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What is iKen Scientifica?

iKen Scientifica is a three level hands-on science and technology competition

for school students from class four to nine. This is conducted by Mexus
Education an education innovations company.

What are the eligibility criteria to appear for the exam?

Students varying from standard 4th to standard 9th are eligible to participate.
There are 3 participation categories Level 1 (standard 4 thand 5th), Level 2
(Standard 6th and 7th) and Level 3 (Standard 8th and 9th).
How many Rounds are there in iKen Scientifica 2013-2014?

There are 3 rounds

Round 1: Report submission on a problem statement given (Team Round)
Round 2: Contraption Challenge (Team Round)
Round 3: Hands-on Round (not online) (Individual round)
How many students can form a team?

A student can participate individually or upto 4 students

Do students have to be of the same school or standard?

The students have to be of the same level e.g Level 1 students will be students of
Std IV and V only. However they need not be of the same school. Its left to the
students discretion
What is the fee structure and what does it include?

Round 1 : Rs. 600

Round 2 : Rs. 600

Round 3 :Free of cost

Will the fee change if the student registers individually without forming a

No. The fees would remain the same.

Do we need to appoint a school co-coordinator?

Its better if the team has a co-coordinator, they can be from school or any
students parent or guardian. The co-coordinator can guide the students in
their project.

Will every team have a team leader?

The students can decide on a team leader. The team leader will be one point
contact with Mexus in case any queries. Also a team leader can lead the team
in the right direction

What will I receive upon participation in Round 1?

Participation certificate for each member of the team

Badge for each member in the team
iKen Discount coupon worth Rs. 150 for each member of the team

Can all participating students in Round 1 qualify for Round 2?

Select students will qualify for Round 2, post submission of the Round 1 project
and judges evaluation

What will I get post registration and payment of fees?

A confirmation mail will be immediately sent post registration and payment of

A sample problem statement with solution
List of problem statements which students can chose as their project
Format to submit the project

What are the payment options available?

Will a company representative visit our school? Select regions will have
franchisees or Mexus representative approach the school. The students can
register with them

Where do I submit the Round 1 project?

Students will submit the Round 1 project on Email: or Website

How can I get my school participate in iKen Scientifica 2013-2014?

You can send us an email on .with your school contact details and we will
get in touch with your school at the earliest

How will I receive the participation collaterals?

The following will be couriered to the team leader

Are the questions in the test based on the syllabus of a particular board?

This is a competition with real life problem solving approach. The questions
are not based on any particular syllabus but on the knowledge base of the
students. Students from all boards are eligible to appear for the test.

Do I need to be registered through schools only or can I register on my


Students ned to register








Where are the exams conducted?

This season of Scientifica will NOT have local venues. The theme of this years
first round is industrial science problems. Participants will have to pick one
real life problem and find its solution in their surroundings. Then they have to
propose the business aspect of this solution. After the solution is ready, team
leader can submit the documented solution on the Scientifica website.

How is iKen Scientifica competition different from other tests?

iKen Scientifica is the largest and only science competition which focuses

on experiential learning
This is a on-line competition and students can participate from their own
It familiarizes students with various concepts that is conducive to
scientific learning and improves their investigative, analytical and critical
thinking abilities
It provides an international platform for students to prove their mettle
Participants learn important life skills like teamwork, leadership and
resource management
It improves their interpersonal skills
Attractive prizes and a trip to NASA for winners of the final round

What is the structure of the competition?

This is a three level competition where first two rounds are team round
and last one is individual round. For more details visit

Where do I have to make the payments?

Payments have to be made on-line through payment gateway while registering

for the competition.

Do we receive any study material?

All registered students receive a preparatory booklet and all necessary

document through email.

I had appeared for iKen Scientifica completion last year, can I participate
this year as well?

Yes. IKen Scientifica Competition is open to all students who fulfill the age and
eligibility criteria

Is the iKen Scientifica competition conducted in English only?

In India, Yes.