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In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of


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Dr. Bretaa

Submitted by:
Nogadas, Katlen Cindy
Nono, Ederlyn Jane
Oropeza, Nicole Marie
Pacana, Bryan
Pacete, Jamie Rose
Pacudan, Armin
Palmera, Fitzerald
Pangilinan, Melvin
Pantonial, Redemptor
Panuela, Gia Shay
Paragas, Jamaica
Parcon, Ismael
Group 3

Is it ethical for the doctor to suggest genetic engineering for the purpose
of donating?
Genetic engineering is a taboo subject because most consider it as going against
nature and playing god. For this reason, we wonder if the doctors suggestion of
engineering a tube baby is morally acceptable in the clinical practice. It was shown
that the doctor has genuine concern for the parents and for Kate, but we are not
certain if his suggestion of using an engineered savior baby is a moral thing to do.
After all, the end does not justify the means.
Is it ethical for the couple to conceive a child for the purpose of saving
another childs life?
It seems as if the child was born because she has a duty to fulfill, and not as a
product of the love of her parents. It makes us question if Sarah and Brian genuinely
love and care for Anna, or if she is being taken care of only because she is the
savior of Kate, and that she must be completely healthy for Kate. Anna grew up
under the shadow of her sister and lacked attention of her parents.
Is it ethical for the parents to force a child to donate to her dying sister?
Anna was forced into everything ever since she was born. Her parents do not ask
her because they think she is still so young to understand what is happening.
However, Anna should still be consulted regarding the procedures that she will be
taking part in. She should have the right to her own body.
Is it ethical to keep a person alive against their will? Does the age of the
patient have any impact on the decision?
Kate really wants to die already. Even if she is still a minor, she should have the
final say regarding the medical procedures she would undertake. After all, nobody
else owns her body but herself. In her case, maybe euthanasia is moral, but it
should have patients consent, as well as the loved ones.


We most strongly relate with Anna Fitzgerald. Like her, we are willing to do just
about anything for the comfort of our loved ones, even if such comfort would hurt
us. We see ourselves as able to sacrifice a lot for the good of many. We can let go, if

this is what our loved one wants to happen, and endure the pain for them. We feel
like we are born for a reason, which is to alleviate peoples pain. Lastly, it is the love
of and for our family that keeps us going despite the hurdles of life.

Genetic engineering is a proof that medicine has become so advanced. It

comes with both benefits and risks. If used properly to certain limits, it could
actually solve a number of medical problems we face today. However, if the
scientists will play gods and abuse it, they will be uncontrollable. Furthermore,
there is a lot to consider before performing this because it could affect the moral,
psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the engineered being.
The movie also tackles patient-doctor communication. Doctors must ask
what the patient really wants in decision-making because it is the patient who will
be going through the various processes.