Chapter Sixteen


The third part to my Breaking Dawn sequel. Please read and enjoy! And please comment! xoxoxo

Jacob POV:
I was on one knee, with my mom s old ring in my hand, and the most amazing person on the planet was looking down at me. I couldn t tell what Nessie was thinking, she looked confused and shocked, but she had one arm slightly extended towards me. I brought my hand out in front of me and opened up my hand to show Nessie the ring. It was my mom s old wedding ring, silver with four diamonds embedded in the top. She looked at the ring and her eyes widened slightly. Renesmee... I started, but she cut me off. You`re serious? Jake, im like seven years old . I reached for her hands and pulled her down so we were both on our knees. Yes im serious. But I know that you re only young, so... I held the ring in my fingers and held it in front of her Im only proposing. Asking you to marry me, in ten years. When you re seventeen, the same age as me. Renesmee Carlie Cullen, in ten years, will you marry me? I picked up her left hand and kissed it, waiting painfully for her answer. Yes . I smiled and slid the ring into place on her finger. I didn t see that one coming, you are so confusing she laughed. Im confusing? Ness, I spend most of my time trying to figure you out, you re so... But I couldn t finish, her cool lips were suddenly pressed against mine. I laid back onto the floor and kissed her back, her body was on top of mine and I knew we were close to interruption. I pulled us up off the floor; she looked confused Your parents was all I needed to say. I pulled her to her bed and we sat down, she curled up against my chest and whispered This ring, it s beautiful, where did you get it from? . It was my mom s wedding ring And you re okay...with me wearing it? I kissed her nose You re silly, just like my mom was. She would take her ring off all the time, scared to ruin it. And that s why I gave you this ring, it reminds me of you. The diamonds sparkle in the you. I gently stroked her arm. Its beautiful, its gentle, its soft I trailed my hand from her arm, across her ribs and up to her cheek. You`re turning all soft Jacob Black, I hope im not doing this to you she giggled. Nope, im still big and tough. Want me to prove it? Im sure exploding into a wolf proves your point pretty well. So ten years then, huh? . Ten years I kissed her softly for a moment then pulled her blanket over her. Ive got to go to La Push I whispered. What? Right now? she whispered back. Yeh, need to check up on Sams pack. Like a meeting. Il be back in the morning .

Kay. Love you . Love you more . She laughed softly then rolled onto her side, closing her eyes and cuddling up into the blanket. I kissed her cheek then quickly looked down at the ring on her third finger. I smiled and turned for the window.

Chapter Seventeen - Evolution Edward POV:
Stupid sister Bella whispered. I walked into our closet to find Bella rummaging through the drawers. Why does Alice only buy clothes that I will never wear? It s so frustrating she ranted. I chuckled at her kitten anger and the next thing I knew she was in my arms, her lips against my cheek. If I didn t love her so much, I would kill her she laughed. I took her hand and towed her to the end of our closet. Here, jeans and a blue shirt I kissed her quickly then reminded her Its Nessies first day at school today I turned to look at her and she was gone.

Renesmee POV:
I was just waking up slowly and still groggy when Bella burst through my door. Ness, wake up, first day of school she beamed. You re turning into Alice, Mom Don t say that, never ever say that she laughed. I stretched and walked to my bathroom. I showered, dressed and was ready for school in less than 20 minutes. I walked into the kitchen to see Edward talking to Bella So, who s taking me in? I asked. I am Edward smiled. He walked forward and kissed my forehead. He took my hand and led me towards his Volvo, but I let go and ran forward to hug Bella. Bye Mom . Bye Nessie, have fun All of a sudden, I couldn t see. I could feel warm hands covering my eyes and I giggled Jake? How dyo guess? he laughed, picked me up and swung me around in a circle. He put me down and kissed my cheek Have a good day Ness . Okay, lets go I jumped up and down a little where I stood. Edward laughed and led me out the door and into his car.

Im nervous I laughed. You ll be fine. Just be yourself, and try not to know too much, you re not supposed to be fully tutored already Edward said. Okay. Thanks Dad, Il see you later I leant across the car seat and kissed his cheek, then hopped out of the car and into Forks High School.

