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7 Trumpets and Present Day Truths

I was pondering many things last night as I was going to sleep when, as He
always does, I could feel the sweet tug of my Lord in my heart, wanting to
share so much more. He began connecting so many beautiful things
together. I had pondered much on sending out the last writing, as I felt it
may be misunderstood, and I am considering just putting the writings that
go deeper up on the web where I keep them and not sending them out.
I can only imagine the ridicule and utter amazement from some who read to
their own damnation, by mocking these great things.
As in ages gone by, we see so many wonderful things spoken and written by
Men of God and that making them the Testators of that Testament they were
given, it coming to power and effectiveness after they depart this world, so
it is that those who mock now, will in time not be allowed once this
testament comes into effect. The open door to being one with this message
is while the testator lives to have faith. The Parents always laying up for the
In going back to the rise of the person in charge of the current government,
we see the propaganda that was made during the running was one of
Change. We see the parents being of American and African descent,
showing the coming together of Light and Darkness. This means the closing
of the door to the Gentile. As long as there is separation, we have a rent
veil, a clear defining of good and evil, making the road to salvation so very
clear. When we see them come together in compromise, we find a blurred
image of obscure darkness of gray and no clear path to salvation. This of
course means a reverse of what took place on the Mount of Transfiguration,
as Christ stood between Moses and Elijah, showing the way to salvation and
the door open in heaven. Now we see the Christ, the Image being removed
and the tribulation of the Two Prophets coming.
This means the end of Grace and the Law coming back in, causing the Body
to come into view and bringing about the Change of The Body, or what we
call the Adoption of the purchased possession.
We spoke of how this current person in charge would come in as a light in
their first term, but would change and become much more dark in their

second term. This has proven to be true. We see the anti type of the
changed body and the closing of the door, we see the posters appearing in
a communistic artwork of change and we see him being called the first Gay
President, with a rainbow about His head, then we see during his time the
White House being lit up with the rainbow colors. We find during his term a
sudden onslaught against Christianity around the world, an uprising in the
Muslim Nations and attacks against the Law or Policemen here in the US.
Eliminating the Law as He has bypassed Congress and making Himself God.
This all showing an Anti Christ, a period of Bad Government.
So much more can be said about the death of Osama Bin Laden, the six
seals who carried this out, the burial of his body at sea, like a Judas going to
a bottomless pit. Tying back into Sept. 11th 2001 and the pulling down of
the two pillars of the world, light going out and darkness coming in. Now we
see the elections and a man named Trump showing a typical Coming of
the Lord after the Tribulation reaches its climax. His name being John and
Trump we see the Trump of the Lord sounding as it did unto John on the
Isle of Patmos. Even him coming to the Island where I am, is astounding. We
hear in the news that Seven of His Trump Hotels were hacked into. The
Hotels having to do with the Rest of the Lord and also with the time of sleep.
So we say when someone hacks a system, they have retrieved information,
an unknown mystery, has now been made known. So we find 7 Trumps
being made known. The secrets of sleep or death being revealed.
We find this current weather here in my state of South Carolina, being
Historic and saying it is Once in a Thousand Years. We seen Graves once
more coming up from the Earth. Hitting the Charleston area and the
Columbia area, going back to a resurrection of the headship, even the
weather people saying over 11 Trillion gallons fell and was enough rain to
totally end the entire California Drought. We could say a lot about that, but
to stay on track and not get too detailed, lets move on. We see the many
school shootings, which have become a common thing in this nation,
beginning with a place called Columbine. We find Guns being used to
massacre the Children. Guns having to do with the Thunders, as they are a
Rod of Iron and making the Boom of Thunder sound. The schools and
colleges typing the educational tree of knowledge also showing the age of
tribulation. The Thunders is what brings the Tribulation, to the Tree of
Knowledge World of the Carnal Mind. We find in it also Guns type the
serpent climbing into the upper lintels, bringing death to the soul of men.

We find the church in Charleston being massacred, by the one named

Storm. Causing the Confederate Flag to be removed from this state as well
as around the nation. That flag typing the Cross of Calvary, showing the end
of Calvary, the Cross and Grace being over, also it shows as Grace was what
keeps the Body and Spirit separate in death, is now being removed, ending
the death period of the 2 days of death bringing in a resurrection from the
dead, even as it is said, The South is gonna rise again. Showing the South
as a Bodily perspectives being dead coming back to life, as we find once
they remove the Cross, suddenly enormous rains falling. Them calling the
Charleston Church shooting, the shot heard around the world. This going
back to the first shot named as such in S.C. that began the death period of
the South as the War began at Fort Sumter in S.C. We have spoken in more
detail about all of this in our other writings.
Let us also mention after the Israeli Prime Minister comes to speak before
Congress showing the changed body, and the rapture of the church, next we
find who but the Pope or Anti Christ coming to the same place standing
where He ought not. Satan personifying himself after the Church is gone.
The US and Russia coming to butt heads in Syria, recalling the vision of the
serpent and the bear.
We find the Gays coming into power by the SCOTUS. This showing the
empowering of perversion or Anti Christ being given His time to rule. It also
indicates in its anti type God from Heaven the true Supreme Court,
empowering the Bodily Change to being Wit or adopted in. Even in my own
personal life, things happening clearing showing the time of bodily
redemption is at hand, things which I will not bring about at this time.
However, if you knew, your mouth would drop open in amazement at such
incredible things.
Some say, Well you sure have a mind that can see the types and shadows.
They say it to belittle the Lord, as the Lord sees their hearts and they shoot
at these writings by saying this is just the type and shadows, not the
spiritual things. Yet I tell you all through these writings about the change of
the body and the redemption of the body and the closing of the door and on
and on, and I stop and think, some must be so blind, to think this is but the

types and shadows. Of course it is, along with the spiritual understanding of
what is taking place in the spirit world. So you may ask, well what is taking
place in the spirit world? I would say, Have you not seen nor heard even as
of yet? The Lord from Heaven is descended into the Body, to bring about the
Change and reveal the Thunders, and is bringing in the Law of Adoption,
making the Spirit and Body One. He is closing the Door to the Gentiles,
Opening the Door to the Jews and is preparing the Kingdom of Anti Christ to
be burned. Watch Israel, Watch the Pope, Watch the daily events of the
world and this screams at you what the Lord is doing. We teach you of
spiritual things using the types and shadows, for your sake, so your mind
can be transformed. So that the types and shadows will further serve as a
positive proof of those things, till we can come of age in maturity to see
these things, without the types and shadows. If we never heard of the
events in the world, we would still know what our Lord was doing because
He talks to us and shares them with us.
I was wanting to use this as a platform of sorts to go into a much deeper
writing, but feel to begin that writing after this one. I will leave this one as a
testifying of sorts of the events that clearly show where we are at in
revelation and the end of the world. I may from this point on not share
future writings as they have reached such a climax of depth, that being the
lack of response I have gotten from past writings and hearing through the
grapevine of others mocking these things, it may be best to not share them
for now. I will leave you with this thought however as a clue, from our sweet
Before the beginning, God was not God.
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