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Workout Details

222-407 calories
37 minutes
Level 3
Not all cardio workouts need to be intense. Especially on days where you are wor
king on sore and/or tired muscles from a particularly hard HIIT or Strength Trai
ning routine, having a lower impact routine is very important. A less intense ca
rdio routine will allow you to still get your workout in, without taxing your bo
dy to the point where you re-damage already sore, recovering muscle tissue.
A common mistake for many of those new to exercise, or coming back after a long
break, is to push themselves to hard for too long. When first getting back into
a routine it can be very easy to convince yourself to push through muscle sorene
ss hoping to get to your goals sooner, but not allowing yourself to rest by eith
er taking a day off or at least by doing low intensity workouts on "rest days" c
an easily wear your body down to the point of injury. When it comes to your fitn
ess goals be sure to look at them as a life long choice rather than a quick fix.
This routine is specifically made for beginners and those who want to workout bu
t have sore muscles that they need to be easy on. With this video you can choos
e your level of intensity by how quickly you move and how much effort you put in
to each movement. This allows even the beginner to customize the intensity to ma
tch their needs as well as allowing the veteran exerciser to still get in a good
sweat without overtaxing recovering muscles.
Though this routine is designed to be lower intensity it still does a very good
job burning calories. Because of the total body motions incorporated into this p
rogram you can expect to burn anywhere from 6 calories per minute on the low end
, to 11 calories per minute on the high end. This gives you an impressive 222 to
407 total calories burnt in this 37 minute workout video.
We have included the exercise list used in this video, below.
Warm Up: (30 seconds each)
March in Place
Jog in Place
Torso Twists
Row + Lateral Step
Deep Squat
Workout Structure: 40 seconds each exercise with 15 sec jog/boxer shuffle in-bet
ween each exercise. Do alternating sets of each group of two exercises for a tot
al of two sets per exercise.
Slow Burpee
Jumping Jack
Lateral Step And Reach
Ventral Jacks
High Knee Pause
Fly Jacks
Bicycle Crunch
Lunge Jack (Alternating lunge, when in lunge hands at front ankle, stand wit
h hands over head)
Plank Slaps
Stutter Jack (regular JJ motion but pause three times bottom, top and half w

ay on the way up and down)

Lateral Hops
High Knee Jack (hands clap under thigh every time knee goes up, alternating)
Side Leg Raise w/ Oblique Crunch
Plank with Rear Leg Raise
Toe Touch Kick (alternating)
Jumping Jack
Cool Down: (20 seconds each)
Lunging Hamstring Stretch
Standing Single Leg Quadriceps Stretch
Wall Calf Stretch
Wall Chest Stretch
Wide Hamstring and Over Head Shoulder Stretch
Inside Thigh Stretch