It was third period, half way through Biology. The teacher was talking about the process of Evolution which I already knew as I stared out of the window and watched the rain trickle down the window. The seat next to me moved and as I looked I saw a girl smile at me. She was my age, with long wavy brown hair and a cute round shaped face. Her eyes were icy blue and she had a few freckles dotted across her cheek, just like me. Hey, im Mary she smiled. Renesmee I smiled back. Miss Cullen, would you care to tell me who created the Evolution theory the teacher asked he had caught me talking. Charles Darwin Correct. But please pay attention to the lesson . It was hard to pay attention when you already knew the answers. After sixth period, me and Mary walked to the car park. So where dyo live? she asked me. Just outside of Forks, its kind of hard to explain where! . Cool. It takes me ages to get home, I live in Port Angeles . Why don t you go to the school there? I prefer this one, it s smaller. Im not a fan of big schools, too many people . So I guess you already know about Evolution then? she asked me. Yeh. Uh, my Dad taught me some stuff when I was little. Speaking of him, I have to go, he s here to take me home . Oh, okay. Well Il see you tomorrow then she smiled and gave me a quick hug. I liked Mary, she seemed nice. I got into the Volvo and turned to Edward Hi Dad . Hey Ness. Did you have a good day? Yes! I love it. Gym was really good, but you know me - I love sport, and Math and History were good too. Biology was a bit boring, but only because I already knew about E volution. And I met this girl Mary, she seems really nice. Thank you so much for letting me come to school . He laughed You re very welcome. Now go tell everyone about your first day, their dying to

know . We were home already, and I hopped out of the car and into the house.

I leapt through the trees and across the river. I was so glad I was old enough to hunt on my own, I felt more free. I leapt down from a tree and landed gracefully onto the balls of my feet. Then suddenly I felt and hand on my shoulder. I didn t know who it was so I grabbed their arm and pushed down to the floor. But this person was quicker than me, they grabbed me around my waist and pulled me backwards, until we were close to the rivers edge. I pushed back against the body behind me, hoping to send that person into the river, but I was suddenly blind. Hands were across my eyes. Hot hands. I laughed Jake, you scared me, I didn t know it was you. I guess my awesome fighting skills had you fooled . Awesome skills? Please! I joked. He picked me up and then tried to push me into the river, but I caught his leg and pulled him down to the floor. I laughed as I looked down at him bu t he reached up and took my hand, pulling me down next to him. He got up quicker than my human eyes could see and put me over his shoulder. Jake, don t even think about throwing me in the river. I will actually kill you! He was so fast, I didn t know how he could move himself and me so quickly. I was suddenly on the ground, with his strong arms either side of my head. I could feel the water from the river soaking the ends of my hair. Give in? he asked. Fine! Hey you two, stop acting like five year olds Emmett called out. Jake pulled me to my feet. Excuse us for having a bit of fun I teased. What you doing out here anyway? Jake asked him. Alice said she saw something weird happen to you, Ness. They want you to go back to the house he shrugged. I looked up at Jacob, confused. He just shrugged his shoulders and we ran back to the house.

Chapter Eighteen - Strength
Me, Jacob and Emmett walked through the front door. Everyone was in the living room surrounding Alice who was curled up on the floo r, concentrating hard on the future. What s going on? I asked. Come here Sweetie Esme said as she opened her arms for me. I sat down next to her and she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly to her cold body.

It was silent for a moment Seriously people, what s happening? I repeated. Rosalie shifted uncomfortably in her seat and Esme hugged me tighter. Alice said she saw you...she saw you trying to kill another human Jasper whispered. What!? That s crazy, I would never do that. Blood doesn t even bother me, at all, why would you say that? I shouted loudly and got to my feet. I felt Jacobs hand on my shoulder Calm down he whispered softly in my ear. But...I can you say that? Alice, what did you see? I saw you, in a hunting position and the next think you were killing a girl, a teenager I would never ever do that Renesmee, we don t know exactly what you re capable of, we ve never tested your strength or your hunting skills. And even though you no longer age, you re still human, and your body and emotions will change, so... I didn t let Carlisle finish. You think Il do it, don t you? You all think il kill this girl I looked at the faces of my family, all faces of confusion and disappointment. They all thought I wa s a monster. Don t you trust me? my voice was breaking, my eyes started to well up with tears. Before I could hear an answer, I ran out the house. I was lying across my bed, face down. I had been in that position for over an hour, no one came to check o n me. I felt my door creak open Go away I couldn t see who it was, but I picked up a pillow and threw it towards the door. Then I felt hot hands pulling me upright. Jacob pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I started crying against his chest. Sshh, baby, its okay . No, it s not okay. Everyone hates me . They do not hate you, I certainly don t hate you. I know you, I know you would never hurt anyone Where is everyone? I asked him. Alice and Jasper have gone out to hunt, and every one else has gone to Charlies, they ll be back tomorrow morning . They left without telling me? Nice Don t worry, im here Yes, Jacob was here. With me. I twisted in his arms and pressed my lips against his. He moved and I was suddenly led down on my be d, his warm body hovering over mine. I moved my arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss me again. This kiss was more passionate than our previous kisses, maybe because this time we were alone. I won t hurt anyone I whispered as his lips brushed against my cheek. I know you won t. But Carlisle said that maybe we should test out your strength, it

