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Getting involved spatially keep You in the know and more importantly help in finding solution to geographically based problem.

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GIS...Making a major play in our World.

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Putting Geogr aphic In form ation System To Work For You

Delivering Best Possible Site To You
The world is affected by GIS more than you may realize, and the Seabreeze 2 has used GIS’s powerful ability to graphically illustrate site suitability for wind farm project..The result: a public that has greater awareness and is better informed about impact of siting wind farm .

What Seabreeze 2 Is All About
We take a more-rounded view in creating value for the public. With a portfolio of GIS professional solutions from Romi Rancken, Mikael Numers and Seabreeze 2 Members, we bring a 360 degree perspective to the public’ challenges in understanding geographically based problem. Everyone at Seabreeze 2 is committed to giving world-class service . Our GIS Purpose At Seabreeze 2, we take purpose seriously: To aid the public in understanding the least impact of siting wind farm on potentially suitable sites in koverhar. Our Project Value Delivering Quality—through pride in our work and an attitude of doing what is right even when doing so is difficult

GIS is a computer based system that combines layers of information about any given geographic location in order to provide a better understanding of location. The layers and the data that are combined depend on the type of information needed. Sea breeze 2 utilized GIS in determining the best possible site for wind farm.

GIS In Action

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