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Energy and Power Market Research Criteria

1. Business Environment:

GDP growth (historic/present)
GDP sector break down
o Key sectors
Budget (Revenues & Expenditure)
Exports/imports- commodities
Foreign direct investment
Foreign exchange rate
Foreign exchange Reserves
Trade balance
Population growth
Key economic indicators (if any)
Balance of payment
Ease of Doing Business rating/rank
Target cities for doing business

Major energy supplies (gas, oil, etc.)

2. Energy Outlook:

New Ventures

Imports/exports of energy
Energy reserves/profile
Major imports/export countries
Energy consumption
o Breakdown of Gas, Oil, and Coal
Recent events (if any)

3. Electricity Market:

Demand/ supply
Electrification rate
Per capita consumption
Installed capacity
Demand growth rate
Supply growth rate
Key sources of electricity supply
Major existing OEMs (GE, Siemens, etc)
Average Efficiency and load factor

Energy and Power Market Research Criteria

Electricity generation by Fuel (gas, oil,

renewables, etc.)
Electricity generation by Type (Steam
turbine, combine cycle, Diesel engine,
hydro power, etc.)
Renewable energy potential
Age of existing power infrastructure

4. Power Industry Structure:

Electric power holding company and

structure (does the government allow for
Private power producers)
Major stakeholders
Fuel supplier for the power plant
Electric power off taker (who will be
buying the electricity from the plant)

New Ventures

(mostly it will be the electric power

holding company)
Regulation for private power producers
Security package offered
Key power producers IPP and CPP
Power capacity of private and non-private
power producers in the country
Reform in the electric power producing
law (if any)

5. Power Supply and demand:

Supply capacity
Import and export of electric power
o Import export country
Net generation and consumption (graph)
Electricity consumption by different
sectors (domestic, commercial, industrial,

Energy and Power Market Research Criteria

Electricity tariff for different consumers

and average cost of generation
Future predicted demand of electricity
Primary source of electricity generation

6. Sources of Energy (different

slide per energy source):

o Detail break down and graph
Refinery Capacity
Map of fields or mine

7. Challenges:


New Ventures

Political stability
Security threats (Travel advise map for
the country)
Financial stability / security
Remittance of funds
Taxation laws
Foreign Investors law
Doing business challenges

8. Opportunity:

Identify potential areas for Engro

Existing Tariff framework
Investment policies of the country
Power policies (short term)
Financial securities / guarantees