wouldn t hurt to try... Im not strong. Ive got human strength, maybe a teensy bit stronger. The only Vamp part about me is my speed Maybe. We ll just have to see he said as he suddenly yanked me o ff the bed and pinned me against the wall. His strong arms either side of my head. He leaned in for a kiss but I ducked under his arm and sat back on the bed; teasing. Hey! he complained. He walked over to me but I raced out of the window and into the woods, climbed up a tree and waited. You know that s not fair. Im not so good at the tree climbing he laughed as he looked up at me. I was sat on a branch, ten feet into the air. I hopped down and took his ha nd, weaving my fingers through his. He smiled again. You re so happy, happier than I think Ive ever seen you I stated . Its cos im with you he leaned down and kissed my hair.

Chapter Nineteen


Right, so what do I have to do? I asked. We were stood in our huge back garden. All of my family with Jake, Seth and Leah. Carlisle wanted to test my Vampire abilities. It wouldn t work. We will start off easy. Emmett? Carlisle called. Emmett? They had to be kidding me. I took a step back. Don t worry baby niece, I won t hurt you Emmett laughed. Carlisle said Punch him What?! I shrieked. Jacob laughed. Yes, im being serious. You say your strength is only human, and if it is, Emmett won t be able to feel your punch, so... I am not going to punch my Uncle. Full stop C mon Ness, give me your best shot No way Fine. Maybe il just have to piss you off Good luck I was starting to get annoyed anyway Remember when you were four, you lost your favourite teddy bear? I accidently sat o n it and squished its head I loved that teddy bear! I brought my left arm back and threw it forward into Emmetts face as hard as I could. OW! It broke my hand. I shook my fingers and it healed in a second. Okay, officially not a strong vampire. I just think your lacking motivation, an adrenaline rush. You need something to kick start your strength Edward said. Why do I have to do this? Can t I just go inside? I have homework you know

I suddenly had an idea. I walked over to Edward and placed my ha nds on his cheek. I closed my eyes and looked for his worst memory. I needed something to motivate me. Apparently. Ness, what are you... Suddenly, an image of Jacob kissing my mom flashed through my head. I was so shocked that I jumped backwards and fell over, landing on the cold wet ground. I was a vampire, I had never fallen over in my life. Ness, it s not what you think Edward said. Everyone else looked confused; they didn t know what I had just seen. How could he? He kissed my Mom? So that meant I was second best. He had said to me before how much I looked like her. I guessed that s why he loved me. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I had never felt so empty; it was like all the happiness had been sucked out of me. Nessie, what s wrong? Jacob walked forward and touched my cheek. I threw my hand towards his face and punched him so hard I heard his cheek bone crack. You kissed Bella? My MOM? I loved you, I trusted you! I felt Emmetts restraining hand on my shoulder so I pushed it off, but I hea rd bones crack. She broke my hand Emmett sounded confused. I was so hurt, so angry. As I cried, it started to rain, heavily. Ness, listen to me. That was ages ago, before you were born. But that s over now; it was just a teenage phase. I love you, please baby! Dont call me baby. Ever. I hate you. As he heard those three words, his face crumpled in pain. I knew those were not the three words he wanted to hear. How could he? I was angry, confused, upset and heartbroken all at once. My fingers curled up into a fist and as I blinked, lightning crashed down from the sky. The wind was strong as it blew my hair behind me. We were in the middle of a storm, and I was creating it....

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