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Metastock System Tester Example

( Leland Brode Metastock User Group Meeting August 5th, 2003 )

My Moving Average Crossover System

Buy rules:
Close above 7 bar Mov Ave
7 bar Mov Ave less than 17 bar Mov Ave
7 bar Mov Ave is turning up

Sell Rules:
Price touches top Bollinger Band

Sell Stop:
Sell if down 10 cents

Dont take this one to the bank!

This is what we want

These sales were stopped out

Modified Buy Signal

Make sure the 17 bar Moving Average is going sideways or up.

We still get caught with bad buys

Optimize the Moving Average Crossover value:

Close cross 3, or 4, or or 10 bar Moving Average

Moving Average of 3 worked best

The best from the optimizations

Downloading Intraday Data for System Testing

Leland Brode method
Intraday data:
Create a folder for local data
In Metastock, click File | Open, then click on the Local Data button. You should be in
the MetaStock Data folder. Right mouse click and select New, then Folder from
the pop-up menu. I created a folder called Downloaded, then within that created
folders Daily and Intraday..
Click on the new folder to open it. Then click Tools from the menu bar of the open
dialog box and select New Local Security and add the stocks you want.
The Download does not download intraday data so there are a couple of extra steps to get
your live intraday data from Metastock into your Local Data folder.
Open the desired stock in live mode with the periodicity you want ( 3 minute, or 5
minute, etc.). You can control how much data is loaded by right mouse clicking on the
data/time line below the volume bars, and select X- Axis Properties from the pop-up
menu. Here you can set how far back to load data. When you have the chart you want,
select it with the mouse, then select Edit | Copy. Now you can Paste the stock data
into an Excel spreadsheet, and save is with the name of your stock so you can find it
again. Repeat this for each intraday stock you want.
Now go to the Downloader, and select Tools | Convert. Here you specify your
source type as Excel, and your destination as Metastock. Use the source Browse button
to find and select all of your intraday spreadsheets. Use the destination Browse button to
find your Intraday folder in the Metastock Data folder. Click the Options button to tell
whether you want to create a new security file or append on to the already existing file.
Click OK and let the Downloader convert your data into the Local Data folder. You will
be prompted to enter a Symbol for each security as it converts.
Your intraday data is now available for local system testing.
John Teles method
Intraday data:
- in the MetaStock Data folder, I go into the DataOnDemand Cache folder and delete all
of the files
- in the MetaStock Data folder, I create a brand new folder, call it "Intraday History"
- I then launch MetaStock Real Time & load the equities that I'm interested in. When
loading the equities, under the File/Open/Options (top right), select Load Options. Click
the radio button "Prompt For Date." After you enter the equity symbol and click on the

Open button, you will asked for the first & last date of interest. Enter a date that goes as
far back as possible & the last date = today.
- Once the charts are loaded, exit MetaStock.
- at this point you now have the Intraday data for the equities you've selected stored in
DataOnDemand Cache folder.
- the very first time you do this & only the first time you do this, copy all of the files from
the DataOnDemand Cache folder into the Intraday History folder
- everytime thereafter, open The Downloader
- Tools/Merge
- the "source folder" (top left) needs to be set to the DataOnDemand Cache folder
- the "destination folder" (top right) needs to be set to the Intraday History folder
- select (highlight) the very first security in the source folder box, say CSCO
- highlight CSCO in the destination folder box
- you now see the "merge" button on the bottom light up
- click on "merge"
- The Downloader will then move all of the new data from the Cache folder to the
Intraday History folder for CSCO
- repeat this process for all other equities
- you can now reference all securities within the Intraday History folder
Daily data:
Create a folder for local data using the same method described above for intraday..
Since the Downloader will download daily data the method is straightforward.
In the Downloader select the Tools menu, and then Download Price. Find the
Metastock Data folder you just created, and Add it, then select the Securities tab to
make sure your stocks are there. Then download.