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Negotiated Topic: BSNS 7348 (HRM), 7358 (Operations) & 7388 (Marketing)

Dept of Management and Marketing

Faculty of Creative Industry &

NEGOTIATED TOPIC Literature Review

BSNS 7348 (HRM), 7358 (Operations), 7388 (Marketing)

Date issued:
Due dates are differ
for each component
of the Literature
Weighting & Total

Semester 1, 2014
March 24, 2014
1. Oral Presentation & Preliminary Literature Review (35%) May 9
in class sharp at 1.00pm in 115-3016.

35% and 70 Marks.

Complete this cover sheet and attach it to your assignment.

This is an individual assignment and must be your own work.
Collusion, copying or plagiarism may result in disciplinary action
Submit to on or before agreed date.
We advise that you keep an electronic and hard copy of this

Coordinator &
Ravi Bhat & Malama Saifoloi
Class time:
Student declaration: I confirm that:
This is an individual assignment and entirely my own work.
Where I have used ideas, tables, diagrams etc of other writers, I have
acknowledged the source in every case.
This assignment has not previously been submitted as assessed work
for any academic course.
Student Name & ID
Signature & Date:

Semester1, 2014

Coordinator: Ravi Bhat

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Negotiated Topic: BSNS 7348 (HRM), 7358 (Operations) & 7388 (Marketing)

BSNS Negotiated Studies Oral Presentation

The purpose of this presentation is to share with your fellow students your research on
the topic chosen, in order to provide them with a better understanding of your
literature review. Each student is to be allocated 15 minutes in which to make their
presentation. This time will include 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for
questions and answers. Time limits will be strictly enforced and any student going
over time will be stopped, and for this reason dedicated practice prior to class is
Due to time limits students will be monitored so that all students get at least one
chance to ask a question. Participation of all students is required and a log
maintained to record that all students have participated in the question and
answer session.

1. Prepare an Oral Presentation (15% of the final grade) for delivery in class on
May 10, 2013, of the preliminary literature review for feedback from the Supervisors.
All Major specific students have to attend these sessions to facilitate learning from
each others presentations.
2. Follow the Presentation Criteria given below
3. Ensure that your slides are NOT cluttered and have only 4 to 5 bullet points
per slide
4. Ensure that you show the intext citations/reference on your slides when
discussing findings from a journal article
5. Ensure that you use a minimum 24 font size.
6. For a 10 min. presentation the maximum slides you should have are 6 to 8.
7. The first slide should show your title and the aim of your literature review
8. The next slide should show your research questions and the remainder 5 to
6 slides should cover your research findings.

Semester1, 2014

Coordinator: Ravi Bhat

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Negotiated Topic: BSNS 7348 (HRM), 7358 (Operations) & 7388 (Marketing)

Oral Presentation Criteria (Marks 30, Wt. 15%)

Aspects of the Presentation
Preparation, structure, depth of research & demonstrating a clear
understanding of the topic area


Appropriate discussion of the key issues from the anchor journal

articles sourced in addition to other articles too.


Polished delivery, professional deportment & quality of Slides

personal presentation
eye contact (material not read)

Encouragement and handling of questions

discussion encouraged

confidence in responding to question

credibility and knowledge displayed



Mark out of 15%

Semester1, 2014

Coordinator: Ravi Bhat

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Negotiated Topic: BSNS 7348 (HRM), 7358 (Operations) & 7388 (Marketing)

Preliminary Literature Review

Item relative weightings shown as %age
Final Topic Proposal & Introductory Chapter
Explains how the report is structured, introduces key ideas/ issues, and how
these issues will be addressed. States any assumptions or limitations. Makes
reference to key ideas and issues. Sets out clear objectives to be achieved in
the report.

Main body of report:

Report answer is critical in nature, with synthesis of ideas, answers are well
justified and supported with citations from recent journal articles and literature.
The report should cover: main findings, what is happening, why is it
happening, key issues, trends and future directions, any lessons for the theory
and practice of the specific discipline area.
Important Note: This section should provide evidence of an in-depth
coverage and comprehension of the literature related to your topic. It is
expected that there will be a high level of synthesis and critique of the relevant
literature and business articles sourced in your research .



Implications, Conclusions & Recommendations: Key themes are

discussed, leading to realistic implications, recommendations and firm
conclusions. This section should be a combination of the ideas not just a
summary of points.

Citing of references in text

Correct referencing in reference list
Presentation of the report/document


Semester1, 2014

40 marks (Wt. 20%)

Oral Presentation

30 marks

Overall Grade out of (Wt. 35%)


Coordinator: Ravi Bhat


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