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Anunciacion, Jo-Ann

Carandang, Ericka Pearl

CASE STUDY: I Got Your Back (Sagot Kita)
1. Do you think Teds decision was fair to all concerned? Discuss your answer.
If we were to judge the situation, given the limited information, it would be unfair for
Gwyneth to be demoted just because of the reason stated by Mr. Montenegro. Aside
from that, it is not a reasonable for her to be demoted if the reason will be the cause of
resignation of some employees and her personality of being absurd. As a logistics
supervisor, having a strong personality is a requirement. Moreover, shes doing her job
done as well so we think, it is unfair for Gwyneth. On the other hand, if fairness is
concerned, we think it is not really fair for everyone. It is unfair for others because they
are given special treatment because they are the tenured ones and unfair for Gwyneth
for she is taken a position without justifiable reason.
2. What is legal term that would describe what is being done to Gwyneth? What is the DOLE
ruling on this matter?
Given the situation, the legal term described is a constructive dismissal. In Gwyneths
case, it is a transfer of employee which is unreasonable, unlikely, inconvenient,
impossible, or prejudicial to the employee. Being transferred from Logistics Supervisor to
a job overseeing an employees canteen is quite unfair on the part of Gwyneth. In this
case, the substantive and procedural due process is needed in order to prove that
Gwyneths transfer is reasonable.
3. If you were in Antonios position, would you try defend Gwyneth? Why or why not? What do
you think of Antonios comment, Wooow! Shes a fighter!!!! I did not expect that from a
college undergraduate.?
If we were in Antonios position, we will do our very best to defend Gwyneth. Aside from
shes doing her job with integrity, Antonio affirmed on defending her as long as she will
follow the plan that they have. We will hold on to our words because, as a man, it is a
sign of having integrity and good principles. But in this case, Antonio left Gwyneth in
Regarding Antonios comment, Sir, if only we are allowed to cuss in this case study, we
will throw all the foul words just to express our disgust on Antonio. We can consider him
as a man without a word. Aside from that, he can be accused of discrimination given the
fact that he underestimated Gwyneth just because she is an undergraduate.
4. If you were Ms. Roselle, do you think that there is something that you can do in order to
bring light to this case? As Human Resource Supervisor, what steps would you take to help
all those concerned?
a. Ted
b. Antonio and Gener
c. Gwyneth
As a Human Resource Supervisor, we can do something about this case.

Addressing to Ted, we can clarify to him about the issue and get enough
concrete reasons in order to prove that Gwyneths transfer justifiable
enough. An investigation may be done or we can look over her job
performance evaluation just to confirm about some allegations accused to
her. Aside from that, we can warn Ted about the consequences regarding
the matter as it may lead to some circumstances such as a violation to a
DOLE Ruling.
To Antonio and Gener, we can talked to them and discuss about
defending Gwyneth. Its them who sought help to us about dealing with
employees. With this, we can help them through explaining the rulings
about the issue as well as accompanying them to Ted to further explain
Gwyneths case.
As on Gwyneth, we can absolutely help her. As an HR Supervisor, having
an investigation about the matter is a right thing to do. I can help her to
appeal her case to Ted and also to Antonio and Gener. As mention above,
its them who sought help from me. In this case, it would be helpful to
Gwyneths welfare to convince the two to defend her especially Antonio
as he is good friends with Ted. He can be a help to make Ted realize that
it is not reasonable to transfer Gwyneth to another business entity.

5. Do you think Roselle has all the information that she needs? If you were Roselle, what other
information would you need?
6. How do you personally feel about this case? What do you think of how Antonio and Gener
dealt with Gwyneth when she met with them after receiving the order from Ted that she was
being transferred to a different department?
7. What do you think REALLY happened (which led Ted to the decision of transferring Gwyneth
to another department)?
8. Do you think its time for Sweet Endings Inc. to create a policy on illicit affairs/immorality in
the workplace? What does the law (DOLE ruling) say about the issue?