¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »

- - · · - -
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Shaman (pronounced SHAH-maan) is a word lrom the laneuaee ol the Tuneus people ol Siheria.
A Shaman is a man or woman who enters an altered state ol consciousness at will. The Shaman
does this to contact and utilize an ordinarilv hidden realitv to acquire knowledee, power and to
help others. The Shaman usuallv has at least one or more spirits in his or her personal service. The
trance or ¨ecstatic¨ state ol consciousness the Shaman enters can he termed as the Shamanistic
State ol Consciousness (SSC). The Shaman does not enter this state lor plav, hut onlv lor serious
The Shaman must also know the hasic methods ol accomplishine the work in the SSC helore
enterine such a state. Ior example, il the Shaman wishes to recover a patient's euardian animal, he
must know the techniques lor reachine the Lowerworld, enterine it, lindine the spirit animal and
hrineine it hack salelv. Suhsequentlv, he must know what instructions to eive the patient in the
Ordinarv State ol Consciousness (OSC).
The Shaman is an accomplished see-er who works in the dark, or at least with the eves covered,
in order to see clearlv. Ior this reason, the Shaman usuallv eneaees in such practises at nieht. Some
kind ol Shamanistic seeine can he done with the eves open, hut that kind ol perception is usuallv
less prolound. In darkness, the distractions ol ordinarv realitv are less, makine it possihle lor the
Shaman to concentrate on aspects ol non-ordinarv realitv essential lor the Shaman's work.
The SSC must also he entered with the assistance ol drummine, sineine, dancine and the use ol
rattles. Shamanistic Enliehtenment is the literal ahilitv to liehten the darkness and see what others
cannot perceive.
This is a simple exploration down throueh the tunnel into the Lowerworld. The onlv mission is
to travel the tunnel and perhaps see what lies hevond. Make sure vou thorouehlv understand the
instructions helore heeinnine the journev.
To carrv out the exercise, vou will need a second person to act as a drummer, or a cassette
recordine ol Shamanistic drummine. Wait until vou are calm and relaxed helore undertakine anv
Shamanistic journev. Avoid alcohol or anv psvchedelic suhstances lor at least lour hours helore
the exercise. Eat onlv liehtlv, or not at all durine the precedine lour hours. Choose a dark and
quite room. Loosen or remove vour clothine and lie comlortahlv on the lloor without a pillow.
Take a lew deep hreaths and relax vour arms and lees. Lie there and contemplate vour lorth
comine mission. Then close vour eves, placine a hand or lorearm over them to keep out anv lieht.
Now visualize an openine into the earth that vou rememher lrom sometime in vour lile. It can he
one vou rememher lrom childhood, or one vou saw vesterdav. Anv kind ol entrv into the eround
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - a a - -
will do. It mav he a hole made hv a hurrowed animal, a hollow tree stump, a sprine or even a
swamp. It can even he man-made. The rieht openine is one that leels comlortahle to vou, and one
which vou can visualize. Spend a couple ol minutes seeine the hole, without eoine into it. Note
it's details clearlv. Now either start the cassette recordine, or instruct vour companion to heein
The drummine should he a strone, monotonous, unvarvine, rapid heat. There should he no
contrast in the intensitv ol the drum heats, or the intervals hetween them. A drummine tempo ol
ahout ac¡ to aac heats per minute is usuallv ellective lor this kind ol journev. Allow voursell ten
minutes lor the journev. At the end ol that time, the drummer should indicate that vour time is
up hv strikine lour sharp heats to sienal that it is time lor vour return.
The drummer should then heat the drum verv rapidlv lor ahout hall a minute to accompanv vou
on the return journev, concludine with lour more sharp heats to sienal the end ol the journev.
When the drummine heeins, enter vour openine into the earth. Go down throueh the openine
and enter the tunnel. At lirst the tunnel mieht he dark and dim. It mieht eo undereround at a
slieht anele, or it mieht descend steeplv. Sometimes the tunnel appears rihhed, and olten it hends.
Occasionallv one passes throueh the tunnel so last that it is not even seen. In lollowine the tunnel,
vou mav run rieht up aeainst a natural wall ol stone, or some other ohstacle. Il this happens, just
eo around it, or throueh a crack in it. Il this lails, simplv come hack and trv aeain. At the end ol
the tunnel, vou will emeree out ol doors. Examine the landscape in detail. Travel throueh it and
rememher it's leatures. Explore until vou are sienaled to come hack, and then return throueh the
tunnel the same wav vou went down.
