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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

145 / Friday, July 29, 2005 / Notices 43839

and Estonia are planned for fall 2005. Interested citizens are encouraged to directives. Single paper copies of the
Site visits to the Czech Republic and attend. The ‘‘open forum’’ provides amendment are also available by
Latvia are currently underway. VS plans opportunity for the public to bring contacting Dennis Roy, Ecosystem
to identify the appropriate AU for each issues, concerns, and discussion topics Management Coordination Staff, Mail
of these Member States in the risk to the Advisory Committee. The ‘‘open Stop 1104, Forest Service, 1400
analyses that result from their forum’’ is scheduled to occur at 9:45 Independence Avenue, SW.,
evaluations. At this time, VS has not a.m. Interested speakers will need to Washington, DC 20250–1104 (telephone
received sufficient information from register prior to the open forum period. 202–205–2869).
Malta and Cyprus to begin its The committee welcomes the public’s FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
evaluations in those Member States. written comments on committee Dennis Roy, Ecosystem Management
The EC also stated that the name of business at any time. Coordination Staff (202–205–2869).
mentioned on page 13 of the draft Direct questions regarding this meeting proposed rule and request for public
document were not correctly translated. to Roger Peterson, Public Affairs comment to amend the rule adopted in
We have corrected those errors in the Specialist, at (360) 891–5007, or write 1994 for 36 CFR part 215 was published
finalized version of the document and Forest Headquarters Office, Gifford December 18, 2002. Its purpose was to
use the proper translations provided by Pinchot National Forest, 10600 NE. 51st clarify certain provisions and reduce
the EC. The final version of the Circle, Vancouver, WA 98682. complexity in the 1994 rule, improve
document with those changes may be
Dated: July 25, 2005. efficiency of processing appeals,
viewed on the Internet at http://
Ron Freeman, encourage early and effective public
Acting Forest Supervisor. participation in the environmental
request.html. At the bottom of that Web
[FR Doc. 05–15018 Filed 7–28–05; 8:45 am] analysis of projects and activities, and to
site page, click on ‘‘Information
ensure consistency with the provisions
previously submitted by Regions BILLING CODE 3410–11–M
of the statutory authority.
requesting export approval and
Approximately 25,000 comment letters
supporting documentation.’’ At the next
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE were received. All comments were
screen, click on the triangle beside
considered in development of a final
‘‘European Union/Not Specified/
Forest Service appeal rule at 36 CFR part 215 and
Classical Swine Fever,’’ then click on
published in the Federal Register on
the triangle beside ‘‘Response by Administrative Procedures for June 4, 2003 (68 FR 33582). The final
APHIS,’’ which will reveal a link to the Processing Appeals Under 36 CFR, appeal rule included changes to address
document. Part 215, for Projects or Activities emergency situations; notice and
Done in Washington, DC, this 25th day of Implementing Land and Resource comment procedures and time periods;
July 2005. Management Plans on National Forest substantive comments; who may appeal;
Elizabeth E. Gaston, System Lands Deciding Officers; content of an appeal;
Acting Administrator, Animal and Plant and the formal disposition process. This
Health Inspection Service. AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.
amendment to FSH 1509.12 describes
[FR Doc. E5–4061 Filed 7–28–05; 8:45 am] ACTION: Notice of issuance of agency administrative procedures for
directive. implementing provisions of the final
SUMMARY: The Forest Service is
amending Forest Service Handbook Dated: June 28, 2005.
1509.12 to provide guidance to Christopher Pyron,
Forest Service employees for processing appeals Acting Chief.
covered under Title 36, Code of Federal [FR Doc. 05–15063 Filed 7–28–05; 8:45 am]
South Gifford Pinchot National Forest Regulations, part 215, involving projects BILLING CODE 3410–11–P
Resource Advisory Committee Meeting or activities implementing land and
Notice resource management plans on National
Forest System lands. The handbook
AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. provides direction on the authority, COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM
ACTION: Notice of meeting. objectives, policies, and responsibilities PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND OR
of line officers and direction to field SEVERELY DISABLED
SUMMARY: The South Gifford Pinchot
National Forest Resource Advisory personnel on how to set up a notice and
Procurement List; Additions
Committee will meet on Friday, August, comment period, receive and record
19, 2005 at the Skamania County Public comments, provide information on AGENCY: Committee for Purchase From
Works Department basement located in decision notification, calculate appeal People Who Are Blind or Severely
the Courthouse Annex, 170 N.W. filing and time periods, process and Disabled.
Vancouver Avenue, Stevenson, WA dispose of an appeal, and instructions ACTION: Additions to Procurement List.
98610. The meeting will begin at 9:30 regarding the content and management
of appeal records. This amendment is SUMMARY: This action adds to the
a.m. and continue until 4 p.m. The
purpose of the meeting is to review issued as amendment number 1509.12– Procurement List products to be
proposals for Title II funding of Forest 2005–1 to FSH 1509.12. furnished by nonprofit agencies
projects under the Secure Rural Schools DATES: This amendment is effective July employing persons who are blind or
and County Self-Determination Act of 29, 2005. have other severe disabilities.
2000. ADDRESSES: Amendment 1509.12–2005– EFFECTIVE DATE: August 28, 2005.
All South Gifford Pinchot National 1 is available electronically from the ADDRESSES: Committee for Purchase
Forest Resource Advisory Committee Forest Service via the World Wide Web/ From People Who Are Blind or Severely
meetings are open to the public. Internet at Disabled, Jefferson Plaza 2, Suite 10800,

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