September 4, 2007 The statement below validates the fraudulent internet vacation rental activity and the physical

threat on myself and those of my family from a person identified as, “Rolland Knight”. On January 30, 2007, via the Internet, I initiated my family’s search for a vacation rental flat in Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom. I discovered one consistent Knightsbridge vacation flat rental advertisement appearing on many websites, some which included, but are not limited to,,, and The advertisement was from “Rolland Knight, Owner”. I chose to response to the advertisement on a reputable website, VacationRentals (Listing #18094). This website was chosen because we have rented other vacation homes through it and it personally has our family vacation rental home advertised of it. We have been very pleased with the results. Via the website’s request form, I immediately contacted the owner, Rolland Knight, to confirm the availability of the flat’s rental period of June 5 through June 8, 2007, with a possible 4-day extension until June12, 2007 once we arrived. An email and telephone relationship was established between him and me. The rental dates were available and confirmed. The agreed rental costs for 3 adults were $42.85 (USD) per adult per night, refundable damage deposit of $200 and cleaning fee of $60.00. The given address for the 3-bedroom, 2 bath apartment was 56 Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3. On February 2, 2007(via email), Rolland Knight attached a booking form to his email and requested payment in less than four days of receiving the booking form. He notified me his agent manager, Nelson Siyabonga, “preferred receiving payment via Western Union, money transfer or money gram”. Mr. Nelson Siyabonga would be picking up the money at Western Union and for me not to request Western Union to require any personal ID information of Mr. Siyabonga, but to include a text question of” What Colour” and the “Text Answer” is Red. After many attempts of contacting Rolland Knight by phone (and he gave me many, many different phone numbers on each occasion), I finally reached a person claiming to be “Rolland Knight” and I expressed my unsettling concern about sending money outside the US by Western Union or by wire transfer. He reassured me he has collected many funds from clients from Vacation with no problems. I told him I would get back to him. By phone, I immediately contacted the owners of, Richard and Michelle to confirm whether or not Rolland Knight’s website had any scam

complaints. Both owners checked their records and reassured me that no complaints had been registered. On February 6, 2007 I wired $701.65 USD via Western Union (MTCN: 480-714-8020) and required Western Union to retrieve a legal passport ID number on Nelson Siyabonga prior to releasing any funds (February 8, 2007, Nottingham office, UK). The money was collected. Rolland Knight notified me that we would be picking up the flat’s key at Mr. Siyabonga’s flat at 34 Basil Street and Mr. Siyabonga would take us to the flat and go over any questions we might have. On May 31, 2007, I emailed Mr. Knight and reminded him to notify Mr. Siyabonga we would be arriving on the rental day and wanted to insure Mr. Siyabonga would be at his home to provide us with a key. My husband and I flew to Scotland on May 31. The plan was to pick up my University of Glasgow student daughter and all three of us were to fly to London and arrive June 5th. Many attempts were made to Mr. Knight but were received with no response. We continued our vacation plans. We flew to London with luggage in hand, went to the given address, only to discover that the flat’s address was nonexistent and to have the mailman smile and say, the address given you is the location of Harrods’s department store. He also confirmed Mr. Siyabonga address was nonexistent. After checking into a hotel (that charged three times the amount we would have been paying for the flat), we immediately went to the Kensington Police Station to report the fraud. Although the Metropolitan Police Department said they were familiar with the fraud they couldn’t report the scam… it was a civil matter. Shortly returning to our hotel we connected our computers and checked our emails. On a June 1, 2007, an email from Rolland Knight arrived, he writes, “sorry, the apartment has been sold.I could send you your money back soon.” No return communications were made after that email from Rolland Knight. Upon our return to the United States, I met with personnel from the FBI, Secret Service, National Fraud Information Center, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to gather additional information on the internet communications addresses and other information requested. I emailed Mr. Knight and told him I am going to close down his scam and fraudulent activity the best way I knew how. I notified each website owners of which he advertised on, told the owners of the fraud and one-by-one the owners removed his advertisement. This action apparently angered Rolland Knight. On June 15, 2007, Rolland Knight emailed me, threatening to do physical harm to my family members, that threat was followed by a phone call stating, “No more investigations if you and your family

want to live. Then the person hangs up. Harassing telephone hang-ups continued for about one month at my work number, primary and vacation home number. My call ID registered “Unknown” for the party’s number. This or these persons have obviously conducted many frauds throughout this past year using the Internet as their vehicle to con vacationers. If required, I would be upmost cooperative in supporting the arrest and conviction of Rolland Knight and Nelson Siyabonga and to insure the sentence is upheld. Sincerely, Diana Walker 9756 Caminito Joven San Diego, California 92131 (858) 775-6163