seconds, the CD motor will slow down again. Replace
with your local CD once again.
o After another half second or so, the local CD will speed up again.
Finally replace your foreign CD.
<---Snip Taken from the PSX Swaping FAQ -->