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Quarterly examination

Class 11th
Sub: English
Time: 3hrs
MM- 100
All questions are compulsory
Section A
Read the passage and answer the questions.
There is a story of an old man who thought he had right to do what he liked.
One day this old man was walking along a busy road with his walking stick
spinning round and round his hand, and trying to look important. A man
walk behind him objected, You ought not to spin your walking stick round
like that. The old man replied, I am free to do what I like with my walking
Of course you are, said the other man, but you ought to know that
your freedom ends where my nose begins.
The story tells us that we can enjoy our rights and our freedom
only, if they do not interfere with other peoples right and freedom.
A. (1) What was the old man doing ?
(2) Why was the old man doing that ?
(3) What did the man told the old man ?
(4) What did the old man reply ?
(5) What did the man told the old man in the end ?
(6) What does the story tell us ?
B. (a) Do as directed
1) Give the noun form of argued
2) Give the same meaning word from the passage being involved in
others affairs.
3) Give the adjective form of freedom.
Q. 2 Read the passage and make notes and summary.
A tree is a woody plant usually with a single stem. A large are a well covered
with woody plants called shrubs and bushes are smaller than trees and have
usually more than are main stem. Trees are the largest living thing on the

earth and they live longer than any animal. The tallest tree are the
mountain ashes have grown to well over 300 feet. The oldest trees are more
than 4500 yrs. old .The age of a tree can be told by counting the rings in its
trunk in most kinds of temperate trees.
Trees are important to our world for a number of reasons, like
all green plants, they build up their food by the process known as
photosynthesis by product of this process is oxygen which human beings
and other animals take from the atmosphere as they breathe.
Section B
Q.3 With the help of words given below, produce a write up an the
Importance of English in 80-100 words.
a) International language
b) Invention of internet
c) Communication with other countries
d) Rich literature
f) Student enjoy
With the help of words given below, produce a report on the Polio Camp.
a) The date & time
b) Venue & queue of parents
c) No. of children involved
d) The scene of camp.
Q. 4 With the help of words given below produce a write-up on Train
a) Date, time & place of accident,
b) Impact of accident
c) Relief measures
d) Probable causes
e) Reactions of passengers & railway staff.
Write an essay on any one topic
a) Any burning problem
b) Science in day to day life
c) Social service
Q.5 (A) Write a letter to your father informing him about your study.

(B) Write an application to the collector of your district for imposing

Section C
Q. 6 Do as directed (Any 10)
a) Goldsmith melt gold. (Change into past perfect tense)
b) Are you studying physics? (Change into voice)
c) Kalidas wrote .. plays. (use appropriate determiner)
d) is/a/house/she/wife (rearrange the words)
e) would you like . Juice (some/ any)
f) An honest man always .. the truth (tells) (correct form)
g) We . To the hills for a month every summer (go) (apply correct
h) My father teachers in . University. (apply suitable article)
i) London is . Big city (article)
j) She tried both keys but . Worked (either/neither)
k) He is . an actor and a director. (both/whole)
Section D
Q.7 Read the following extract and answer the following questions.
A) Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God.
First fill your house with fragrance of love.
a) Name the poet and poem.
b) Give the meaning of fragrance
c) Name the flower which has thorns &Temple is the place of worship for

How sweet is the shepherds lot
from the morn to evening he strays.
a) Name the poem & poet.
b) What does the shepherd do all day.
c) Give the meaning of lot
B) Answer any three questions
1. What should we remove from our hearts first ?
2. Why is lambs call described innocent ?
3. What do the two roads signify ?
4. Why does the poet describe sea as sleepless ?

Q.8 Answer any six

1) What is chandler wobble ?
2) What toys did the children buy ?
3) What happened to Lakshmis husband when he was returning home ?
4) What is worse than failure ?
5) Who are the two sadhus ?
6) Who are two defeated id the world ?
7) What made Hamid to buy a pair of tongs ?
Q.9 Answer any two questions
1. The old woman wanted to teach the king and his scholar a lesson. Did
she succeed ? Explain.
2. Give the locations of the three major earthequake zones ?
3. Describe the sights at Idgah ?
Q.10 Choose right options.
A) 1) who bought a lawyer
a) Norrey
b) Mohsin

c) Hamid

d) Mehmood

2) At time of her death, Lakshmis mother in law gave her a

a) ring
b) book
c) doll
d) none of above
3) Name the poet of poem waves on sleepless sea.
a) swami Pamtirtha
b) R.Tagore
c) Sarojinil Naidu
4) Opposite of heaven is
a) hail
b) hell
c) held

d) hill

5) King Bhoj was king of ..

a) Ujjain
b) Dhar
c) Indore
6) Meaning of word Ewe is ..
a) Female sheep
b) shepherd
B) Match column
1) Prosecute
2) Trespasser
3) Hasten
4) Slay

c) Male sheep

to take legal action
walk quickly