Our Father ALLAH
Aroundthistime,he met
a brother named James Howard, who we know as Old Man Justice. He became ALLAH's closest associate.
During this time, he went through the ranks of the

Allah was born Clarence Smith on February, 22, 1928, in DanviHe,VA. He was their fifth son.
ALLAH's mother was


BilaI, kbar, I-Salaam, A A




AI-Jamel. They called ALLAH <!TheFather', because many of them were products of broken
homes. rne fll'St nine born were each required

seeking employment, so in the early 1940's she


moved to New York qty. She rented an apartment in Harlem, and in 1946,ALLAH came to live with her. He began to do oddjobs to keep money in his
pocket, however, he became interested in gambling, and grew to love it. He especially loved pool.



Yorkto meethim.

Nation oflslam, he became a lieutenant. Soon the Honorable Elijah Muhanunad heard of ALLAH, and came from Chicago to New


man namedCarlosmade
an attempt on ALLAH's life, by shooting him with a high-powered rifle In the basement on 127th Street. ALLAH

to teach 10 other youths. Soon. they became known as "The 5%" or "ALLAH's Five Percenters" In December of 1964, a

ALLAH came to the realization that the culture ofIslam should not be taught as a religion. The N.OJ.



Also in J946, ALLAH met WiHeenJowers, who was 17 years old at the time. They had two sons together, A-Allah born in 1949, and B-Allah born in 1951. Yet, he ended up marrying another



taught that W.D. Fard was god-Allah. In a sense, the nation's members worshipped him. However, the lessons made reference to the blackman being God. ALLAH realized


thatbe himselfwas indeedGod.
He left the N.O.I. on notso-good terms. A brother named Abu Shahid went with him. With the lessons we study today, he went back to the streets of Harlem. His focus was on the youth.
SUpr<one Mathematics.

and they had four children: Clarence, Peny, Christine, and Debra. In 1950, ALLAHjoined the anny, and went to go fight in the Korean war. . Duringthe war he was


. A

survived the shooting On May, 31,1965 ALLAH was speaking at a rally in ftont of the Hotel Theresa. Two policemen attempted to break up the rally. ALLAH and several others were arrested for unlawful assembly, and disorderly conduct. At ALLAH's arraignment he told the judge that they were wrong for accusing the righteous of being trouble makers, and that as a result the city would

After representing himself, newas held on $9,500 bond. Later in September, the judge
ordered that ALLAH be

occasions. He ultimately returned with a outstanding service record.

anda SupremeAlphabet
were created. He began to teach the young that society had given up on.
ALLAH taught a young


While he was in Korea, his wife Dorajoined The Nation ofIslam, which

blackseed first, and named him Karriem. He eventually became

placed in the psychiatric unit a Bellevue Hospital.

was under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He too joined Temple #7, in Harlem, under Minister
Malcolm X.


Black Messiah. Soon eight more brothers came to ALLAH to become the first nine born:
Karriem, Kihiem, AlJabbar, Nihiem, UhTD'Q.


While in BeHevue, ALLAH continued to teach that the blackman was God. The doctors ?Oughta court order that
landed ALLAH in
Mattawan State Hospital

" f



for the clinically insane.

He still taught that the
bIackman was God. e



ALLAH's killer vv-as mever brought to justice.


16,1969 a


While ALLAH was in Mattawan, his Nation continued to groW; and in April 00967, The five Percenters held their first Rally in Mt. Morris Pmk. to welcome ALLAH home. Also in 1967, 1he Mayor of New York. John'V. Lindsay requested the help of ALLAH when racial tension arose in CroVVll HeightsIBrooklyIL A meeting took place on May, 11, 1967. ALLAH met the mayor's aid, Bany Gotherer. Mr. Gotherer attended the Rally held on the "last Sunday in May. Soon a buil~ was secured ar. 126= Street & 7th Avenue. Thus, our school \\--asbuilt The Street Academy opened in July of1%7. On April, 5, 1968; Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in MemPhis Tennessee. Riots were breaking out all over the city. With the help of Tl1eFive percent, they stopped a lot of rioting. ALLA.q received public

fmieral was held for ALLAH at the Unity Funeral Chapel in Harle1n. 400+ people attended the service. The funeral procession


beganin Harlem,with

seven busloads of Five Percenters. h ended in Hartsdale. NY. Where ALLAH was cremated, at the Femcliff Cemetery. fnlen ALLAH WIIS JdJJed p/tysklJl1y, 1ItIlRJ1 t/umgbt thIlt this 1MI'ked the end of the FIVePercen1 Nation. None-tk4-less. OIUN4tion is growing & building neryday.



(1'o~ CP1'tbn.-vL4.)





recognitionfor be..iping
to maintain peace. On the night of June, 12, 1969. ALLAH was speaking at his Street Academy- He sPOke well into t.~emo~ M~w


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