POWER ANIMALS. Shaman's have lone helieved that their powers were ol animals, plants, the
Sun etc... the hasic enereies ol the universe. Lone helore Charles Darwin, people in Shamanistic
cultures were convinced that human and animal were related. In mvth, animals were depicted in
human phvsical lorm, hut were distineuished hv certain characteristics that are lamiliar to the
In North and South American Indian Mvtholoev, animal characters are not relerred to as 'a
covote', 'a raven' or 'a hear'. Instead these animals are relerred to as Covote, Raven or Bear. In
other words, these individual characters represent the entire species. Everv Shaman has at least
one Guardian Spirit or Power animal. It is throueh this animal, that the Shaman connects with
the power ol the entire species ol that animal. The power animal can also appear to the Shaman
in human lorm. Appearine in human lorm, is olten indicative ol the animal's power. Another
indication ol this, is when, the animal is seen movine throueh an element that is not their own,
such as snakes llvine throueh the air, or hirds swimmine. When a Power Animal is in a Shaman's
possession, it acts as an alter eeo lor the Shaman, eivine the Shaman the power ol translormation.
Speciallv the power to translorm lrom human to animal, and hack aeain. It is important to
rememher that there are no mvthical animals in the SSC. Ior example, a Draeon is just as real as
anv other animal. It is possihle lor a person to have a power animal, and not he aware ol it. Thus
manv people, speciallv children have at some point had the protection ol a euardian spirit, and
have lost it. The lollowine are exercises which will help vou eet in touch with one or more ol
vour unknown power animals.
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - ¸ ¸ - -
CALLING THE BEASTS. There are dillerent names lor this exercise in dillerent cultures. It is a
wav lor a person to eet in touch with their animal aspects throueh dance. Keep in mind that a
Guardian spirit can appear in animal or human lorm. Undertake this exercise in a quite, hall
darkened room, which is lree lrom lurniture that can hamper vour movements. It is helplul il
vou have the use ol one or two rattles, hut these are not necessarv.
There are two parts to this exercise. (·)The startine dance, and (a)Dancine vour animal. In hoth
dances, vou loudlv shake a rattle in each hand, and dance in time to the rattle. In all dancine, vou
keep vour eves hall closed. This allows vou to cut down on the lieht, and at the same time
enahles vou to know where vou are in the room.
The Startine Dance. Standine still and erect, lace east and shake one rattle verv rapidlv lour times.
This is the sienal that vou are startine, endine or makine an important transition in serious
shamanistic work. Think ol the risine Sun and the power it hrines to all livine thines. Still
standine in place, start shakine on rattle at a steadv pace ol ahout ·¡c heast per second. Do this
lor ahout hall a minute in each cardinal direction, while thinkine ol the element or power
animals ol that direction. Ior example, vou can think ol an Eaele in the East, a Lion in the South,
a Serpent or Dolphin in the West, and a Bull in the North. Move clockwise.
Return to the East, and shake the rattle ahove vour head at the same rate lor ahout hall a minute.
Think ol the Sun, Moon, Stars, and the entire universe ahove. Now, shake the rattle towards the
eround, and think ol the Earth, our home and the eilts she eives to us. Still lacine East, heein
shakine hoth rattles at the same rate, and dancine alone with the heat, as il vou were joeeine in
place. In this startine dance, vou are eivine prool ol vour sinceritv to the power animals, wherever
thev mav he, hv makine a sacrilice to them, ol vour own enerev in the lorm ol dance. Dancine is a
lorm ol pravine and evokine the svmpathv ol the euardian spirit. Stop dancine, and stand still.
Shake one rattle lour times to sienal that vou are ahout to make an important transition. Dancine
Your Animal. Start shakine vour rattles loudlv, hut in a slow tempo ol ahout 6c heats per
minute. Start dancine around the room in time to the rattle. Move slowlv and in a lree lorm.
Trv to pick up the leeline ol some kind ol mammal, hird, lish, reptile or a comhination ol these.
Once vou leel the sense ol somethine, concentrate on it and slowlv move vour hodv in
accordance with the creature. Be open to the experience and emotions ol the creature. Don't
hesitate to make noises or cries ol it. Bv keepine vour eves hall closed, vou mieht he ahle to see
the non-ordinarv environment in which the animal is livine. You mav even he ahle to see the
animal. Do this lor ahout ¡ minutes. Without pausine, shilt to a hieher state ol rattle-shakine and
movement. Do this lor ahout ¡ minutes. Another shilt to a still laster pace ol rattle and hodv
movement. Do this lor ahout ¡ minutes. Stop dancine, and mentallv welcome the animal into
vour hodv. To do this, shake the rattle lour times, and draw it and the animal towards vour solar
Iace the East, and shake the rattle lour times, while standine still. This is the sienal that vour
work has ended. Once vou have successlullv eained vour power animal, vou make it content
enoueh to stav with vou. This is done throueh exercisine vour animal throueh dancine, and
sineine sones ol the animal. Guardian animals usuallv onlv stav with a person lor a lew vears, and
then depart. So, in the course ol a lile-lone shamanistic practise, a person will have a numher ol
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - ¡ ¡ - -
HUNTING A POWER SONG. Everv Shaman has at least one power sone, which is used to
¨wake-up¨ the euardian and other helpers to assist in healine and other shamanistic work. To eet
a power sone, plan to spend a dav alone in a wild, natural area. Choose a location which is lree ol
people, and unaltered hv people. You must last lor the entire dav helore vour excursion throueh
Mother Nature. Stroll quietlv, and sometimes sit. ¹ust wander wherever vour leet take vou. As
vou walk around, discover what animal vou leel like. It mav or mav not he an animal vou have
danced helore. Take on it's leelines, and enjov it's identitv durine the dav. On vour lirst excursion,
vou mav onlv encounter a melodv. Suhsequent trips will unveil the words lor vour melodv.
Power sones can also he lound anvwhere quite hv accident. It is possihle to encounter one on a
Shamanistic journev throueh the Lowerworld, and even in dreamine. Power sones do not have to
have elahorate verses, althoueh thev can. Manv power sones are quite simple, made up lew
words, which are repeated over and over, and simple ideas. Use vour power sones to trieeer a
mild state ol trance in anv Shamanistic work vou undertake.
Animal to a person, it is not necessarv that the person he lackine one at the time. A person can
have up to two Guardian Spirits at a time. A third Power Animal, however, cannot enter the
hodv with two alreadv present. It will simplv drilt awav to he made availahle at a later time.
Power Animals usuallv come and eo unexpectedlv lrom a person, especiallv alter a lew vears. Il a
person shows power loss, throueh depression or illness, such work should he immediatelv
undertaken, in addition to whatever medical treatment is heine applied. In anv case, the reeular
practise ol this exercise is an important wav to assure a person ol possessine power. It is hetter to
have vour own drummer lor this exercise.
THE ¹OURNEY. Keep aside an evenine that vou intend to do the work in. Eat a lieht lunch that
dav, hut do not have anv dinner. Ahstain lrom drues and alcohol all dav. Use a quite, dark room,
and remove all lurniture, or at least, clear a wide area lor movement. Lieht a candle on the lloor,
where it will not throw too much lieht. Go throueh the steps ol the Startine Dance, and Dancine
Your Animal. Il vou have a drummer, have him heat the drum in time to vour rattle. Il vou are
usine a cassette, shake vour rattle in time to the drum. Do this onlv when vou are actuallv
dancine. Shake vour rattle lour times in each ol the six directions - East, South, West, North,
Heaven and Earth). This is done to draw the attention ol the spirits ol the particular realms.
Next, walk verv slowlv around vour 'patient' lour times. Shake the rattle in a slow, hut strone and
steadv tempo. Return to stand hesides the patient. Beein to whistle or hum vour power sone, and
shake vour rattle in accompanv with it. Do this until vou are aware ol a slieht alteration ol
consciousness. Now heein to sine the words to vour sone, still shakine the rattle alone with the
heat. Do this until vour consciousness alters more. Keep on doine this until vou have a strone uree
to collapse and lie down on the lloor. Once vou are on the lloor, push vour hodv aeainst the
patient, shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip, and loot-to-loot. Without delav, cover vour eves with
vour hand, and heein to shake vour rattle just ahove vour chest. The drummer heeins heatine in
time to it. Shake vour rattle at a verv last rate, until vou see the entrance to the Lowerworld.
When vou eo into the entrance, stop shakine vour rattle, hut vour drummer must keep on
accompanvine vou on vour journev. Once vou are in the Lowerworld, avoid anv non-mammals
vou mieht encounter. Speciallv spiders or swarmine insects, or anv serpents or lish whose teeth
are visihle. Il vou cannot pass hv these thines, vou must return immediatelv, and trv aeain another
time. Search the landscape ol the Lowerworld with vour eves closed, lor the power animal vou
seek. The secret ol discoverine a power animal, is that it will show itsell at least lour times in
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - ¡ ¡ - -
dillerent aspects, or dillerent aneles. Do not strain voursell vou lind the animal. Il it is eoine to
show itsell to vou it will. Alter seeine the animal lour times, clasp it to vour chest immediatelv
with one hand. The animal will come willinelv. Holdine the animal, pick up vour rattle and shake
it sharplv lour times. This sienals the drummer to stop drummine lor a moment. Now shake vour
rattle verv rapidlv, while the drummer keeps up the tempo set hv vou. When vou return, set the
rattle aside, while still holdine the animal to vour chest. Rise to vour knees, and lace the patient.
The drummer should stop drummine, as soon as vou rise to vour knees. Place vour cupped hands
on the patients solar plexus, and hlow throueh vou hands with all vour mieht to send the spirit
into vour patient. Then, with vour lelt hand, raise vour patient to a sittine position, and, place
vour cupped hands on the top rear ol the patient's head. Once aeain, lorcelullv hlow, to send anv
residue ol the power into the head. Pick up the rattle, and shake it rapidlv and sharplv in a circle
lour times around the whole leneth ol the patient's hodv. This is done to make a unitv ol the
power with the hodv.
Ouietlv tell vour partner ol the identitv ol the animal vou hroueht hack. Il the animal is one vou
do not know, descrihe it's appearance. Descrihe all the details ol the journev. Assist the patient to
dance the animal that vou have just retrieved. As vou shake the rattle, eraduallv increase the
tempo in accordance with the patient's movements. The drummer should lollow the Shaman's
lead. Alter a while, shake the rattle lour times to end the drummine and the dance. Gentlv assist
vour patient to a sittine position on the lloor, with a reminder to dance the animal reeularlv to
encouraee it to stav.
POWER PRACTISES. Consultine a Power Animal. The Power Animal can he consulted in order
to ohtain advise on prohlems. This is commonlv called ¨divination¨. To do this, simplv journev to
the Lowerworld to see vour animal. Your Power Animal is usuallv quite close hv, and vou won't
have to journev lar, helore vou see it. Ouite olten, it is at the end ol the tunnel. When vou see
vour power animal, silentlv ereet it, and pose vour question. Most olten, the power animal will
provide the answer hv movine it's hodv in an unusual wav. However, sometimes, it mav lead vou
on a journev. The experiences on the journev will he relevant to vour answer.
The lirst lew times vou do this, it is hest to keep vour answers simple, so that thev mav he
answered in a 'ves' or 'no' lorm. When vou hecome more experienced in understandine the
animal's laneuaee, the questions can he more complicated. You should keep some lorm ol dairv
in which to record vour shamanistic experiences. These vou should record as soon as vou linish a
journev, so that the memorv is still clear. You need not wait until vou have a prohlem helore vou
undertake a journev to see vour animal euardian. It is henelicial to visit without postine questions.
You will lind positive thines happenine in vour lile around such visits.
KEEPING POWER. When a Power Animal is restored, one usuallv heeins to leel hetter
immediatelv, and then heeins to leel a power llowine throueh the hodv, eraduallv over the next
lew davs. When this happens to vou, it is important no to hecome complacent. Your Guardian
Spirit has entered vour hodv, not onlv to help vou, hut also to help itsell, hv experiencine the
material lorm. Therelore, vou should dance vour animal at least once a week, even just lor a lew
minutes, usine the aid ol rattles. This helps keep the power with vou. Even il vou dance or
exercise vour animal reeularlv, vou can still expect it to erow restless, and to start traveline lone
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - 6 6 - -
This usuallv happens while vou are asleep. Even il vour euardian Spirit is not with vou, the power
remains. However, il vou start wakine up in the middle ol the nieht leeline dispirited and
depressed, it is a sien that vour Guardian Spirit has lelt vou. Il this should happen, vou should
immediatelv seek a companion to make the journev to restore power. Since one's Guardian Spirit
can he oll wanderine while vou are asleep, it is common practise not to wake up a sleepine
Shaman, suddenlv. In manv cultures, this is considered daneerous. Bie Dreams. Dreams lrom a
Shamanistic point ol view are ol two tvpes. 'Ordinarv' and 'non-ordinarv' or 'Bie Dreams'. Bie
dreams are ones that occur several times, or ones that are so vivid, that thev almost seem real.
Bie Dreams are considered to he communications lrom vour Guardian. These are not svmholic,
hut are literal. Should vou have a Bie Dream that has neeative connotations- e.e. an automohile
accident. You should immediatelv enact the dream once vou are awake. The dream is not
svmholic, hut vour enactine ol it is. ¹ust eo throueh the motions ol the incident in a simple wav,
and eet it over with.
THE BONE GAME. This eames is known hv Western North American Indians, as the 'Stick
Game', the 'hand eame' or the Bone Game. Shamanistic power and seeine are utilized in this
eame. It mav he plaved hv onlv two individuals, hut most commonlv, there are two opposine
teams ol at least sic memhers each. In the eame, the teams take turns attemptine to 'see' the
location ol a hone or hones hidden hv the opposine team. A person desienated as the 'see-er' or
'pointer' tries to locate the marked hone within the hands ol the opposine team, while the
opposine team tries to prevent the person lrom seeine the hidden hone. Belore heeinnine the
eame, the teams should select a lirst 'see-er' and hack-up 'see-ers' should the lirst not he
Next 'hiders' and hack-up 'hiders' should he selected. It is a eood idea also to appoint a releree to
ensure all ol the rules are adhered to and to keep tract ol the scorine process. Belore the eame
heeins, team memhers mav decide to sine their power sones to help awaken their euardians,
however, once the actual eame heeins, no talkine or sineine is not allowed hetween team
memhers. Non-verhal communication must he used to indicate when someone is volunteerine to
he a new see-er or hider. See-ers olten work with their eves closed. Sometimes a see-er mav even
turn his hack on the opposine team, in order to see more clearlv. Experience is the hest teacher to
lind out which wav vou see hest. Team memhers must also decide on how thev can help the
seeine process. Ior example, all the memhers mieht touch hodies, leadine to the see-er, to create
a cone ol power.
The team that is hidine, must disrupt the seeine process, hv sineine, shoutine, dancine or
whatever else thev wish to do to disrupt the see-er. When hoth teams are readv to plav, thev line
up lacine each other, ahout lour leet apart. A line should he indicated hetween the teams. Il
indoors, this can he a cord, or liehted candles. It is aeainst the rules lor anv part ol a team
memher's hodv, to cross the line. Il this occurs, a counter is awarded to the opposine team. Anv
ohject can he used as counters - lrom leathers to sticks. Each team has three or lour counters, and
this is placed inside the line in lront ol the team. The ohject ol the eame is to win all the
counters. A team has to win not onlv the opposine teams counters, hut also it's own. Two hones
or sticks are used.
These must he as much alike each other as possihle. Chicken wish-hones are eood lor this. Wrap
a hlack thread or strine around one hone. This is the hone that the see-er must pick out. When
the eame heeins, the hider must turn his hack on the opposine team and shullle the hones around
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
- - · · - -
in his hands. When he is done, he should turn hack to lace the opposine team, and stick out hoth
ol his hands in lront ol him. His team then starts a disruptive process to prevent the other team
lrom seeine clearlv. When the hider is readv, the releree should heein heatine a drum. The seeine
team remains quite, and concentrates on providine a shield ol tranquilitv around the see-er, and
sends him power to help his seeine. The see-er must pick out the marked hone in the hiders
hand. This is done hv the see-er pointine to one ol the hiders hands. Il the see-er is correct, the
team wins one ol the opposine teams counters. Il the see-er is wrone, his team looses a turn, hut
does not surrender a counter to the opposine team. In other words, counters can onlv he won hv
successlul seeine, not unsuccesslul seeine.
• Compiled hv the Silver Circle Blessed Be
• Converted to Adohe hv Sacred-Maeick.Com

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