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When God Was Not 2

When we hear the sentence, as it has been spoken to us,

God has veiled Himself in darkness.
We see Light has been veiled in darkness.
What this means is, is that God who is a Spirit, which is the great
eternal mind and thoughts of omniscience, has verily clothed
Himself in the endless array of all that exist, or what we call
"existence", also known as "Creation".
So we see the known and unknown universe and all its dimensions
is God.
So in that we term "Darkness" in the sense of "Creation", then we
easily see what was the darkness in the beginning.

It was God. God was and is Creation. As we have said in a previous

writing, darkness is what it is, it is only changed according to the
light. Light can change the shape and form of the darkness, as
darkness is subject to light.
All creation is made up of elements, that can not be destroyed, only
rearranged. As we have said fire destroys the form or appearance
of some type of object, but the original elements always remain. So
we see, in that elements cannot be destroyed, then they are
eternal as well.

When we say, God veiled Himself, it was not that He was a certain
thing and then He changed Himself via the process of time into
another thing. No, He has always been exactly what He was and is.
Creation. Christ was the only man to whom this darkness we call
creation ever fully without measure revealed itself unto.

This explains why Paul said, that which was "natural came first,
then that which was spiritual". We see from Genesis, that there was
darkness first, then came forth the command for "light to shine out
of the darkness". This means for Spirit or Understanding, what we
may say the "spirit of revelation" to come forth and begin to unveil
the darkness of creation, a rent veil, that has happened, to cause
spiritual, divine, comprehension, to be made know or manifest.

So in this sense we see Light, overlapping the darkness, as what is

the "Object of Creation" begins to be unveiled and comprehended
and understood, that light has shown forth from the darkness,
through the rent veil of divine glory and hath caused to be
recorded onto the film of the soul of man, the existence of God.
God using spiritual unveiled light to strike the film of the soul of
man, by means of contrast of light and dark that uses faith as its
writing instrument so it snaps the image the light has shown from
the object via the divine light and produced a negative on the film
of mans mind or soul. In this sense, we then say, God is now
become existent. Like the old adage of if a tree falls in the forest
and no one hears it, did it fall. It is what we loosely term as an
"oxymoron", or a question that cannot be answered because it does
not exist, so it cancels itself out. We say from past memory or
knowledge that we know trees do fall in forest and if we was there,
we seen and heard it. However if we say we have never been to the
forest and never heard or seen a tree fall, then we would never
know to ask such a question. This if a tree did fall and we never
knew of such a thing as a tree falling, then did the tree actually
fall? No, because as to us in our minds it has never come into our
mind of such a thing as a tree falling, as it has never been formed
to come into existence in our minds as to being recorded on our
film. Like we said of an invisible ghost that has never revealed
itself. Unless it does so, we will never know of its existence. So we
can nver know of what is unknown, till that which is unknown
makes itself known, then once it is revealed, it is comprehended,
and thus a recording of its existence upon the Law of the Film.

So before God was revealed as to being God, he was not God as to

a terminology of defining and never had His presence been
recorded, as there was not yet light to contrast that darkness to
snap the image upon the film. So we see the invisible unknown non
existent God, using light to reveal himself, and thus recording
himself as he does so so that He is substantiated as God eternally.
If suppose He reveled Himself via Light and there was no recording
of the light revealing the darkness of creation, then there once
more would be no purpose of light to reveal. So light has to reveal
and what it reveals has to be recorded, for what is recorded is what
we call existence. We have darkness and light and now the
negative film to record it with. Then we take that negative and
process it through intellectual defining of the red light of carnality,
which basically is the film itself and apply the blueprint of Calvary
as the Master Key of unlocking the film and via the hidden invisible
light that changed places with us, out comes the new Positive or
the True Image of Light or the actual Picture.

Now when we consider this, in the light of Adam in the Garden and
Christ at Calvary, we can easily see the darkness, the film and the
light and the actual true Image.
So when we see the old story of the man discovering the genie and
the lamp, we can grasp a great revelation. We know the genie or
the darkness of creation is God. And via the Word or the Lamp
comes divine Light of revelation and the Man who has the lamp by
divine comprehension is also God, because the Genie has subjected
itself to the Man, and the Man to receive Light must humbly submit
to this God. We know the Genie is all powerful as we say God the
Father is. Yet when He has subjected Himself to the Light and Faith
of the Man Christ Jesus, then we see By His Light of Faith, that God
has submitted Himself unto, this makes the Man Christ Jesus God
also. So we see Darkness as God, we see Light is God, and we see
the Film of recording is God and the produced positive Image of

Now we also view the negative film as being Satan. This is true in
one view. But we know Satan is just the shadow or the in between
realm of the unknown to the known, from the mystery to the
revelation, from the child to the adult.

So based upon this and so many other revelations, we see the soul
is the negative film and it is Satan in our first birth. We are holding
truth in unrighteousness, we have changed truth into a lie by our
first born state of unbelief.
Once we come to the Calvary of our Life, then a change takes place.
Now see the film in this view, it is no longer a negative film of
Satan, it is now the changed and true image of Christ Himself. You
have now become the Man Christ Jesus. You was Adam and now you
are Christ. You was darkness and now you are light. As your body
was in the image of the negative film and the perverted image was
projected upon the body by the moonlight of the soul, we find since
Calvary and the New Birth, the Body is now the True Image itself
and is the Positive and can never die anymore! Eternal Light from
the Christ hath shined into the dark negative of the Soul and
corrected the perverted image from the fall and raised Man back to
the Image of Christ. This once again proves that when was born
again, that our body was changed right then to be His Eternal Body
and Image.

So to make this more simple to understand, God was darkness,

before He was revealed by the Light, as He was the Light as well,
this Light in contrasting with the darkness, revealed the object of
creation, which automatically caused that Creation to become the
Negative Film itself. All of Creation being recorded by
comprehension of invisible spiritual light. This this was how God
the Light in that sense became veiled in the darkness. In the film
which had to come first, we find creation is now bound and

imprisoned in the negative view first. God knew and allowed this to
happen. This was why He made Adam. This was why and what the
Tree of Knowledge was in the Garden. It was the Film. The Film was
the darkside or negative of Creation or of Calvary, the Hinder Part
of God. This was what Moses was seeing and revealing to the Jews.
It made them the Tree of Knowledge and the Serpent as to the
recorder. So they became the negative. So they had to suffer and
go into the darkness and be outcast and be made sin. It was
inevitable. Grace came and caused the film to be revealed, as to
the very image itself, bringing about from a different view the
knowledge of the truth to the Gentiles. However this makes the
Gentile sin, by knowing very truth itself and rejecting it, while
shielding the Jew as they only seen in part as to they only seen the
negative and not the very image itself.

When can view this in so many other dimensions and bring this out
on so many other levels, it is endless. I hope this addition helps
further opens our eyes and establishes truth in our hearts of the
greatness and wisdom of God Almighty, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen

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Thank You,
Patrick Nichols