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Department of Automobile Engineering

Acharya Institute of Technology
Soladevanhalli Bangalore.
INTERNAL ASSESMENT II [Academic Year: 2015-16)

Sub with Code: FLUID MECHANICS (10AU36B)



Derive the Eulers equation of motion for ideal fluids and hence deduce
Bernoullis equation of motion. Mention the Assumptions made.

The diameters of a vertical tapering pipe at sections A and B 1.5 m apart are 150
mm and 75 mm respectively. A being higher than B. for a certain discharge of
water down the pipe the pressure head at B is greater than the pressure head at A
by 0.5 m and loss of head between two sections is h L. When the same quantity
flows up the pipe the pressure head at B greater than pressure head at A by 0.8 m
and loss of head between two sections is 2hL.find the discharge and value of hL

Derive the Darcy-Weisbach equation for the loss of head due to friction in a pipe.

A town having a population of 100000 is to be supplied with water from reservoir

5 km and it is stipulated that one half of the daily supply of150 liters per head
should be delivered in 8 hours. Determine the size of the pipe required to furnish
the supply using Darcy weisbach and Chezys formula, if the head available is 12
meters. Take C= 45, f=0.0075
a) A pipe 300 m long has a slope of 1in 100 and tapers from 1.2 diameter at the
higher end to 0.6 m diameter at the lower end. Quantity of water flowing is
5400 liters /min. If the pressure at higher end is 68.67 kPa .Find the pressure at
the lower end.

b) What are the limitations of Bernoullis equation


A conical tube is fixed vertically with its smaller end upwards and it forma a part
of a pipeline. The velocity at the smaller end is 4.5 m/Sec and at the larger end is
1.5 m/Sec. Length of Conical tube is 1.5 m. Pressure at the upper end is equivalent
to the head of 10 m of water.
(i) Determine the pressure at the lower end by neglecting the friction.
(ii) Determine the pressure at the lower end by considering head loss in the tube as

a) Define Reynolds Number. Explain its Significance

b) Explain the concept of the total energy line and hydraulic gradient line for fluid
Three pipes of diameter 300 mm, 200 mm and 400 mm and lengths 450 m, 255 m,
and 315 m respectively connected in series. The difference in water surface levels
in two tanks is 18 m. Determine the rate of flow of water if coefficients of friction
are 0.0075,0.0078,0.0072 respectively ,

Department of Automobile Engineering, Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore


(i).By considering minor losses (ii) By neglecting minor losses

A sudden contraction is introduced in a horizontal pipe from 600 mm diameter to
300 mm diameter. Pressure is found to change from 100 kPa to 65 kPa. Find the
rate of flow taking CC=0.65.
If however a sudden enlargement is introduced from 300 mm diameter to 600 mm
diameter and if the pressure changes from 65 kPa to 140 kPa, what would be the
rate of flow?

Three Three pipes of different diameters and different lengths are connected in series to
make a compound pipe. The ends of this compound pipe are connected with the
two tanks whose difference of water level is H. If the coefficient of friction for
these pipes is same, derive the expression for total head loss by neglecting first the
minor losses and then including them.

Department of Automobile Engineering, Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore