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Ramblings of Sanity

Alvin A Sugar

Copyright 2000, Alvin A Sugar

This book may not be reproduced without the written consent of the author.

Dedicated to: My “Madame Butterfly”, Gail Sugar, who brightens my everyday with her
flitting around sprinkling love everywhere.

Credits: PBS TV, BCC, Bo Grietz, Vern Holland, Irwin Schiff, Darwin Brown, Martin
Pyle, Tom Donehue, Mel White, American Modelers Association, Smithsonian Institute,
Tyco, Steve Snyder, Desmond Morris, Sigmund Freud, Eustace Mullins, Albert Pike,
Benson Beckman, Lydon LaRouche, Peggy Christensen, Rev Lloyd Black, and many
other great patriots that have dedicated their lives to Libertarian concepts.

Acknowledgments: Lloyd Pye, Mike Davis, and Bill Newman for spurring me on.

Some personal history:

I migrated to Texas from Chicago in 1976 where I had originally worked as an
Electronic and Mechanical project Engineer for some really great accounts. Tone Right,
Worldwide Electronics (Milwaukee Wisc.), Keene corporation, Western Electric,
Hallicrafters, Motorola, Ampex, Johnson Farebox, Parcoa, Parking Systems inc,
Sheltronics, Soundtronics, Simpson Electric, Switchcraft, Baron Blaksley etc..
Arriving in Texas I established my corporation; AM electronics. Parallel to my arrival,
there was drastic changes occurring in Texas and Oklahoma that appeared to be pivotal
about Irwin Shiff’s book “the Fleecing of America”. New Freeman Associations, and
clones like the Texas Liberty Association, started to pop up all over the country that
attempted to educate the public that there was a drastic need for 6th amendment
attorneys, and that would help this great Nation to go back into conformity to
constitutional law.
Today I still do engineering consulting; while enjoying my retirement without
Government handouts. Apparently if I don’t mess with them, I am left alone. YEA!
Table of Contents

Prolog Where is Democracy? 3

Thumbnail North versus South 6

Bipolar Force In God We trust? 9

Society Kings, Queens, and Knights 13

50 life style Moderates Have No Place in Society 18

Sharecropping No Room for Revolutionary Moderates 21

Space Travel How 'Great' We Really Are 25

True History Education of 'Educated' Lies 28

Triple X A Golden Mean Becomes a Modulated Curve 32

Money The Root of All Evil 35

Freedom Everyone is a Slave 37

Waco The Shingling of Villains 41

Destruction Why Kids Kill 44

Future 2000 A Comical Charade - 1996 election 50

Where is Democracy?

The purpose of this book is not to have its readers hate a Government that is out
of control, but to understand it, which is the best tool for survival. Hope to change it is
totally out of the question because it has protected itself as intently as our own body’s
immune system protects us. The individuals position, relative to Government, is the
factor to be understood; because at this time in our epoch period of being a “civilized
society”, we have as much control over Government as we have over weather. In fact, the
odds of being struck down by a violent Government are greater than that of a mobile
home resting in Tornado Alley being attacked by a tornado. The gating agitation of small
temperature pockets of air combined with the inrush of normal thermal activity, acts like
a trigger to atmospheric violence; being a lesser power than the Tornado itself. This is
similar to the goings on of Government as it builds force to attack individuals; with any
awards for the use of logic going to the Tornado!! Unfortunately we individuals have no
input to a deaf Government, so its a case of hanging on when the storms of Government
blow. The only saving grace is that the individuals will still be there; when everything
goes up in smoke, but that is inevitable!!

The 21st Century ushers in a world that has a degree of peace between the
powerful Governments of the world. The only obstacle seen for the various
governments is now unification into the concept of one world order. The fuel that
maintains a Government of any kind is the desire of the individuals to protect themselves
from ‘other’ individuals. The reason that this insurance policy does not work is that
Government is always militant, and thus uses a basic concept when it feels pinned down
by what it eludes as the threatening force of a ‘herd of humans’ enjoying their rights; of
dividing this enemy, and then conquering it (using a tremendous amount of overpowering
unilateral force, if necessary). The few that love their fellow man, and wish to Govern
fairly, are totally overpowered by the wolves of humanity amongst us that follow the pact
concept (political machine) which is a winning situation for them. Thus, the barrier for
the good of humanity to be successful at any leadership is raised higher and higher by the
wolves in office until total filtration occurs. Here is where we are today regardless of the
limit of Country, Island, or Continent; if there is humans, there is today a large
overpowering Government that is not representing “the people”. Instead of
representation we have a tool for those wolves fringing public office to gain extreme
wealth by association, rather than actually employ the concept of capitalism (that is
supposedly a societal banner) and work honestly for status. Because of their financial
status, these wolves actually puppetize a willing Government so that we have come full
circle, and now have figureheads as Presidents and/or Rulers whose success is gauged
upon their acting ability, and mannerisms. Now picture that kind of Governmental
universes all over the planet uniting into one extremely massive impenetrable super
corporation that rules (ruthlessly) all the life force on the planet!

The entity that I see of our existing Government today, whom has become so
isolated from the public, is one of a 6 year old child raised by wild animals. Smart and
ruthless enough to survive, yet emotionally immature and mentally ill equipped to handle

any concept of justice or logic. The story of the “King with his invisible clothes” was a
whimsical precursor to what exists currently. Government has become totally unruly
when it acquires the limits of continents, and becomes totally dominating. Any attempt
of straightening the catastrophe of an over inflated Government falls into the category of
watching a shrew pinning a chimpanzee at a wrestling match. Man instead should devote
his limited time and energy into something that is simpler, and much more rewarding;
like finding out who built the Pyramids, or where and how Big Foot lives.

Man with his individuality, has become the bacteria to an entity of Government,
and man only becomes stronger when united in a fellowship (sub government)* that is
commonly supportive, that will deflect the storm of lies and legal manipulations that an
empirical 6 year old savage (that never looses) imposes. This state of affairs is extremely
volatile because Government will amplify any threat they perceive and, use propaganda
to justify its effort in destruction of that illusion of threat.
*Sub Government: because of reduced size, and selected clientele, emulates a
more mature and compassionate entity.

Only when we realize the present values of morality, and the common laws that
currently exist, are merely tools of a Government that is allowing them to trickle down
(after they have been tinkered with) through a society, and toward an individual; and that
they are no longer laws that were created by a “higher power”! Can we then look into
ourselves and discover what we are, and why we are motivated. Only when we are able
to extract ourselves out of this quagmire and go back to the vary basics, are we able to
honestly philosophize about our existence, which is really quite simple.

Starting with the rules for all living creatures, be they virus or whales, we find we
only have 3 elements to existence: Life, Intercourse, Death; and it appears all existence is
designed to carry out these phases as quickly as possible. Because of more than 4000
years of governmental control, regardless of religious guidance or pure enslavement, all
human direction is distorted with goals that can never be accomplished; virginity, infinite
wealth, eternal life - with a 17 year old body (that is germ-proof). Sex is an activity that
government actually invades by pulling the strings of a puppet society so as to attempt to
control individuals via unnatural rules; creating for example a taboo against two
unlicensed individuals sharing the very essence of life. Every effort in establishing the
control of the individual by sex has the basis of immature emotional concepts instead of
logic, or reality. Just the “Give and take” concepts that invade the very activity violate
the reality that we are animals that have strong chemically motivated needs; and that two
individuals that engage in the sexual act by taking selfishly; actually do honor and make
“take and take” the best of this activity.

With the forming of the Government ‘Love Partnerships’ around the planet we
have the stripping away of the primary reason large governments were formed. No
longer will we need to protect our shores once everything is integrated into “One World
Order”. The effort of Government can then concentrate on the only “problem” left.
People!! With the losses of our rights, and our appeals for justice extinguished; the
Government will have free reign to fulfill the promises made by previous masters of the

mechanics of Government; i.e. Benito Mussolini, and his number one student, Adolph

Now that you have a glimpse of my mindset, and hopefully can see the direction
in which we as a society are going; we can either put this book down and thus escape
from reality, or proceed further to see more of my substantiating arguments.

A Little Story

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and
Nobody. There was this important job to be done and Everybody was sure that
Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it; however Nobody just did it.
Somebody got hopping mad about it because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought
Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that
Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Thumbnail History

America has many legal problems because over the years it tries to heal mistakes
by covering over them instead of curing the problems the mistakes created. We have no
true history. All we have is distortions of modern concepts focused upon the past, to
falsely justify what had occurred. We were never a Republic, so our constitution to this
day has never been fully engaged. Here is the problem; and the simple answer to the
present dilemma: Go back to the basics! i.e. Engage the Constitution (instead of
bypassing this document), and form the Republic of the United States of America.......In
conformity to that document. In fact, thanks to the computer, it is now possible to pass
the word faster, and gain more advantage over the "British" overlords than during the
year of 1776. Our Constitution will never be obsolete! (as many of our politicians try to
make us believe). We have to stop letting the Government impose rule, instead of law.
The present Illegal rules imposed (which are generally Constitutional violations) are
destroying the public at large; to the financial gain of those who know what is going on.
Unfortunately, all the vehicles to assert public indignation has been eliminated; and the
only techniques available (that the Government actually permits) are extremely tedious,
and costly.

When we were a British colony, we fought a war against the British Allotment of
Taxing Foot-soldiers (BATF??), and drove them out of our lives; Until George
Washington agreed to pay reparation fees for the damages done to Briton. This was done
in secret meetings held by George, until Ben Franklin's grandson, the editor of the
"Aurora" at the time, leaked the story about George's incompetence, and the danger of his
actions in his grandfather's newspaper. This poor editor was immediately arrested for
telling the truth, and thrown in prison, where, after never being charged, or even heard
during his 2 years of confinement, he died! The Government at that time was attempting
to force through its congress the Alien Sedition Act to deport Benjamin Franklin's
grandson; however, they floated it through as usual.....Too late

What I am saying in the above is that we won a skirmish against the British, but
we stayed a Prison Colony in their, and the world at large, eyes. Basically we NEVER
WON A WAR WITH THE BRITISH!! In fact, just like in modern times, the public is
made to believe a policing action is a war, but in reality there is no changing in the
victors, or losers status. Those under the boot fight upward for justice, and those on top
fight downward (using a slice of the 'losers' population to do the fighting for them). All
this is done to maintain control. The great victorious end result is: Slightly less
injustice......for a while. You see the outcome of the conflict is preconceived, just like
Saturday night wrestling. All that was accomplished was that we won Independence.

Our George (Washington) did the USA considerable damage by being fearful, and
complacent. It took our country 35 years to pay the Britons reparations bill. If we really
won a war, why did we pay damages?? To do this, a federal taxing system was installed
that collected more revenue from Americans for King George of England than he would
have ever received by taxing our tea! The biggest victims of this taxing were the
American Southern States, because they were more isolated from the world at large. The

North with its industry, machinery, and mining activities had a more intense interface in
the world market, and as most financially endowed individuals quickly learn, "If there is
a bill to be paid, let the ones with less financial status pay it because they are weaker".
When the last of the British bill was collected; the South felt relieved.......Until they
found out the taxing authority of the US Federal Government was not about to be relaxed.
So it seems the basis for the Civil War was actually started in 1830 with the end result
that the North was taxing the South under the guise of a federal tax that really had no
merit (of which the North was the only party enjoying the benefits).

In the next 30 years the South made several attempts at succeeding the Union only
to discover they no longer were the Republic, the Union claimed it was. The right to
succession was denied, and then more pressure, and more intrusions of States Rights,
were enacted against the South unjustly. When the Civil war broke out, it had no
overtones of the slavery issue. Instead it was based upon the same issue as 1776 i.e. a
continuation of the same skirmish fought against the British tax collectors (who are now
wearing American uniforms). It was a war to re-establish States Rights, and if necessary,
the Right to succeed. It wasn't until many years after the war that the fable of slavery
came to surface and misinformed the latter generations. After the war, the South was
under martial law, yet amendments were made to the Constitution, and laws written that
never were popular with the people. The enforcement of these laws is criminal in nature
because too high a percentage of the population were technically prisoners of war, and
had no say regarding legal decisions. Thus the laws simply were not the will of the

It is interesting to note that an Affirmative Action group to oppose government

abuse was formed; and like the modern group that belongs to the black community, it was
a segregated group of whites who wanted justice. Its original charter described that the
responsib ility of resisting oppression was in the hands of the Christian Aryan, thus it
excluded other races and minorities. This group; the KKK, was successfully attacked by
the Government via the news media, to the point that their original concepts of race
exclusion was not respected, making them appear as wild eyed savage segregationist (the
modern media’s educated concept of black oppressors). Their bylaws and goals were not
publicly understood, or known today (except internally). Through this effort our
Government learned how to heavily control the news media, and thus be able to agitate
any section of our multi racial society.

NOTE: When one becomes enlightened on the crimes our Government perpetrates, one
sees the same pattern of events occurring world wide i.e. with other Governments.
America is still the best country to reside in, if one limits his exposure to intrusion, or by
becoming a celebrity so as to have status above the law.

As the beginning of the 1800's, there were a few valiant individuals in congress
that had libertarian leanings, and they saw an upcoming disaster; the creation of
professional politicians; so they tried to head it off by installing the 13th amendment.
Many publications have the original 13th amendment (which was ratified around 1815)
that shows that it militated against the concept of professional politicians i.e. the creation

of the ruling class, but some time after the amendment was ratified, the text was changed
to what we have presently. Apparently this overwriting occurred around 1865; and in
spite of the more recent purging of all books that illustrated this original text, some were
luckily not "burned" because the evidence of the original text has been found in old law
libraries in Virginia and Pennsylvania. When this situation was brought before current
congressional officers, they simply refused to investigate these authentic documents.
Since the majority of politicians belong to the BAR association, which is a fraternity,
they would be out of a job.

Thus America has now become the land of must conform or
else be labeled; commie, cultist, radical, racist etc. ....or worse DEAD!!!!

Bipolar Force; In God we Trust (?)

We as the modern inhabitants of the planet think of ourselves as highly advanced,

and that our present Political and Judicial system has been honed to extreme keenness. In
reality our Government, via society, attempts to maintain population ignorance, and thus
gains blind obedience by having the common knowledge of the past available only to
scholars; dedicated to piecing the past for understanding what occurred, rather than
utilize the past as a tool to repair the present, and prepare for the future. That way the
present can continuously repeat history (for tremendous gain for the Rulers who have all
the tools to adjust and eliminate the errors of their predecessors), with population totally
unaware that they are the predictable guinea pigs.

Politics and government apparently are ageless, with the same structure occurring
over and over again, but with different names. The true origin of modern religion (at a
time where it was tightly intermingled with politics) seems to focus around Christ; with a
+ & - tolerance of about 500 years (to include all the similar religious foundations that
parallel Christ i.e. Buddha, and Muhammad). Making 70AD the birth of Christianity (it
had just become an international religion); we move back into the Jewish philosophical
period of 200BC and we discover there were 3 Jewish sects that were surprisingly similar
to the political parties of the present time. The Sadducees that were the liberals believing
in preordained destiny that man has no control over; the Pharisees being conservatives
intent on following the law believing destiny although preordained by the Lord, is
controlled by mankind; and the Essenes the moderate ones that felt the world was going
to end soon (preordained destiny defined), and that one should primarily follow God’s
law for a place in Heaven. Obviously John the Baptist, and Christ, were of the Essenes
sect. Just like the present Libertarian party, the Essenes where not a popular group of
people, and almost disappeared from common history until the Dead Sea Scrolls were
unearthed - demo nstrating Christianity prior Christ. Christ, a brilliant Rabbi and
evangelist, started giving pride and freedom to the moderates by having them concentrate
on putting a higher power first, thus ignoring or padding down imperialistic rules
presented under color of law. Little did he know that he would end up being a tool of
control used by both the liberals and conservatives (that all through history, including the
present are typically sharing the ruling power). This Idol, “The Son of God” was totally
unleashed upon the public moderates with the opening of the Roman Christian Church
120 years after his death. To seal His religious significance the papers of his disciples
were uncovered - - 300 years after his death?! Excuse some cynical sarcasm here that
this situation generates because of late appearance of the documents (but is not totally
factual because of insufficient proof; finding evidence that reinforces testimony is our
responsibility - and so far none has been found; yet).

This Bipolar leadership need apparently is a force programmed within us as a

individual societal creature, of any kind. A wolf pack has a liberal for a leader, with
basic instinct the conservative force! Ever watch a dog nervously come and go from you
as you wish to pet it; it is just responding to the 2 forces via serial, modulated by thought
programming? That is the raging battle of conditioned wanting to please, versus instinct!
Primitive man, once tribes were formed, developed the Chief and then its Doctor (Witch);

apparently a bipolar situation of the Witch Doctor being the liberal, and the Chief the
conservative. Why does the majority always have to be the moderates?? Because the
leaders need population to accomplish their goals and the best way to accomplish this is
to utilize the concept of Democracy; that simply turns the blame of poor quality (self
serving) leadership back onto the moderate majority. In the meantime, the moderates that
are caught up in a squeeze play between conservative and liberal forces become very
productive, pressing for their own individual bias on issues between the two extremes;
regardless of the fact that no moderate is totally pure. Once the moderates are loaded
down with work however, they remain moderates; while their voice gets weaker and

When one understands this basic pressure of two identities seeking the same
goals, but with different idealism, one can see all the trauma it generates. A college
debating team for example, will pick at random individuals for the pro or con of an
argument. This combat is the test of the individuals cleverness to dodge verbal thrusts,
and disrupt his opponent with a flurry of logic. If one is a believer, and is passionate in
the position he is playing, he will lose to the cold logic and cleverness of his opponent
(strictly playing the odds). Here we have a microcosm of what goes on with a court room
at law where the 3 players belong to the same fraternity (the BAR ass.) so all the official
players are seeking the same goals, with little respect for their clients problems that
created the assemblage; even though the clients are fueling the legal combatants and
Judge financially. The basic concept of two gladiators entering a ring to battle it out so as
to have justice mysteriously emerge is totally barbaric and medieval. All this activity
does is remove liability from the gladiators - and referee (judge), and instead place it
upon the spectators (jury); which in modern times frees the warriors at law to use
unethical practices, and emotio nalism (a no- no in the college debating team) to win
without regard for justice or logic.

Individuality also fuels the bi-polar force. Once mankind discovers that he really
doesn’t exist as a tangible entity, but is in reality a symbiotic Spirit attached to a living
organism (that is constantly being exposed to reprogramming and updating via education)
is when he can totally visualize the environmental bi-polar force that he is being
subjected to; and see that this force is also an extrapolation of his individuality!

On one hand we have the primitive force of the herd, because of the desire of
safety in numbers (that is created out of the attributes of fear and loneliness). On the
other hand some of us have the intense desire to be totally separated, and thus free.
Individuality therefore, has a variable gradient attached to it that extends from the natural
human desire to find a place between the extremes of communism or anarchy. Any form
of Government, to be totally successful, must be able to cater to the wide variation of
individuality within a population; and really should never attempt to legislate
Governmental desires, as if Government is the supreme entity, onto that population. Ted
Kazinski for example, (Unabomber) was a true anarchist, sparked by another more
peaceful anarchist Henry Thoreau (On Walden Pond) that probably fell out of the same
mold. True, Ted is a criminal unlike Henry, but this was a personal vendetta and not
antiestablishmentarian in nature. Our constitution i.e. the law of the land is supposed to

be the vehicle that ties all the individual variants together so as to create a equitable
middle road, and limit extremism. Unfortunately, as you will see demonstrated in the
Triple Cross, the entity of Government has replaced the golden mean generated by the
Constitution and assumes to be the Paragon of balance; thus is legislating its way into
confusing, complicated, emotional, ridiculous rules (under color of law) that we are
presently witnessing.

Those of us that enjoy institutional life should live in the communes and/or
communities they prefer without concern of being labeled “Segregationists”. Those that
wish to relive the ‘On Walden Pond’ experience should be free to do so without being
labeled “Wild Eyed Terrorists”. Our existence doesn’t need to be so marshaled, or have
us pressured into some form of retaliation so as to show the general public that the
Government is at work accomplishing things (unfortunately destructive things - that are
propagandized as constructive).

The bipolar force is also the force that presses us onward to greater perfection;
however, it also has a back lash of cutting us off from our roots. The majority of kids had
their own little adventures that they could delve into, and become proficient at without
concern of celebrity status. Soft Ball and Touch Football were sandlot activities that
were forced into extinction. Today the modern version of these games must be heavily
organized to be “safely” performed (with lots of expensive hardware). No more “I will
bring a bat, and you bring your (16 inch) softball”, and we will choose sides. I happen to
like guns, and was able to join a junior rifle team as a youngster; when I became of age,
shot pistol competition. All your shooting sports for juniors are now are down the tube,
which is really strange to me because they taught safety, the importance of each shot,
control of emotions, and teamwork. Archery has been replaced by Frisbee golf which is
pretty good, but there really is room for both, and model aircraft has now become a rich
man’s sport where everything is pushed to state of art, and just the animation of a puppet
aircraft for fun has been lost into selective high quality competition. (Thanks to the effort
of S.M.A.L.L.; non competitive model aircraft flying is slowly being rekindled.) So we
strip off the learning of basic weaponry such as Archery and BB guns, replace kid stuff
with extremely organized activities, display expensive toys that only the rich boys play
with (while the toys are still evolving to greater performance - and expense), and as
adults we sit back and wonder why the majority of our kids fool around with sex and
drugs (much simpler activities). I hate to say it but the kids are normal!, it is us adults
that have our eyes closed to reality.

Can there be any hope of turning anything around? Well, when Egypt Air flight
990 went down I looked at the recorded flight performance, took in the BBC commentary
and said (as a professional engineering moderate evaluating a situation) that “it looks like
the damn thing fell apart”. Our Government’s corporate conclusion was that the
Egyptian Copilot committed suicide and to date will not discuss flight 990, especially
after flight 261 Alaska Air did about the same thing shortly afterward. Taking the
problem of the faulty jackscrew as currently discussed and centering upon as the problem
as speculated by the news media further, I find that it is not a trim control as defined: to
alleviate yoke pressures a pilot would normally contend with, but instead is a device that

gives the stabilizer an extreme amount of unnecessary range in motion. All the deflection
that would be needed is about 15 degrees (from 0 - 0 wing to stabilizer reference to plus
5 and minus 10 degrees, so as to handle all normal trim requirements of flying, and
landing with flaps). Now with an elevator response that can over ride those limitations,
we have the more normal set up that is successfully employed in light aircraft. About 40
degrees delta in range on a horizontal stabilizing surface that can stall the wing at minus
22 degrees is a bit overkill, and is usually reserved for an aircraft that is designed to
perform acrobatics. If a pilot wishes to use full flap, and dive at close to Vne (velocity
not to be exceeded) he should not have a trim control with enough range to make the
machine comfy at this tactic - nor comfy at slow flying at airspeeds a smidgen above
stall. To avoid ‘problems’ with Engineers that are moderates; they only have standing
when they reinforce the Mutt and Jeff tactics within a societal accepted Government; that
has the last word. The liberal Salespeople will state “Our aircraft has more trim range
than any of the competition”; the conservative Purchasing Agents reply “We want your
engineering company to give us the most for the dollar”. And, just like the American
courtroom, logic takes the backseat. The bipolar force is now totally in control and
insulated; neither emotion or logic can pierce the thick barriers. After a little discussion
with mechanics from American Airlines I find there is a difference between the Boeing
and McDonnell Douglas aircraft design. The amount of Stabilizer shift for the trim is
about the same from either aircraft corporation; with Boeing using the jackscrew, and
McDonnell using hydraulics; regardless, the problem of poor engineering still exists with
either system. There is no captive limit for the Stabilizer in case of failure!! The elevator
cannot override the trim, and it should for safety sake. Since the failure of the original
system is very low statistically, and the expense of overhauling the majority of aircraft
intense, things will be activated to cover over the problem, and some safety controls
installed (for a while).

So politics with me ends up being quite curt. I see Tweedle Dee and Tweedle
Dum year after year experimenting with different arts in lying in a celebrity attempt to
gain popularity; with absolutely no real intent to do anything different; because they are
totally incapable. As a soldier, I would prefer to have Audie Murphy by my side than
John Wayne; one is a real hero, and the other a celluloid spirit. Unfortunately society
would pick the Actor; as demonstrated by their votes. As the candidates ‘pouf’
themselves up, the way great apes bluff any advisory to their territory, intelligent people
actually get involved evaluating which candidate lies the best by promising the most!!
The only electoral party that is based upon honesty, and has the hardest working staff of
individuals that are totally dedicated to do the job right (without frills) is the Libertarian
party; which is totally snubbed by society! So nobody fixes anything for anybody, and
everyone is expected to stand with a ‘majority’ vote that is really a minority - relative to

Society versus Creation

We are born with an empty memory bank with our first reactions initiated by
primitive instinctive - basic instructions that were recorded and passed on to us from our
forebears; all within the genetic code of our DNA. As we adapt to our universe our mind
stores the new information and we gain personal experience; our mind then takes over the
instinctive programming - to some degree, and our individuality is thus created. As we
mature we are pulled by the force of natural instinct, and conditioned by tribal customs (a
family) and its training, in order to conform within a society that is now created basically
by the cumulative spirit of mankind (that is constantly getting larger than the original
tribal limitations of our forebears).

The effect of an expanding society exploding into greater density is detailed by

Desmond Morris in his book “The Human Zoo”. Today, society is attempting to adjust
behind its expansion (i.e. as an afterthought) and this creates a total reliance onto
emotionalism rather than logic; and is the same pattern as primitive man worshipping
idols for security. The sinister problem here is that men and women who are the leaders
of our society quickly realize the force of emotionalism is a great tool to maintain their
leadership, as did the witch doctors of the past, and quickly develop the concept of
utilizing emotionalism to overpower logic. When these leaders within a society generate
the level of control to the status of a dictatorship (because of they have a loyal following)
we have the society split apart into two factions; Anarchists and Slaves - all done in order
to delegate and generate a working economy. The acting dictators that have become
‘figureheads in power’ then willingly becomes the puppets of the Anarchists so as to gain
even more status (at the obvious cost of loss of control). Here is where we are in
America - along with the rest of the world; societies of Anarchists!

Lets go beyond the false emotional concept that we are “representatives of a

democracy” and absorb the logical truth that the “World Order” (which is the current end
that all the societies of this planet are gravitating to) is nothing more than a union of
Anarchists. Now we can then better und erstand how, and why, the system of society
works in the apparently insane manner that we witness day after day. With anarchism we
have the creation of objects that can be individuals, places, institutions, or corporations
through which financial power flows to supercharge the status of those anarchists
involved. Anarchists are creative; however, it is easier to delegate their ideas to slaves of
higher intelligence to expand on the thoughts, and eventually accomplish goals (without
the slaves recognition by the society to which he also belongs). The point is that most of
the controlling anarchists are slightly above average intellect, but their real forte is the
ruthlessness that is combined with intelligence. The two most destructive engines to a
society are Capitalism and Democracy. Although necessary for economic growth, they
should be governed (limited); and methods set up for selecting (colleges/institutions)
those that wish, need, and have to contribute. Our present system is totally blind to the
dedicated individual; while lofting the superficial (unqualified) paragons of bull shit to
lofty positions - for their financial rewards - that in turn fuel their children’s future for

Imperialism is the disease that a gaggle of anarchists create, and regenerate! Add
the fact that emotionalism is currently the educated motive of the average person, rather
than logic, and you have a succinct schematic of how the modern anarchist ruthlessly
controls his underlings, regardless of their passion for the rights they have no access to.
The concept of justice at law is replaced by punishment levied, with the courtroom
becoming the tool of the most ruthless; against his victim. There is no longer any room
to appear in our courtrooms with ‘hat in hand’ seeking the honest repair of an injustice
because your claim would now become a frivolous law suit; that you would have to
defend. And, if you do proceed as a plaintiff pro se (because of financial limitations), you
would most likely be converted first into a defendant that has to prove his innocence; to
off the wall accusations by the BAR members in the action, and then criminalized for
‘practicing law without a license’ (especially true in the State of Texas - thanks to judge
Barefoot Sanders). Since there is no real representation, or even a citizens equivalent of
the BAR Association, a ‘pressure cooker’ type seal is now in place that forces the general
public into the thought of violence as being the only way to gain comfort, or audience, to
their serious problems. This is the basic explanation of why this country is so violent.

Morality is no longer a guide for recognized honor, and cleverness of deceit has
now become a token of respect, and is evaluated in our modern time as Intelligence.
Nature is intense, with complex forces that overcome any concept of a token morality
that is not logical. Utilizing the form of morality to negate normality is a tool that a
society employs for establishing strong emotional controls over individuals. Sex and
love are totally separate issues, and never should be combined within any form of
morality. If a wealthy girl of status has many lovers, she is classified as a girl with a
healthy appetite by her peers; whereas, the poor girl is a classified as a slut by her peers;
even by those peers (that have not been caught) that have the bigger appetite. All these
kind of double standards are society engineered to control individuals better, and be
disruptive enough to engage societal repair functions - that were not really needed to
begin with. Jealousy is educated; and ownership of people is slavery, but factored as
normal under the guise of being in love. When we unite as a family it should be a love
function primarily, with sex merely being treasured gifts given to each other, regardless
of gender. Catching your cheerleader girlfriend copulating with the quarterback for a
thrill should not negate your feelings for her; just because of her overpowering lust. It is
sad that we are so conditioned by society that we must find anger, and jealousy, instead
of approval of the situation that your friend (that never should be your property) had a
good exciting time, and appreciate the fact that the quarterback took the time to state her
desire. If your friend chooses sex over love, it is their right to do so, and one should not
seek society to come to your assistance to replace something that you could never
honestly own. At this point I really do not see the individuals of the masses becoming
mature enough to eliminate jealous y and modesty, and thus rely on nature to establish the
control instead of the meaningless mixed up double standardized artificial morality
invoked by society. This double standardized morality forces barriers between people for
protective insulation via isolation, with heterosexual friendship being frowned upon
because of the autonomic sexual activity that may result; which then stimulates more
acceptance of homosexuality for relief of natural sexual interest.

All life seems to have pressure put onto it for greater consciousness. The more
basic life forms reach saturation in their capability of comprehension, and remain locked
at their peak, and thus their survival is optimized. Man is not at his peak at this point in
time, and probably is retarded into his present position by a society that exists as an entity
that has enough comprehension to be in opposition to the very nature of creation.
Unfortunately, society seeks its perfection and spirally lofts its concept of morality to
higher and higher plateaus; while at the same time nature pulls at the individual leaders
within that society to enjoy their status; and thus ignore the illogical appeal of the
continuously elevating ‘morality’. Here we have here another foundation for the
apparent insanity of our present society/system. Any “immoral” act is attacked with
intensity when one is not in a position to defend oneself; so as to make an example that
even the slightest breech brings down heavy punishment. Only the most serious
perpetrators of evil, tha t can generate enough fear, will survive the meager scrutiny that
the system can support.

Every avenue of our life is now directed by a master of some kind. If one plays,
or should I say dabbles, in a musical instrument he is immediately compared to a master
of that instrument, and belittled if his performance is not up to that par. Children cannot
be just children, they have to be super kids. If a family of nudists; that have enjoyed that
state of affairs for several centuries wishes to pass that ple asure on to their children; in
our present messed up society they would be attacked for doing sexual abuse to a minor.
The Spanish Inquisition is now back alive and well, and just as with the original
inquisition, it is fortified by poorly educated masses that are now its accomplices. The
whole system process is really an attempt to criminalize the majority of the society, so
that the small groups of those that have status strongly appear as superior; be they law
officers, politicians, theologians, sport figures, actors, attorneys etc.....

Sigmund Freud had the basic motivations of all living creatures very well defined;
and the leaders and stimulators of societal values use this knowledge ruthlessly. For
more than 2000 years we have reared our young and may have made mistakes (but we
were never intended to be perfect). Yet within a few decades society strives to create a
war against normality and it’s adventures that we the preceding generations should go
through as we change from child to adult. When a girl of 13 is going through puberty,
and her hormones are bubbling up (caused by nature); her parents want her to be chaste to
satisfy the rules of society! God help the parents that give their little girl a dildo, or
prophylactics and instructions on how to protect herself! The cheerleader and the
quarterback must never disclose their delightful adventurous experimentation, otherwise
her ‘good girl’ status will immediately change to slut, while his status will increase as a
ladies man. Basically if Sigmund is correct, we should all be living the adventures
portrayed by porno stars where honesty, and lack of modesty would be much closer to
natures intent. With the reduction of jealousy and rage, the individuals living that life
style would be a lot less frustrated, and be considerably more contributory within a more
natural constructed society. This would be far better than the societal created trauma
which exists that conflicts with natural evolution so as to establish the modern hysteria,
and all the wasted energy through the criminalizing a large percentage of the population;
that really do not belong in prison, but must be maintained there primarily for economic

reasons. An individuals life is important only as long as the individual wishes enjoy it. If
an individual wishes to bow out; he should have the opportunity to do so (and save the
lives of those he usually takes along with him; as witnessed by the recent senseless

Those that believe in a spiritual world are those that adhere the most strongly to a
morality that conflicts with normality. When one reaches the level of understanding that
an individual is totally unique; and thus is The Spirit! (and that Spirit is the ‘non-existent’
captain of a human body; very much like software messages are the operative to a
computer) is the time individuality is fully comprehended. The individual after learning
from experience (growing up), is then anchored to the concept of physical existence
within a very logical universe; and that is the point in time that one can pull himself out
of the emotional quagmire created by a body’s reaction to chemistry, and the desire to be
integrated (to conform) into society. Chemistry, and the lack of understanding our true
non existence are the prime ingredients that actually interferes with the true desire of a
Spirits ability to center upon logic being a prime conditioning; in order to thrive in a
logical universe. Those of us that have successfully separated themselves to some degree
via meditation, and other similar disciplines, are usually attached to a religious sect so
they never can completely sever the ties to some form of emotional reaction; yet, they too
can see the emotional upheaval created by chemical reactions that may be naturally
induced by excessive glandular excretions, or induced artificially, but none the less
strongly stimulate human emotionalism that will militate logic - that is further accelerated
by the unnatural rules of morality dictated by an unyielding society.

With enough of this kind of stimulation (and it’s unimportant whether internal and
natural, or artificially induced by drugs), and the present primary experiences, the modern
individual responds totally to emotion, and logic does not have a chance. So we end up
with our present society that is structured like Hitler’s democratic mobsters; who have
celebrity status; while at the same time being controlled by the mentality of ‘spoiled
children’ - and that is the distorted forces that are driving this sociological “time
machine” to regenerate the program to even greater emotional intensity!

Obviously free thinking is the ‘disease’ that our society wishes to eradicate, with
an effort to expand upon anti logical emotionalism. With status comes the right to
employ logic; however, to gain the cooperation of the masses the one with status has to
logically manipulate emotions within the legal arcade, so as to gain more even more
status. Once great status is obtained; however, the hell with logic that can damage the
status. The passion of this writing is really an emotional display, so obviously some
proportion of emotion is important to our very being, otherwise there would be even less
communication whatsoever from totally logical entities, other than their manipulations.
The present balance between logic and emotion have swung so far into our emotional
nature that the propensity of illogical laws that we have accepted; rule our lives,
complicate our existence, and have been totally accepted, and zealously followed, like
lemmings leaping into the sea. Attempting to use a court at law to handle problems, you
have to realize that the odds are that the most financially capable will win most actions,
and that you are attempting to apply logic onto a system that automatically (and

intensely) punishes those that are the least able to protect themselves; without any regard
for justice.

What we really have is the total entity of society emulating the mentality of an
undeveloped adult, and it seems to be accelerating further into immaturity. Paramount to
this disclosure is the most important rule that any just society should be based upon;
instead of that which has been distorted with the legal massivity that our present society
has created; whereas, all law should be capsulated into the single Christian-Judeo
principle of: “Do onto others as you wish others to do onto you” with all society’s
emotionalism, directed by logic, to maintain that rule. Too Simple!

Why not a 1950 life style?

Many people get quite confused when I say that we should be living a life style
that existed about 1950 to 1960 and think I am trying to replicate an era instead of just
rationalizing the important values. Owning a vehicle at that time was just opening the
door to freedom, and learning to respect not only your individual rights, but the rights of
others. Also, since credit was not honored as an attribute at that time but was a short term
debt instead, that was to be repaid as quickly as possible; there was a strong desire to be

Shelter was not too gaudy an estate, and for the most part, and was reasonable and
quite affordable for those that worked for it. A simple home with modern conveniences
was a paradise then, but has now become a low class hell hole by today’s standards.
Only “Gypsies and thieves live in an Manufactured house of any kind” is sort of a motto
today. Many a high tech engineer chose to drive a VW, Renault Dolphine, or 4CV to and
from work because they enjoyed the high inexpensive mileage, the fun of driving, and the
low easy maintenance these vehicles had to offer. They were inexpensive to buy, and
customize by their owner for a great harmony between needs, and displays of

Although the Society at the time was quite uptight (especially about sex), the
multiplicity of laws that microscopically classify a felony just was not as prolific then, as
is today. Parents, that may have abused children, were proud of their successes. And the
majority of the “abused” kids still had tenderness for their original guardians. Only in
modern times do we criminalize acts of normal passion, and grade individuals by
standards that are unobtainable within a majority. “He spanked his child in a public
place!! Horrors! Toss him in the poky for a dozen years!” is exactly where we are today.

Wealth before the 70s was really measured by gold standards (even though not
totally applicable), and not how much circulating capitol that you have some kind of
equitable interest in (which is another form of credit/debt). With the current vogue of
Royalty one can flip hamburgers for a paycheck just to handle living expenses, while
circulating a million or two; that can’t be touched in order to prevent a disaster from

A moderate from the past is almost non existent in the view of our modern society
that goes to extremes, i.e. you’re either a conservative or a liberal!! There is no in-
between. Example of political parties: Democrat = liberal, Republican = conservative,
and Libertarian = moderate? Libertarians struggle (unsuccessfully) just to get recognized
as a political organization, thus they have no real status of any kind here in America.
This is a reflection of a population that is either caught up with escalating wealth, or tied
down with work overloads, idealism, laziness, or just lack of interest.

As a moderate, I look at escalating wealth as a good thing for those of us who

wish to gamble with the riches personally acquired; I just believe they should be the
owners of that wealth, and not be able juggle public funds or promises to pay, for a profit

in an amount that They believe they deserve. When we truly use to have free enterprise
and capitalism, that kind of manipulating conduct would eventually put one in prison.
Since we now have Royalty, doing evil seems to require promotion to more status.

When I say we should be living the life style of the 50’s, I am including the
modern technological advances that we have made. I am not trying to go back in time, I
just wish I could pull a time period forward. Even with all the modern state of art
conveniences available, there just is no way to live a moderate lifestyle in America.
Homes are $250k, cars are $25K, Corn Beef and Lox is $22 / lb! Try to buy the little
home of the 50s, and you will find out they want $250k for it because of the land value
(you are expected to bulldoze the buildings on the property and put up better). If you do
not have an attorney on retainer, guess what the taxes you will have to pay if you try to
live in the ‘shanty’ (the present evaluation of that kind of homestead). My desire for a
well made small manufactured house built of state of art materials for fuel efficiency,
with solar heaters for water, a lawn sprinkler system for genetically altered grass that
grows very slowly, hot tub in the small patio, and other neat accessories (hopefully within
a community that is close to work). Plus, a 3 car garage for 2 minicars designed and built
like the Renault 4CV of modern manufacture with turbo charged 3 cyl 2 stroke 250 cc
engine - and enough comfort amenities to just handle short runs to the market, theater,
dining, and to the airport for my 2 seater lightplane of modern manufacture - that would
be available for more serious traveling (my old Taylorcraft BC-65 worked well as an
inexpensive corporate airplane, but is really outdated - vintage 1941). No airplane? Put
the 3d car/truck in the garage for land cruising and/or hauling. To accomplish this kind
of universe today, you would have to be extremely wealthy; whereas it was easily
accomplished in 1983 (including an airport on my property) and was well within my
meager earnings; only for me to be swarmed upon by Government agencies that hungrily
attacked for improper taxation to the point that I gave it all up in 1990; instead of
constantly battling it out in court where it’s a proven fact that even if you win, you lose.
Especially in a court where every tax attack is treated separately, and thus is a small
financial problem; so one appears to have many frivolous lawsuits going (by dollar

What I am saying is that with the universe of the 50s, and all the modern devices
that we presently have today, life would be a paradise to moderates like myself, and I
believe an industry should be created to market the concept of hi tech $25k cellular
homes and $3k automobiles that will do 65 miles to the gallon of gas. People could then
invest more in the dynamics of education, and be much more contributory to society as
they work for honest status. Housing and vehicles could then be more freely spread all
over the world instead of remaining a talisman of the richer nations. Instead, we have the
haughty attitude by society to extinguish these basics, and replace them with stimulated
desires for excesses in luxury so as to encourage snobbery, and segregation... OOOPs!

I have to define the difference between separatism and segregation. In the 50s we
practiced separatism for all the nationalities in the northern States; whereas, the southern
States practiced segregation of black and whites. I lived in a very peaceful Jewish
community in Chicago that, as the months went by, constantly varied plus or minus in

Jewish purity. A few blocks away their was an Italian community, that was generally
biased Italian, but not totally pure. My close friend Robert Goodman, lived amongst the
Blacks, and together we all enjoyed each others culture. Our School was integrated
without a Government declaration because we all worked together, without interracial
competition being emphasized. Because of this experience; very much like going into
China Town for Chop Suey, or Cicero’s La Bianca for a 12 course Italian dinner, or the
Gold Coast Jewish restaurant for a huge corn beef on rye, I simply can’t conceive any
wrong doing with the separatism that I know was practiced in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan,
Wisconsin, New York, and Los Angeles. When I bought my house in Schaumburg,
Illinois the majority of us were all engineers.

A Government, when it tinkers with a society, seems to always do the wrong

thing. The problem is that it uses money as “greese” to break things loose, which then
attracts the wolves of society that love the “greese”. Forced integration in the South
made the content blacks in the North dislike the cellular society that they helped initiate.
They viewed separatism as segregation; which then flamed everyone, and all blacks felt
taken advantage of. The more the Government tried to pacify the situation by adding
more “greese”, the higher the flames of passion became, until the over-centering occurred
that we are presently aware of. If you are a minority (black primarily) you have more
rights than any other race. File a Civil rights suit as a white American that is totally
justified, and you will be processed by the system as a criminal filing a frivolous lawsuit
(you will probably end up sitting in prison right along side an American Indian; that tried
to do the same thing). This would not occur in the 50s, where there was still individual
access to the American Courtroom, and the Supreme court honored, at that time,
courageous self educated 6th Amendment attorneys that used law like a Chess Master
playing Chess.

No Room for Moderates

When I realized that my paycheck had only a very small portion of income
included with it (when you really analyze tax law) and that America’s Government had
decided to collect taxes on amounts greater than the face value of my paycheck by
evaluating corporate perks (totally unrealistically); and that I was under obligation to hire
an attorney (and maintain him on retainer) so as to form contracts with the IRS that
would substantiate debts that were ‘spiritual’ in nature. I simply closed the door on my
corporation (AM Electronics inc.) and retired in 1982. All these problems were
generated over my salary at the time of approximately $20,000; from a corporation that
grossed $120,000 in sales! If corporate law entitles me to drive a pickup truck, or fly a
corporate airplane to handle service, shipping, and receiving for AM Electronics, why
should I be taxed again as if that is a personal luxury? Our President when traveling on
Air Force One to campaign (and that interrupts his job!) does not add that million dollar
perk to his income, and pay taxes on it. Our structure of law is installed, and if one is
clever enough to find advantages that are perfectly legal, why does his lack of status
cause authorities to cringe in fear, and have them actually break the law to isolate the
advantage for those holding status only?

I took the corporate airplane (BC-65 Taylorcraft), and my diesel truck, with me
after I sold my home in Lewisville and replaced it with a 15 acre ranch in Slidel Texas.
Setting up two mobile homes - with a covered patio between them, I had a great
inexpensive life style. The Taylorcraft could land in the back yard (when the local
farmers were not using the property for growing their crops), and I would enjoy having
the Mormon kids over using the property for flying model airplanes.

For 10 years I was able to drive my pickup (that exceeded 40 miles to the gallon
of diesel) or fly my Taylorcraft for servicing equipment manufactured by MG Industries.
I also was able to fly to sites that had private airfields for servicing Hinkley and McCoy
‘cherry pickers’ (lift platforms that allowed workman to repair high voltage power lines).
14 of my acres were leased out to local farmers (at bargain rates), and I learned to travel
in excess of 3000 miles a year on bicycles. Staying legitimate, I grew no Marijuana (or
so I believe) on my property. I cannot say the same for my neighbor.

My neighbor finally acquired his lot after a few years of my occupation of my

little slice; unfortunately he was a Sheriff’s deputy who was unpopular with the residents
in the area. After initially being amiable, he demanded that I let him tap into my water
meter; telling me a portion of the meter is on his property. Using his free access to an
attorney, I had to represent myself in his action to acquire my meter. I won because the
meter was well within the property easement. His cost was nothing - in fact since he did
most of the work while on duty so you could say he was paid for his obstinate attitude;
whereas, if I had legal representation, it would have been in access of $2000. Next, he
built nothing on his property yet he complained about the Mormon kids flying model
airplanes over his property - and sent me a bill for $500 a day for the inconvenience.
After my telling his attorney that the deputy gave up the control of his property when he

rented it out, and I had already had permission from the renter (who didn’t have much use
for my neighbor other than having to pay him for the use of his property) was when I
discovered someone had fired a shotgun slug into my garage, and perforated a fuel tank
of a small tractor. No witnesses!

After the flurry of BS, things went back to peace and quiet until the system itself
got stirred up. I had tied my Taylorcraft down for a couple of months at Denton
Municipal, Airparks, Lake Dallas, Rockwall, and Dallas North airports. Each community
then sent me a property tax bill (evaluating the antique airplane at $140,000). The
Taylorcraft with all the custom refurbishing had no avionics, no starter, no carburetor
mixing, no lights and was worth about $4,500 of the original $6000 paid. Back to court
for a bunch of reasonable settlements.

Next came a problem that was supposed to have been resolved when the land was
acquired. Taxes for my land in Slidel were to be paid to Wise county by agreement with
Denton county, and this is what I took care of. Denton county tax assessors started to
arrive into the Slidel area, and they demanded that the taxes be paid to Denton county
(regardless of agreements). Again I was forced to go to court. The original owner of my
property then advised me that I am breaking contract with him, and that I must send him
the paid tax receipts for the last 10 years for Denton county - regardless of the fact that
the issue was active in court. Now, I am being forced to support two taxing authorities
for double taxation, plus legal expenses because the court judge would not allow a 6th
Amendment attorney in his court, plus penalties on taxes that must be paid to show
damage - regardless of the fact they were never owed, and thus not paid.

The mobile homes were then moved off the property, with one donated to an
employee, and other set up in Lewisville; basically I just gave up! After my departure,
the tax bills were quickly corrected for the original property owner (no court needed - just
good o’ boy action instead) so he would be able to bilk the next victim.

From 1981 to 1991 the IRS obviously got irritated with me. I had lived on a
permitted income of $3000 or less per year - turning back accesses instead of growing
with the funds; having an Airplane, a title of electronic engineer and CEO, with land
Property in my name; all without substantiating income. Apparently this tied their IRS
‘panties in a knot’. So, they had me visit the Brown Tower on Alpha street in Dallas
Texas to explain my adventure. At first they wanted me to take all my $3000 annual
incomes for the last 10 years; and donate it to taxes! The reason was that I was self
employed, and thus the employers share and my share of social security should have been
paid. The fact that I retired in 1982 didn’t phase them, and all they felt was that I was
guilty of not accepting Government handouts of Social Security (i.e. normality). Yes, I
enjoyed poking a little fun with their attempts to destroy me by taking a witness with me
each time I visited their tower - that happened to be a beautiful woman. Once they
conceded, and decided to leave me alone as long as I would refile my taxes for the years
they were concerned with; to their satisfactio n. A really humorous aspect occurred when
taxes were refiled; the IRS erred, and created a new account for them under my name that
they misspelled by changing an r to an n. The case finally ended up in tax court, and was

resolved in my favor. Unfortunately, in my ignorance I permitted the judge to sign off
“Without Prejudice” which means nothing was resolved, and the IRS is free to redo any
renewed assaults - without any concern of the Statue of Limitations.

Those of us that just do not want to go along with the American system that is
spinning out of control, automatically ends up with a label. Being a native American that
simply wants to enjoy unprogramed capitalism and freedom, as guaranteed by a
Constitution, mysteriously becomes an “enemy of the state”; instead of another weirdo
doing his thing. Just having some different than mainstream goals, like staying in the
lifestyle of the 1950’s, is sufficient for authorities to break the law of the land to enforce
“uniformity” on the apparently uninformed “misfit”. Full steam ahead without any
concern of expense; because the more uniform taxpayers willingly permit the
squandering of their funds to punish the un- uniform rebel, and cheerfully pay more taxes
to promote more Bullshit! All the sacrilegious people in power have to do is cock their
heads accusingly, stimulate their underlings with a display of false compassion with an
allegiance to a higher power; and then site morality (something they have no idea about)
as being the true issue.

Currently the force for conformity has reached new heights with the adoption of
zero tolerance. This is the ingredient that permits minor governing bodies to totally
display not only their stupidity, but their total disregard for human normality, and get
away with it! This attitude is totally fascist, and is obviously an attempt to supersede the
world of Adolph Hitler! The government, with intent, is seeping into the way children
are raised so as to damage them with too many power sources controlling their
development. Their formula is that the truly ‘bad ones’ generate the need for more
government; whereas the ‘good ones’ are totally compliant and easily controlled. Look
how a short tempered Government (with the will of the people majority) responded at
Waco! Their venue consisted of CS gassing the children, crushing fuel tanks to flood the
area with diesel fuel, then igniting the mess timely for the high wind conditions to fan the
flames. The surviving children that were secured in the back of the building? They were
machine gunned down by sniper fire when they tried to flee the burning building. Since
Government got away with it, it honestly became the fault of the people; we stood by and
permitted it; accepting the wild illogical explanations!! Obviously conditions are worse
today to the point that the US Government is now punishing people for ‘thought crimes’
more intensely than the real criminals that actually commit physical crimes. As long as
we are locked into a spiraling economy with a life style that is constantly improving, we
the public overlook the price humanity has to pay for it. To lock ourselves into my 1950
lifestyle would duplicate what was going on with Yugoslavia where an economy was set
up with real money, realistic values, a service trade that was technologically advanced
with properly educated repair people. Our Government’s reaction to that kind of
situation existing in modern times is to bomb the crap out of them! So spoiled people,
living within the shell of a sporadic society, simply accept the upheavals of a Majestic
overbearing Government that trickles down it’s ill gotten gains to promote both real, and
false idolization.

So us old timers sit back in our rockers and watch the young hooligans strive for
public office by spreading on the bullshit, and wish we could all follow in the footsteps of
Bill Clinton and puff on the piece pipe (ooops! peace is the correct spelling) filled with
the greatest geriatric drug nature created. Yes, inhaling is acceptable!!

Space travel by E.T. = Impossible!

Star trek was an interesting show that really was a comic strip animated by human
actors. Here is a case of minimal scientific fact, with huge amounts of imaginative
fiction, being cataloged as science fiction instead of fictitious science. The basis for the
movie is the traveling to new worlds, and infecting them with our earthly society!; a total

Lets look at the concept of space travel to hunt down aliens. Our own galaxy
consists of 2 billion stars in an area that contains about 80% dark matter. Do some
worlds exist with life in this vast space? Yes, I firmly believe so!! If there is life out
there, it would be similar to ours because of the limitations of elements that are time
durable (referencing our time base naturally). The word similar still creates a large
variation in possibilities as far as shape and size (that is interdependent on gravity and
environment, chemistry, and sophistication). Is there a possibility for any kind of inter
planetary communications for this life that I believe is scattered in this void? To this I
believe the answer is "no way in hell" for many logical reasons. The vastness of space is
simply way too intense. A paradoxical way of looking at just the communication aspect,
is like a Ant waiting to receive a full payment check for the rental of the Empire State
Building that it believes it owns. Just think of a brilliant race of creatures that does not
use sound; or for that matter think of how futile the attempts are for man to develop a
communication system with whales and dauphins. With their brain size, they just may be
a lot smarter than man, and it's their inability to use tools that stops them from training

It appears that an epoch on this planet is about 6000 earth years. Most likely
other worlds would have a similar situation (occurring at their time base without any
sympathy to ours). In any case, the time of an epoch verses a suitable home (planet or
satellite) for life existence time, is more in the category of a transient condition; and its
comparisons to our present world is more like the blast of a flash bulb occurring in earth
year periods of time. Now picture the "Flash Bulbs of Life" popping all over the void
on distant worlds and the chances of one society occurring at the same time any other is
in existence, becomes extremely remote. Try to just impose that concept within a solar
system like ours, and you also come up with the same problems. Venus is a little too
new, and Mars looks a little too old (and the word "little" is applying onto millions of
earth years!). The moons of Jupiter look promising for life, even though quite chaotic.
But the chance that a society exists there, that is synchronous to ours, is extremely

Now that we have flashes of life occurring all over, lets look at our Universe with
just Galactic limitations. Nearby stars are 40 light years away! That's close? Even using
Einstein's time warp theories; any society no matter how adva nced, would have problems
in attempting the traveling of these kinds of distances in our physical world. If one could
get close to the speed of light, and thus have time slow down for him, the slower velocity
worlds that he left, and the one he would be going to, would still be aging; possibly to the

point that a traveler would miss the epoch that he left, upon his return. Under those
circumstances he would be the E.T.! (if that were possible).
(NOTE: It's kind of humorous to think the Planet of the Apes having more scientific
probability than Star Trek).

The basic elements of the planet Earth, and thus the material compositions of
what any society would have to work with within the Universe, would be the same
regardless of their location in the Galaxy. This is true for all time base dimensions that
are in sync with our molecular complexity. Yes, there are other dimensional universes
that we can only theorize about, that have a shorter existence span, compared to ours, so
there is no way to bridge them, nor would we desire to do so. Thus all the basic physical
limitations exist for any world in our Universe that would be in harmony with our

Lets take the physics of propulsion that is available in our universe and discuss its
absolute limitations, and thus realize the absurdity of doing a Star Trek! Everyone cries
out, what do we do if an asteroid comes along to smash into our planet. So far the
"experts" are saying "we will just shoot it out of the air with a nuclear missile". Uh-uh!
somewhere we lost the logic of the physical universe to which we are part of. The Sun
provides solar energy radiating it away from its surface. Yes, there is a cosmic wind
generated in the process, but is such a weak force that it would not be propulsive to the
Sun. Exploding a “nuke” in space is like shinning a flashlight here on earth because there
is no medium for the energy to do work. Detonate the “nuke” within our atmosphere and
the intense radiation energies create lots of working pressure; whereas, in space an
asteroid would pass through the energy display as a rock thrown through the flames of a
fire. Unfortunately it would take a giant cannonball striking the asteroid so as to produce
Mega-Newtons to deflect it...what a great long-shot on the universal pool table! So it
appears that we have a serious problem with space vehicles in obtaining suitable power.
With all our "brilliance" we are able to build space machines that can change their
velocity approx. 25,000 mph. In any case this is not enough, and we are not even in the
playing field of the concept unless we are able to improve upon that acceleration by
50,000%. If we use photon pressure we will get an acceleration that is quite mild for all
the kilowatts of power expended, and that means very poor efficiency. If we use
chemical fuels, they will just get us into orbit let alone allow us to wander off into space.
Once in orbit, the rocket would have to refuel to venture further. Once accelerated and
traveling at relatively low velocity, there are no other stations to fuel up from. Turning
around to go home would be very difficult tactic without a body to gravity swing with;
and then detailing an unknown body to perform this stunt with could be very disastrous.
Nuclear power you say?? Well you still have the same problem. Energy needs a medium
to do work! So for example; if you used water for fuel, and a nuclear converter to eject
the water mass at high velocity, you would have propulsion....but then how big is your
water tank? Using a denser material than water means that you have to accelerate a
higher inertia vehicle thus requiring much more horsepower...This is an evil circle. Lets
look at magnetic lines of force. Yes, they extend mathematically to infinity, but they are
a square law force meaning that while you are trying to accelerate up to go faster and
faster, they are getting weaker and weaker. How about setting up huge sails for the

cosmic winds and/or scavenging the photon energy of nearby stars......I’d better let that
one go because it would not be the same generation that left; unless the sail was bigger
than the state of Texas.

There is one force in the Universe that we really know very little about, and that is
gravity. It links up all the heavenly bodies, and is the basic centripetal force for orbiting
programs. This force is prevalent throughout the universe, and could be the "Ether" that
establishes, and defines a universe; that the predecessors of Einstein argued about its
existence to establish some kind of universal reference; that Einstein proved was just
unimportant. Possibly gravity can be modulated so that messages could be sent faster
than radio waves? Or maybe it can be used as a "gear" to transport mass? In any case the
acceleration would still have to be within the limits that a space traveler could tolerate,
and thus we are still back to the concept of unmanageable velocity needed to span the
obnoxiously great distances that requires the amount of time that is greater than the epoch
periods of the departing world (or the arriving world).

There is one force in the Universe that we know absolutely nothing about! All the
stars in our Galaxy are separating away from each other, and accelerating? The further
apart the faster they are moving? This force also exists with the large Galaxies in the
universe, and is demonstrated by their separating effect. The title of this phenomena is
“the Expanding Universe”. Because of acceleration in our physical world, the expansion
is a demonstration of a force that we have no knowledge of. It may be the ‘force of life’
expanding the universe back to a density of nothing; however, this kind of speculative
thought has no real merit to the mystery (and is more science fiction than fact). With the
life force start, and the treatment of thought now encompassing “a what for?” attitude,
one comes to the conclusion that it appears that man is just a transient in this natural
world (that is very narrow in environmental conditions). So, to promote creatures to exist
in more hostile environments; man must manufacture his own slaves for the future using
the technology acquired, that is constantly expanding. Picture cybernetic creatures that
are totally unrestricted mentally and physically; without human needs like sex, jealousy,
anger, and wealth who are capable of keeping themselves in repair; replacing mankind at
the end of our epoch. Now we have the Gods created by Man (in his image?).

What all of this boils down to is that if there was a Roswell crash of a flying
saucer, and the human- like creatures ‘supposedly’ found do really exist; the source of
where they came from is limited to our solar system, and the most likely, and logical
location, our planet....Earth!

The Truth is “We Have No True History”!!!

All the “history” that the world appears to accept as fact (relative to human
contributions that were intensely dedicated to the changing of the World) seems to be just
as factious as “The God’s contributions were to the Roman Empire”. Thinking of the
Bible as a document that is totally pure is immature when it is a fact that King James not
only selected the books that were to be incorporated, but made the scribes perform with
scripture that would be favorable to his rein. Again, we have the Bible change in 1921 to
a revised edition (that apparently softened Christ’s view of Attorneys)! Man himself
seems to like making the essence of society the real God, attempting to force the entire
fraternity of humans to pay Him respect, and perform in His name. That essence was
expounded upon in the 5th century by a college of Rabbi’s that tried to define God. They
were looking at the spirit of the Lord with the same concept as when looking at the ocean
and seeing a large fish; only to look closer and realize the large fish did not exist - and
what they saw was a whole school of fishes swimming together. This is not a book on
Atheism, but is one that is attempting to open eyes belonging to free thinking logical
humans that the majority of living creatures (that have tremendous individuality) try to
create their own personal universe, and will seek some way to find an avenue that will
put order and direction into their lives.

Bullshit is not only alive and well, but its dimension has been expanded upon
because of the superior recording instruments, and communications of our modern era.
Even when extreme errors, or violations in logic appear that prove a scenario has been
falsely recorded, there is no conscionable reaction to those facts that militate a current
legend; that were (so called) proven under color of law. While the majority seeks to be
obedient to a higher power, those with status “capitalize” on that effort, and seek even
higher status by avoiding any morality limitation; and thus they only concern themselves
with legal manipulations in order to justify behavior that is not brotherly love!!

The Wright Brothers took the time to discuss their plans with a Hungarian
emigrant (that had a small amount of fame at the time) so as to better understand what
flying was about before they launched their famous flight. This emigrant, Mr. Gustave
Whitehead, had pictures taken of him flying his aircraft, and details of his lightweight
engines and aircraft structures, a full 17 years before the pitiful flying demonstration of
the Wright Brothers that won them fame and fortune. Gustave was the first man to
honestly fly a powered aircraft, and Orville Wright was the 3d. Although the Wrights are
given the distinction of being first, their big contribution was the use of wing warping,
instead of dihedral angles, to control roll rate (which allowed them to do cross wind
landings and takeoffs). While the Wrights were busy doing their primitive flight,
Gustave was flying the Long Island Sound with number 21 making 40 mile trips at an
altitude of 1000 feet. The Smithsonian Institute has a working model of Whitehead’s 21 -
to which the public has no access. It was test flown, appears to be airworthy, with
performance complimentary to the still photos taken of it at the time.

Henry Ford was busy making a patent for a vehicle around the turn of the century,
yet it took him over 20 years to get a vehicle that appears to be a duplicate of a French
vehicle named the “Doctor of the Highway” that had been running down the few French
roads that existed in 1887; into production, calling it his ‘model A Ford’. He was given
full credit for this adventure; even though he hired the future magnum of GM; that
actually finished the job Henry started.

Charles Lindbergh was the 67 person to fly transatlantic. Yes; he did a daredevil
stunt of flying the small Spirit of St. Louis from New York to Paris successfully;
however, no one (in their right mind) ever repeated a task like that. That flight did not set
any ‘trends’ for the future up to this point in time; since multiengined aircraft, and a crew
of pilots safely navigate these voyages today!

The Liberty bell was discovered by the Daughters of the Revolution around 1868.
It was cleaned up, and memorialized as the Freedom Bell that represented the freeing of
the Slaves in America (i.e. no attachment to the Revolutionary War). Today this Bell sits
in Pennsylvania and has testimonial attached that shifts it back to 1776. Testimonial that
was invented!

Abraham Lincoln is classified as a humanitarian; yet he personally signed the

order for the worlds largest mass hanging. The victims were refugee Indians; 38 Indians
hanged out of the 42 survivors of a genocide attack by the American army onto a tribal
group of 300 unarmed Indians.

In the early 1800’s a 13th amendment was written to guarantee that no sub society
or fraternity could gain control of the government of the US. Fortunately, it has not been
thoroughly purged; and this old 13th amendment still exists in old law books fo und in the
libraries of Virginia and Pennsylvania; however, none of the modern politicians will
honorably react to the fact the original 13th amendment was overwritten in 1869 (instead
of taking out a new amendment) when slavery was abolished, and the concept of the
original was totally erased! (Since most of the politician now belong to a BAR
association that is a fraternity, they should be out of a job).

Sitting Bull had been domesticated, and shown off to the world by Buffalo Bill’s
Wild West circus company. His power amongst his tribal members had dwindled
because of this defaming, and when the US Government felt comfortable about it, they
simply assassinated Sitting Bull to prevent any more Indian uprising; while the agents of
the Government violated all the ‘guaranteed’ treaties; for their individual wealth.

Robert Fulton, the ‘inventor’ of the steam boat never built a thing, he simply
watched the other experimenters run powered boats up and down the river, and decided
that it would be a good system to transport people; and went and patented the steamboat
accordingly. After receiving the patent, the Claremont was built that successfully
transported people.

Thomas Edison took a trip to France to see a new art form of motion pictures. He
brought back the concept, and never even bothered to convert the millimeters to inches
when he obtained ‘his patent’.

In 1940 America had an oil embargo, and blockade, against Japan. We had
enforced this embargo by shelling their boats and bombing their mainland. Roosevelt
met with Japan’s Ambassador whom requesting that these viscous attacks cease.
Roosevelt had ordered the majority of our navy into Pearl Harbor; and suddenly became
deaf to the input that Japan was moving carriers toward Pearl. Also, Washington did not
respond to the reaction of the new Radar Stations that tracked the incoming Japanese
squadron...This smacks more of American Politics, and not of Japanese Infamy.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone assassin that shot President John Kennedy! While
in Russia, Lee was requested to help the farmers thin down the rabbit population that
were destroying important crops. He received a couple of boxes of 14 ga shells for his
registered shotgun, and he was transported, along with the rest of the group of volunteer
hunters, into the farmlands that had been invaded by the pests. Lee was the only hunter
that shot off all his ammunition, and had no dead bunnies to show for it! Yet, this man is
accredited to rapid fire 3 rounds out of an antique bolt action military rifle (that did not
have the bolt handle turned for speed bolting with a scope attached); hit 2 out of three
shots fired - all within typical competition cadence. The shooting position would be best
done left handed (via an auto loader that caters better to ambidextrous); even with a tree
in the way? I can’t imagine tracking a target through the limbs and leaves of this tree;
even though I am not an extreme dialectic as Lee. Amazingly, Lee accomplished this task
without any blowby nitrates marking his face from the leaky Carcarno’s chamber (no
nitrate residue was found on his face via the paraffin test - which in my book means he
never fired a Carcarno; his hands however, tested positive proving he did fire a pistol).
Add to this bullshit stew; the Magic bullet flight, and the fact that the scope was loose in
its mounting - and had to be shimmed 3/32 inch before it would punch paper. Zero for
the scoped rifle originally (before shimming) was 3 feet high, and 1.5 feet to the right at
50 yards. The bottom line is a logical no way! And yet, to this day our emotionally
controlled history books records this miracle as fact!

Miracle guns really dot our ‘history’ just like Achilles ankle being shot with a
mystical arrow in Greek Mythology. Anne Oakley was accredited with shooting playing
cards held edgewise at distances of 80 yards. Bare in mind that the 22 short was the
ammunition that her poorly headspaced Marlin #39 was chambered for. Also, ‘Less
Smoke’ was the most accurate ammunition of her period. Moving the playing card much
closer, to just 80 feet, and angulate the card so that it appears to be .2 inches wide, and try
to hit that target with a modern high performance state of art weapon tightly chambered
for the 22 short; and it will not happen reliably. The group size of the original
ammunition concoction (freshly made with modern precision) would be greater than 1/4
inch. Then take the model 39 with all its latest improvements and fire Match grade
ammo through it, and you will have slightly poorer results. If she actually did this feat, it
was an oops I did it!! and quickly put the gun away so the fairy tale would not be

Yes, our history is corrupt! As time passes you will see more and more
corruption occurring, and feel very helpless because the history you help to create will
not only fade away, but become so distorted that only yourself and your close associates
will know "the real truth". Although I am highlighting single occasions in our history,
there are so many facets that are so deeply hidden from the citizenry that not only cover
the evil but actually shroud the truth of some of the great good accomplished by our
historical ‘hero’s’ that will never be known. I am sure that even Adolph Hitler, with his
prominent totalitarian pressure on his society, had accomplished good things that should
“stand for a thousand years” (quoting Adolph).

Triple Cross

When one receives an education on constitutional law he finds that "right off the
bat" a large cross is drawn on the blackboard. The vertical line represents the balance i.e.
the golden rule of the Constitution. Moving to the right of the intersection represent the
individual (you). Going back to the intersection point and moving to the left
represents Government. Going further left is dictatorship; whereas, going further right is
anarchy. This is where the founding fathers left America; to grow and prosper with the
right kind of tools.
an·ar·chy (²n“…r-k¶) n.
1. Absence of governmental authority or law.
2. Disorder and confusion.
[From Greek anarkhos, without a ruler.]

an·ar·chism (²n“…r-k¹z”…m) n.
1. The theory that all forms of government are oppressive and should be abolished.
2. Terrorism against the state.
-- an“ar·chist n. -- an”ar·chis“tic adj.

Note that the #2. definition in each of the above definitions are assumptions, and not
necessarily facts. Also, why is anarchism so absolute with the words “all forms”. When
one wants less government intrusion, he is labeled today as an Anarchist! Obviously
there is degree that is not recognized.

What has happened to this cross that was honorably formed? When it was
corrupted by glutinous politicians, Americans banded together inside the confederacy and
declared war upon the Government of United States. The issue was Individual and States
rights versus the Government's insistence on rights of sovereignty (the new king George).
Because of overpowering assistance by the old world Government's that had a lot to loose
if USA stayed free, the Confederacy lost; history was than rewritten to show that the war
was fought to free slaves! In fact the 13th Amendment that was written to protect
America from the concept of royalty, and limit the powers of Government officials, was
overwritten and forced upon a divided country (the south was under martial law for 12
years after the war and thus had no voice, or true representation). This victory changed
the texture of the American Government and its attached corporations into the concept of
legalized racketeering that was improved upon in later years by Bonito Mussolini in Italy
when he founded the first fascist regime; and then extrapolated by Adolph Hitler [i.e.
political science beyond socialism].

The double cross of the American Government occurred when the brotherhood of

"anarchism," Microsoft® Encarta® 98 Encyclopedia. The American Heritage® Concise
Dictionary, Third Edition Copyright © 1994 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic
version licensed from and portions copyright © 1994 by INSO Corporation. All rights

the BAR association gained sufficient strength to inhibit legal interplay of outraged
citizens that needed to bring suit against the Government. With total freedom from
restrictions, and legal retaliation, the Government moved to the left side of the original
cross, and through propaganda convinced the American public that it, and not the
Constitution, was the golden rule (an implication is always made that the Constitution
limits power, however, congress has developed massive legalese as a tool to not only
effectively "white-out" the Constitution; but to write in laws that make it easy for
attorneys to accomplish criminal goals; because congress happens to be made up of

Now comes the triple cross (that actually proves that the conspiracy theory of
Officials planing 100 years into the future is totally false). The individuals that make up
the Royalty of Government are not socialists!!! They are not fascist either!!! They are
Anarchists!!! You take all the individuals that make up our congress, judicial system,
governing system, law enforcement groups and anyone else that has status (large
powerbase) all the way up the ladder including the president of the United States, you
find that they have even more 'rights' than guaranteed by the constitution; and no
limitations by the laws that they pass, and enforce. These Anarchists are interwoven, and
fit together like shingles on a roof with status being the determining factor of who sits
atop of whom. This is the brotherhood of the Anarchists. It is no longer limited to our
country either, but extends around the globe now making the whole world into "The
Planet of the AIPs" (AIP acronym for Anarchists In Power).

Although many of the patriots that are forming various groups around the country
are doing so to militate against a Government that they feel is moving closer to an "ism"
(like social- ism or commune-ism) and they are really missing the issue, and are attacking
an illusion. The world views the Americans that they communicate with as a truly free
people because it only sees those that have status within the brotherhood of the
Anarchists. These Anarchist's control the illusion of Government (that is now reduced to
a corporation owned and operated by the Anarchists) with the same regulation as they use
to control the illusion of wealth (with worthless pieces of paper that have no value
because they are consumed with debt). When Russia (a country similarly structured as
America) fell apart, you will notice that all the Anarchist's survived that had a strong
powerbase, and they are imposing rule supported (financially, and if necessary,
militarily) by the USA. What was eliminated when Russia fell was its liability to the
public. This is the same situation that is happening in America, the only difference is
that the action here is in slow motion.

It is comical to see that every society, regardless of its sophistication, seems to go

through the same series of events that always end in the same conclusion. Yes, the
names of the participants are different, but the technology seems to be uniform.
Example: The tribe starts gaining sufficient population so that a leader is selected who,
because of his success, attempts to pass his status on to his son. After a few generations
of "royal" leadership, one of the competitive members of the tribe become skilled in
medicine, or witchcraft, or religion or any combination of the three (for simplicity sake
lets call that person the witch-doctor) that sets him apart from the rest of the members.

As the tribe gets larger it splits into other tribes that maintain a link through the witch-
doctors that reinforce the skills of the witch-doctors (a primitive college is now created
along with the issuance of "degrees"). Once large enough; the witch-doctors selectively
form a fraternity. Their purpose is to use the fear that an uneducated man (non witch-
doctor) cannot survive! The intent is to control the population more intensely than the
leaders of the tribes were able to; in fact to gain more power than even the King of the
tribes. As the witch-doctors grow in strength, they abuse common law, honor, and
morality to enforce a power of an unseen entity; that can only operate through them.
Once their greed exceeds a logical limit by a tremendous margin, they receive threats
from their constituents that are put down by tremendous and vicious overpowerment!
This is the state of affairs that set up the violent end of the cycle of control. Even with
the tremendous technological advances man has made; apparently nothing will stop the
terminal upheaval that will convert man back to a tribal creature that starts the process all

The triple cross is the most sophisticated technique used on an educated

civilization. God and the spirit world has been replaced by a "meaningless" document
called the Constitution that is being manipulated in the same manner as a magic totem.
The promises of the Constitution is only kept for the "chosen ones" (attorneys) and only
the "chosen ones" understand (?) its true meaning (and only they have the power to
interpret this document for the masses).


I am just going to fringe this important issue that has a strong bearing on our
society where the appearance of wealth is the primary force in creating status, because
there has been many good books published on that subject that will detail the facts much
better than I am able to. Disregarding the ‘peak’ amounts of wealth acquired, and
understanding what it is constructed of, is what this chapter is about.

Money and property has been has become an issue since Jesse James and gang
realized there was nothing left of their right to property. Gold and silver was all that the
Government permitted true ownership of (with possession equaling ownership) at the
time, and this later became viewed as ‘portable property’. Today no one owns anything,
yet they inherit the right to pay for it. The point I am trying to make here is we have
equitable rights for things that are in our name, but the State actually owns the things we
‘believe’ are ours. This invasion of property rights happened to have been one of the
strong forces that caused the Revolutionary War, and the Carpet Bagger’s shoved the
Northern victory ruthlessly (but legally) down the throat of the Southern survivors. They
pushed for more laws benefiting the Carpet Baggers, that were easily instituted (because
the South was under martial law for at least 2 decades).

Franklin D. Roosevelt in an attempt stir a country up via socialism, pushed to

convert the hard money that was left within the society into banknotes that promised
redemption by a specific weight in gold or silver (at a time when it was illegal to retain
the hard money?) so as to ha ve a degree of wealth for undertaking an extreme financial
resurrection of the United States. After the depression, and with America back on its
feet, the best thing to establish growth in our economy was for us to enter the war that
was being waged in Europe (again). The precedent set in WW1, when we came to the
aid of the English (our enemy from 1776 on; and with German spoken by about 1/2 of the
Americans at the time - which is quite strange?) we started off with Japan, and then took
on most of Europe so as to be totally involved with WW2. Everybody made out because
our corporations supplied both the Enemy; and our side, with war materials. You see all
the Americans that supported the Natzi party like Lindbergh and Ford (the most notables)
still did; until the unsavory truth of war crimes surfaced - to the general public.

John Kennedy was murdered because he dared to shift the manufacture of

currency back to the Treasury instead of Federal Reserve Banks (an independent banking
system that is not part of the Federal Government). Lyndon Johnson impatiently
rescinded Kennedy’s law within hours after his death; while the body was being returned
from Dallas. Only a few of the red seal dollars exist today of the first running of
Treasury Bank Notes.

Now that hard money was coming back in popularity President Nixon lifted the
promise to redeem the currency with gold and silver, and left the modern note in a status
of “In God We Trust” i.e. valueless. Americans sat by because it did not effect them to
have the same kind of money that Adolph Hitler issued. Script, instead of a banknote of

specified worth of hard money like Gold. The script then became a Coupon when its
entitlement to debt exceeded its equity in market value. A little more chicanery, and the
current Dollar is now indexed to the stock market and now is a ‘stock market token’, with
same status as the chips at Las Vegas. He who now has the most ‘chips’ under legal
entitlement has the most Status in America today. Since we have the illusion of wealth
creating status, society than amplifies the consciousness of illusion to include negative
status. Instead of valueless chips, we now have the Concept of work that interferes with
the growth of Chips as having negative status. If you have the technical ability to build
nuclear devices in your basement, you are labeled a TERRORIST! Regardless of acting
on the “project”, or just thinking about it; the criminal sentencing is about the same!!
Steven King writes a horror story and he is a hero; a teenager responds to a teacher’s
request to write a horror story (that is much milder) the system wants to toss the child in
the poky for rehabilitation.

Societies of Free men, and democracy, historically last less than 200 years.
America’s existence falls into the same mold where Capitalism is dead, and in its place is
Royalty. Would you go out and spend $20 for a dimes worth of candy? Many stocks in
the American Stock Market have public shares out there that are more than 200 times the
worth of the Corporations issuing them!! It’s obvious that the Government gives legal
entitlements to its children (corporations) so as to maintain this kind of Royalty. Earning
Potential is a fantasy, yet it is the catalyst that sets the stock market price!! When an
individual seeks a position in life, it is his past performance primarily that really sets the
bar of acceptance, without any concern of earning potential. So the bottom line is that as
we loose our rights the Royalty of society will increase in power, and we will eventually
have stocks that will hit 2000 times the value of a corporation. Believe me, that as an
individual having the power to sell 10 cents worth of ‘candy’ for $20 successfully, will
either put you behind bars for a long time for fraud - - or society will make a President
out of you!!

Freedom or Economic Growth
Apparently we can’t have both!

It has become obvious that Americans are willing to give up their freedom for
what they are conditioned into believing is a superior life style. ‘Things’ and their
acquisition that displays our societies opulence, has become more important than the
ethics or morality involved with their acquisition. Our motivation for good or evil is
definitely fueled by the society around us; so it appears possession of property, regardless
of the means, gives an individual status. So our present society will try to make the
individual believe that the more ‘Things’ they have illustrates how much more freedom
they have. What is really happening is that the more things you have, the more enslaved
you become.

At the end of the 19th century we still had allodial property (note: the word
allodial is not a common modern dictionary word, yet it exists in the old legal
dictionaries); this is property that an individual actually owns, like the shirt on his back,
or a wristwatch. Today an individual cannot own property; he is only entitled to an
equitable interest in property. If you buy a car or house (for example) and pay for it in
full, you do not own the property; the state does! (just like Russia). A title for the
ownership of the property is issued, which immediately is turned over to the State -
whom then issues a certificate of title proving a true title exists. The States assets then
are increased by their new possession. If you truly own property, there is no way that the
state could confiscate it. When you leave prison you get your old shirt and watch back so
these items are still Allodial property. The point I am trying to make here is that with
more property that belongs to the State - that you have an equitable interest in (like the
Serfs in the dark ages), the more you are enslaved onto the State.

If you are wealthy, you can buy freedom? Wealth today is evaluated by how
much credit and debt you have. Hard money (gold and silver) is no longer fashionable.
The American dollar really has negative value when defining money since the debt of the
USA is greater than the propensity of dollars it produces. With the banknote converted to
‘pay to the bearer in lords prayers i.e. in God we trust’ and a promise to pay in stock
market coupons, we really have nothing tangible that evaluates a dollar. Take a hot dog
stand that you built for $100 and sell it to your child for $1000. After working it for 2
months he proves he can make $1000 per month selling sandwiches. Now the worth of
this hot dog stand is about $25,000 (2 years of sales?). The growth of this business is
fantastic ($100 to $25,000 in just 2 months) so it is immediately put on the stock market
by an attorney with savvy (because daddy has status). 2 1/2 million shares at a $1 a share
for the 100 to 1 ratio that is typical today and we now have some circulating capitol;
which means the puppies have to march, and daddy has to make more stands that Junior
can subcontract to friends and acquaintances. Does this make Junior free? Nope, he is
spiraling upward for his own wealth and ability to have equity, so as to be able to have
increasing equitable interests in more personal ‘Things’.

I guess Bill and Hillary Clinton are the free- ist people of our great Nation. Here
are two street people (never owning, or having an equitable interest in anything - until

recently). All their Constitutional insured civil rights are guaranteed to them (plus a few
extra that they make up along the way). All their friends will gladly reinforce any
unsubstantiated claim that they make, and everyone responds to any whim.
Unfortunately, they cannot go anywhere without an armed guard; the same as a gold fish
can’t travel without its tank. This kind of “freedom” is somewhat the kind of freedom
that America is slowly being subverted to for the few celebrities of status.

The Constitution is a ANTI Government document. Its purpose was to curtail

Government from encroaching on the rights of an individual by spelling out what the
Government was to be responsible for: Coinage of hard money for trade, protection of
our property from invasion, and handling disputes within the Republic. Each State
technically was supposed to be a separate country with their own laws and Government;
bonded into one Republic that was to be influenced, but not controlled by a Federal
organization. Somewhere (via the boiling the frog technology) these limits have been
hurtled by an overly zealous federal Government.

Freedom from lying and cheating is the first step that needs to be taken for
individuals to gain true freedom. Society with its unrealistic, and unnatural moral codes,
forces individuals to learn to lie at very early ages; and because of a lack of confidence in
themselves, children with their enhanced imagination learn to exaggerate and lie fluently
to tell their peers and parents what they want to hear, prior puberty. All this is done in
order to maintain status! Society then dismisses the lying, and treats it as adolescent
development! Parents that chastise a child for improper conduct end up being on report,
then screened for their right to raise a child. The all knowing (and wise) federal
Government honestly believes that they can raise better children than ‘civilian’ parents.
Look how well they develop the guidelines for the military!! Now the loop is complete
to understand the communist system employed by the American Government that is
molding effective lying cheating ‘soldiers’ that, like all mobsters, hold the leader RAT in
esteem; with a constant fear of somehow upsetting the Government God. So we have
lying as acceptable conduct; but somehow we have the ‘breaking of the rules’ now
having zero tolerance? This means you can break the rules only if you lie well enough to
get away with it and/or have some other innocent party pay for it. Once you are nailed
into this system (Crucified? or Criminalized?) you have become a total slave without any
chance to be free!! We need to have the Right to tell the truth available; and enforced!
Obviously mankind is so screwed up with devout worship of the system as it is, there is
no chance of changing anything at this point in time. The various cults that spring up all
over the world seeking freedom are futile, and they are destroyed quickly by an
overbearing, overreacting, overpowering, imperialistic Government. The cults by the
way, usually have it right by thinking it well out; however the truth of this fact is hastily
buried by the Government’s tactics and control of the news media (proving they didn’t do

Ignoring the sinister Government doesn’t work; however one can live outside the
system. Its just difficult to maintain oneself in privacy; with the law’s wishy washy
probing attitude via plea bargaining (refusal to go along with the system when it
‘freewheels’ equals heavy sentencing for misdemeanors); i.e. crimes that are invented at

times by the judge, that the victim actually agrees to. Drive a Beetle (original). They are
so undesirable the Government doesn’t fool around with them. Live in a 8 foot wide by
45 foot long mobile home (very undesirable) and unlike the Beetle, you will be taxed
higher than a million dollar estate; so one is stuck with renting something (and indirectly
paying smaller amounts of taxes for the hovel that are bumped down by the property
owners attorney). Then there is living like a street person - you see individual freedom is
very costly, so to be effective as a bum you better sharpen up your skills at lying, and you
are right back to being some kind of attorney of law.

free·dom (fr¶“d…m) n.
1. The condition of being free.
2. a. Political independence. b. Possession of civil rights.
3. Ease of movement.
4. Frankness or boldness.
5. Unrestricted use or access.
[From Old English fr¶od½m.]

Lets see now #1. The condition of being free don’t mean crap. How about “with
no restrictions” or “not being captive”? #2a. Show me acceptance of any Party other
than the present two syndicates. #2b. Unless you can afford attorneys with large
retainers, individuals have no civil rights in America. (Notice that honesty and integrity
is the #4. definition!) Now that you can drive a Beetle, live in a shack, work at mowing
lawns (and not report the income), or practice prostitution amongst select clientele; you
will find that your contribution to society is very limited because America is the land of
opportunity for those that cling to Institutions, and Corporations. Trying to live between
the cracks as a free person is very difficult! The Law Enforcement group will look at you
as a criminal, and do everything possible including perjury, to lock you up for the
criminal that they perceive you to be. They actually encourage individuals to break the
law by demonstrating the futility an honest person has by being forthright and direct.
When it breaks down to being your word against an officer of the law (no matter how
many witnesses); and the officer’s description of the event is really part of a script from
Star Trek, you will loose in our courts....unless you have more status than the Judge that
is listening to the action.

As time passes the Government wants all individuals to be institutionalized, or

attached to a corporation, for their entire life. The young are “sentenced” to an institution
of learning. The bad boys go to penal institutions; whereas, the good boys and girls go
on to higher institutions of learning. Those that cannot afford college, but have good
work ethics (that will be ‘corrected’ by the system) get attached to corporations. Now

"freedom," Microsoft® Encarta® 98 Encyclopedia. The American Heritage® Concise
Dictionary, Third Edition Copyright © 1994 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic
version licensed from and portions copyright © 1994 by INSO Corporation. All rights

anyone in the cracks are to be the enemies of society - as seen by Government. Any
communistic group that try to be free within this society is automatically classified as a
Cult and looked upon in disdain (by the biggest communistic cult in human history - our
modern Government) and the public is taught that communism like that is bad.

The concept of criminalizing thought is totally insane, yet here we are in America.
A woman is assaulted and specialized avenues of prosecution have to be created i.e. rape,
robbery, control, or just meanness. Who cares about the reason! Their should only be
punishment for the crime of assault i.e. when the defendant is convicted. Adding counts
onto an existing crime, to prove law enforcement efficiency, and the perpetrators intense
criminality is really a demonstration of the extent of brutality the system wields. A shop
lifter that takes a small item, breaks free and runs from authorities, and then lies about it
finds himself facing Robbery, Perjury, Unlawful flight, and if he twisted free from an
arresting officer to make his futile bid for freedom, Assault of an officer. If the defendant
stands up like a man and says “I will accept the responsibility for my actions”, and I don’t
need an attorney to represent me; he will be convicted! and end up serving 20 years! On
the other hand if he accepts an attorney, plea bargains with the court for this being his
first offense; and promises that he will not do it again; he has learned his lesson on how
the system works, and will quickly be released (to hopefully continue his life of crime!).
All he lost was some freedom. He is expected to be a Police informant, or possibly
future target/victim/assistant for closing the book on some other crimes in his
neighborhood etc.

If this book was written with the diabolic intent of assassinating law officers with
techniques of using hot gravy as the weapon (feed them until they burst), I have a high
degree of certainty that they would be hauling me off to serve a life sentence - as a danger
to society. Society is forcing everyone into Institutions or Corporations - so ciminalizing
everyone is an easy way to accomplish this goal (especially for the ones that are smart,
but uncooperative).

Don’t fight it, just duck away from any situation, use attorneys at law, file taxes
long form, cooperate, act stupid, turn in your friends, learn to make excuses, lie: “I didn’t
see a thing”, promise you will do better, “he made me do it”, “I didn’t know this 357
Magnum was a real handgun oops that was loaded!”! Do all this so that your status of
being an American Slave is fortified!

Is it comforting to realize that we are herd, or pack animals that individually are
incapable of making decisions; and that like lemmings leaping into the sea, only our
leader (selected by the few that have status) can show us the way, without joining us, in
the futile adventure of life. Freedom ends up being a conceptual word like God,
Afterlife, or Heaven and just as unobtainable. All we can physically concern ourselves
with is minimizing captivity. Something to think about.


Here we are, still muttering about the situation that occurred at Waco.

This nasty bit of government intrusion started about 1975 when Freemen
Associations started to grow across the country. These organizations concentrated on the
civil rights that where being slowly canceled by big government, and instead of weapons
of destruction, they concentrated on using the law of the land as their tools of ‘warfare’.
Today all these Christian organizations are “exposed” as: “The Far Right Christian Aryan
anti-Semitic Segregationists” via the news media (that Government controls). This little
Jewish boy had attended too many meetings, and listened to too many lectures, for me to
acknowledge this kind of lie - that perceptually allows government to generate massive
carnage; in the name of saving the public! (from recognizing the promise of the

Why all this activity was occurring is definitely blamed upon the Government of
the United States, and the American Judicial system that was getting drunk on
imperialism; while at the same time they were taking away a big chunks of the Civil
rights away from the public; that had been guaranteed by the very same Constitution the
government gains it’s present power from! Schools were started all over the America in
an attempt to educate the few in the public that were interested, and capable, to not only
know what is happening, but how to defend one self from the growing Government
intervention; that is now out of control. The weapons of ‘warfare’ used by the new breed
of 6th amendment attorneys were words, based upon the Law of the land that were active
and in use by attorneys at law (that were in the law books that are supposedly available to
everyone) and common sense. The new Freeman organizations capitalized on logic; and
recorded law was regarded as sacred instruments; thus ‘Freeman’ became a strong
supporter of the Libertarian Party that clings to Republic concepts and Constitution. The
reaction of the Government to these groups that were forming and gathering strength is
rather unethical, and is parallel to the reaction of Adolph Hitler in Natzi Germany in the
late 1930’s.

About 1982 is when I started learning constitutional law at SMU; that was not
taught by the university staff, but underground by a gaggle of students and professors that
lost interest in becoming attorneys at law. Instead, these men of honor attempted to try
and reset the imperialistic march of the government in negating our rights and our laws,
and their substitution of “rules under color of law” that had no legal merit whatsoever
(established for the purpose of forcing the citizenry to have blind faith in the legal
profession). This underground school had ties with many great fundamental freedom
fighters such as Tom Donehue, Martin Pyle, Steve Snider (a victim at Waco), Michael
Minns, Eustace Mullins, Darwin Brown (murdered legally by Dallas Texas, with the
complimentary assistance of the State of Michigan).

Our government reacted strongly against these growing organizations

because the judicial imperialists do not like to have the assembalege of knowledge, and
logic, in a court at law. John Singer a Freeman pioneer was murdered by government

officials claiming he had no right to carry a fire arm on his property. Then came Gordon
Kahl who was coming home from a political meeting, and was ambushed by government
agents. Yes, he shot and killed agents that were intent on killing him and his son Yuri.
Although Gordon was claimed to have been killed in a final conflict (he supposedly set
his house on fire to burn himself to death; only to have a remaining body that was
missing 2 ha nds and a head - meaning no positive ID; be recovered). Close to that time
period Randy Weaver had been wounded after his son was killed at Ruby Ridge, only to
have his wife Vicky executed while carrying a baby in her arms by a federal assassin.
OOOPs, honest error claims a dishonest government; and they are still using taxpayer
money to pay for the wrongful death lawsuit won by the Weavers - while promoting the
assassins to higher status! I should add that the only reason the Weavers were not
incinerated (by their own hand? per governmental tactics) was that Bo Gritz stopped the
flight of helicopters that were carrying the oil to dump onto the Weaver’s home.

Now that you have a bit of information of what is happening in America one can
better understand what happened in Waco. Obviously there were to be no slip- ups in this
attack (that ended in genocide). David Koresh was to be served a warrant, that any meter
maid could have delivered because David and Steve loved to journey into a courtroom,
and intently fight for their (and our) rights. Since Steve had a great win ratio, the
paragons of justice did not want to tangle with the duo. Apparently the set-up included
warning the Davidians of the eminent attack, to which government helicopters were
employed (illegally) - with orders to start firing upon the compound. After a couple of
passes the ‘troops’ started to move in, only to run into the return fire of the Davidians.
This in turn created the 51 day siege that ended in the holocaust that the media surgically
displayed. The officers claimed the machine gun burst came from the Davidians through
the front door, yet the front door showed bullet entry instead of departure. The court
requested the door be brought in as evidence, and it mysteriously disappeared, like the
missing 50 cal. machine guns, and other fully automatic weapons. Apparently the one 50
cal rifle was all the 50 cal. machine guns(?) that were “blazing from every window”; that
a government official testified when congress heard all the testimonies. Personally I
believe any officer that cannot tell the difference from the awesome power of a 50 cal.
machine gun from the sharp crack of a semi automatic mini 14 .223 cal rifle, even though
under fire, should be terminated as totally incompetent. All of the hearings permeated
with various officer’s bullshit, and the fact that it was accepted proves the extent of
Government’s sinister involvement. Even though the Davidians were only found guilty
of a misdemeanor (to appease; because of the pressure of the judge on the jury) the
Davidians were sent to prison for 40 years instead of a couple of weeks of public service.
THE JUDGE LIED TO THE JURY, and went beyond his jurisdiction - illegally!!

It is amazing how readily the public will accept the fact that “they are nuts and
committed suicide”! The recent crash of Egyptian Air Flight #990; the damn airplane
probably fell apart, yet “the Egyptian copilot committed suicide!” is what they will come
up with to shed any responsibility!

Oh, the Freeman Associations are destroyed along with Texas Liberty and the
American Liberty Association. Tom Donehue and Martin Pyle are now criminals serving

time, or on the lam unable to seek any public office. Lydon LaRouche is out of prison
now, but all his supporters are in the slammer, most serving life terms!!? Being an
impassioned patriot in America is very unhealthy. 6th amendment attorneys no longer
exist; unless they operate through a BAR association member that filters their service.
The last common law court is now closed. A Writ of Habeous Corpus is now a joke; it is
only available to celebrities like the Kennedys when they commit murder. Poor OJ did
not have enough status for the Writ to work for him, though it would have been a waste -
he was guilty as hell.

Bottom line: Government wins again!

We have witnessed this last century totally erratic behavior of a government that
seeks higher and higher control of us individuals. War, where 100,000 civilians, or more,
get exterminated is ordered by our President to take the pressure off an adulterous affair.
This same President is impeached (reluctantly) for lying to congress under oath; yet he
still retains power.

The Oklahoma bombing refers to a 5000 lb fertilizer bomb that had to be trucked
in, stirred every 30 minutes (because the material is very hydroscopic, and it has a natural
deterioration). To accomplish this kind of goal smacks of a high degree of teamwork;
whereas the Government’s solution of prosecuting so few (that have no status for
commanding any kind of troops) vigorously stands in display of their complacency, and
desire to have the situation finalized - along with stopping other investigation that are not
in conformity. Basic logic shows extreme flaws: Problem #1 Explosions of any fuel that
chemically supplies its own oxygen requires pressurization to establish detonation.
Filling a 55 gal drum with gun powder, and sticking a fuse in it, will cause the drum to
split open somewhat noisily, and scoot all over the place until the fuel is expended i.e. no
detonation. Bury the same drum in the ground (leaving a path for the fuse) and you will
discover the effect of containment (very impressively) by about a 1000 time increase in
explosive force; because of detonation. Put that same drum into a high pressure area
generated by other explosives, and it will nourish and increase the cumulative effect.
Problem #2 At no time did the government identify containment, or primary ignition
explosives. Could it be they supplied them as many explosive technicians claimed?
Problem #3 The government changed stories after conviction; instead of oil that was
available to the defendants, it was changed to Nitro Methane that was supposedly stolen.

I hope I have made my point that we exist parasitically with government, secure
our financial affairs through government, handle disputes through government, become
educated through government, and that our morality is basically a puppet - to which the
government pulls the strings.


Everyone currently is commenting on: "What is happening to our

children. We know of no such violent calamities occurring when we were
growing up (just one or two generations ago)"!
When an incident occurs of 23 children that are shot in a school cafeteria;
the "Lawful Servants of Peace" solemnly look knowingly at the population
of America, and say that there is just too much "availability of guns in our
great country". The citizens then boldly support their mavens of justice,
and cry out for a government solution of stepping in and seizing these vile
tools of destruction. We as a society simply have shifted responsibility to
such a degree that many of the citizens today want to put the guns in jail,
or their manufacturer, rather than the perpetrator!

The first thing, before we impart blame, is to analyze the forces

that are creating this havoc; and then we would be at a place where we can
decide the best directions to go. Apparently there are 10 elements to this
overall equation of destruction that must be evaluated before we can move
forward on the problem.

Element 1: Compression. Population has increased over the last

two generations, however density of population has skyrocketed. More
people are packed into urban areas, while the farm population has
dwindled. Desmond Morris wrote a book on this concept called "The
Human Zoo", and he predicted that under these circumstances, that we
should expect these results.

(Note: Let me state right here that I am not a Ph.D.; that is a necessary
requirement before the present system would grant individuals like myself
credibility to assist in the cure of the problem. So I am writing this paper
only to illustrate the forces that are damaging our society so that the
common man, once informed, can pressure officials to do their job
correctly i.e. less disastrously.)

Element 2: Religion. Our Churches have drastically changed.

They have presently become an assemblage of humans, and are no longer
a "House of God". Within just the last two generations, any orthodox
families existing today have become rarities. Because of the orthodoxy's
respect of God and law, they were the cornerstone of morality, and the
bottom line in common law courts (that no longer exist). Yes, many
laughed and made fun of them for 'assumed' hypocrisy; however, they are
basically needed to intermingle their philosophies with the other members
of society, whether or not the rest of society is pagan.

Element 3: Money. Households are now disrupted for the sake of

the economy. In modern times it takes at least two paychecks for a family

to have property survival. This means with both parents working any
children created must have little, to no, supervision (and what is left of
that job usually goes to the lowest bidder). How dumb do we think our
children are when mischief is really a sign of intelligence? They learn
quickly that there is no such thing as personal possessions i.e.
anything/everything can be taken away! Thus theft is encouraged,
especially when the typical judge tells a typical juvenile defendant that his
problem was "being caught!".

(Note: If you would take the time to sit in on local courts, for a couple of
dozen cases, you would see that the above statement is quite accurate.)

Element 4: Theatrics. A controlled amount of seeding of "Hero's"

to be roll models, is societies technology to create a desire to mimic
"goodness". Unfortunately the modern Roll Models are creeps.
Corruption permeates from the top down in America, and this means
anyone having a following must be a well endowed individual
(financially, and not what our President proved to Monica). Look what we
have today: The Al Capone numbers racket is alive and well under the
name of lottery. To make a success in life, a youngster must deal in drugs
i.e. the day of "build a better mousetrap" is over. A successful drug dealer
that gets away with everything because of cooperating with authorities
(cutting them into most of the huge profits) are the real life creeps the kids
are seeing, and unfortunately because the average creep is less hypocritical
than the authority's, they become the modern icon of heroism. Dan Lasiter
and Roger Clinton are drug dealers; these guys are very close affiliates to
our President Bill Clinton (that never inhales). They are not serving time
for their crimes because of Bill's intervention! The Kennedy's fame and
fortunes were made off booze during prohibition! Roosevelt's grandfather
was the Worlds illegal drug Czar (living and operating in China) to
establish the Roosevelt fortune! Once our youth sees these inconsistencies
that the system offers, they simply become tokens of chance, rather than
laborers for success.

Element 5. Imperialism. Any infraction today is met with massive

overpowerment. No longer does our system send out just enough people
or equipment to handle a situation, but instead it demonstrates a
tremendous show of force (in the area of 100 times magnified) over what
is necessary. When charges are placed against an individual, regardless of
the quality of the evidence, expeditious judgment has occurred by the
present system. The individual has the choice of proving his innocents (at
very high costs), or accepting the opinionated judgment via contract called
"the plea bargain". Although this system has a reputation for swift
handling of cases, it creates a situation that punishes the innocent and
softens the judgment for the guilty. The popular opinion of many experts
familiar with this system technology is that 50% of our current prison

population doesn't belong there. If you have no status (i.e. celebrity etc.)
you will discover that as you attempt to fight your initial accusation the
number of associated laws that intermingle the original accusation will be
attached as added counts to a felony; so as to increase punishment to
compensate for the extra time expended (i.e. wasted in the systems point
of view). The present system is simply one of quick judgment by mob
consciousness, and long punishment for the unfortunate; rather than the

Element 6. Delinquent Parenting. Consider the problem of a legal

system that has broken down as mentioned in the above Element 5, and
then realize that parents now have become more responsible for many
things that they would never have been in the past generatio ns. As a
father, toss your teenage daughter across your lap and spank her butt.
Assault, statutory rape, endangerment of a child, and if nothing appears in
law for the situation, the court will invent charges in total violation of
constitutional law. And when they engage in illegal prosecution, they
refuse to permit a legal councilor to represent the defendant (A total
violation to our 6th Amendment; A councilor can be a law professor, and
does not have to be a member of the BAR. Only if you are amongs t the
rich and famous and can afford both a member of the BAR, and the law
professor, will he then be allowed into the courtroom). What I am saying
is that in these modern times it is the parents that have the punishment of a
highly reactive society hanging over them much more-so than the children
they are attempting to raise.....And the kids are totally aware of the
situation by the time they get into their teens, and they will use this tool!
For they will be uplifted and respected by the present society for turning
their "defective" parent in.

Element 7 Social/financial/artistic restrictions. We are in a society

that is spiraling upward in perfection of most art- forms. This is causing
social problems for those that are average and not intensely talented,
and/or we have financial barriers for those of moderate talent that cannot
afford the tools necessary to display their skill at the level demanded by
society. This selectivity is demonstrated in sports, hobbies, art, theater
and social activities etc.
Example 1: Just 25 years ago a Cheerleader was an adorable young lady
that was required to be close to a drum majorette in performing skills.
Today Cheerleaders must be an advanced master gymnast and juggler
creating a larger gap between them and the rest of the average citizens.
Example 2: Just 30 years ago when the kids wanted to play baseball; a
softball and bat was all that was required. Today the activity is very
organized with the financial requirement on the players to have helmets,
gloves, special shoes, uniforms etc. Unless dedicated to the activity, there
is no chance of exposure. (Personal note: I was not interested in baseball
myself; however, when my close friends needed me to play; I was there

for them. This is the kind of attitude that is totally missing today).
Example 3: 30 years ago you played an instrument if you were able to
keep time and do basics well enough to not be discordant. Today if you
admit to playing an instrument you are expected to be a master. If you
don't whip off the modern difficult pieces the professionals play; it
becomes a "yeh-shure" from the ones that have not invested any time in a
similar adventure, or have no skill whatsoever. This judgmental attitude
by our society (that has been an increasing breech) is a tremendous barrier
for our average children to hurtle; so less respect is generated for those
good little children whose parents provide, by those nasty little kids that
the parents don't provide for.

Element 8: Stimulation and Motivation. Many experts in child

psychology have blamed the entertainment industry for creating intensely
graphic displays of violence (and sex) and "that is responsible for junior to
have less compassion for his friends". My thoughts on this attitude is
100% pure bologna. Look again at the movies, viewing through the
exaggerated displays of macho- ism and siren- ism (that even the
youngsters are aware of as not real) to a even more demonic display of
attitude! This media not only portrays, but conception reinforces the fact
that "All the bad guys got everything...Lear jets, Yachts, Penthouses full
of babes, BMW, Mercedes etc.". What do the good guys got? The hope
of a retirement pension and no criminal charges for the things they break
perusing the bad guys!? And guess what; Our kids see this situation as an
absolute true fact in every day life. Unfortunately this is the way it is.

Element 9: Division Maintained. Prejudice is alive and well in

America. The maintenance of it is constantly reinforced by our "liberal
appearing" Government. 50 years ago when the blacks rode at the back of
the buss, a few heroes stood up for their rights; and won. Because of the
reverse discrimination of modern times the black now ride at the front of
the buss; a separation in humanity maintained via the mental view that
their forefathers were slaves, and they are now free to grab at the "gusto".
When whitey has the audacity to ask if he can join the group and ride with
them at the front of the buss, he is looked at as a white supremacist or
KKK member (and evil things happen). This illustration is the building
block for a universe of discriminating policies here in America that are not
only black and white issues but extend throughout the different races
residing here. In 1905 the English language was adopted as the standard
language for America, and German missed by one vote. We are now
trying to develop/conform to international standards so our schools have
become multi lingual. Creating special services for a specific race of
people simply creates and maintains a racial gap between them, and the
other races. So instead of working together and taking the time to learn
English to better integrate within the country they are residing in; they
automatically create the separatism by maintaining their isolating

language. Go to school in the other countries of the world and see how
quickly they modify their teaching vehicles in order to accommodate the
outlander. It just doesn't happen.

Element 10: Imagination. The video games, and movie special

effects, have a very simulating effect on mankind's imagination. With
enough of this form of "brainwashing" the 'victims' loose track of reality
and start to exaggerate their experiences. Instead of the kid things like
popping a lady finger (firecracker) in the john, it becomes an M-80 mortar
simulator that shattered the toilette, blew out the windows and really made
a mess. The reality of the little pop the hand held ladyfinger becomes lost
somewhere. This reality disorder is prevalent today. A lady shouts at an
officer to get off her property; she reaches down for something that looks
like a rock, and the trespassing officer shoots her 3 times. Rodney King
savagely attacked the unfortunate police officers to a degree some of them
"had" to take sick leave. Those officers actually believe their story long
before they will accept the live recorded truth!! Wrestling is popular, and
there are quite a few spectators that believe it is fact and not a put on!
When we have lots of imaginative exaggeration, our society becomes
much more inventive; but it also starts to crave more and more
stimulation until they reach the point that bird droppings are nuclear fall-
out. American law is presently being made to go after thought criminals.
This is vary dangerous to the victims and their families, but very
worthwhile financially to the law enforcement group, and BAR
association attorneys. Yes, money is the root of all evil! Even with all
this state of affairs, before a child embarks on turning imagination into
reality he has to really be pushed into a corner and abused like a savage
beast (that will attack). It would be interesting for some investigation to
occur on the perpetrator's friends and family; however, this is not likely to
happen because they were not participants in the end result; even though
they may have been a strong source of support (and possibly be some of
the new order of 'thought criminals' of the future).

Hopefully we have covered a large portion of the problems

confronting our children. We as parents have to stop thinking 'they' are
stupid; and we have to stop closing our eyes and ears in a "not my prob"
attitude. My basic contention is that the intelligent youngster is aware of
the elements more-so than their forbears that seem to be comfy existing
within the herd of humanity. Curing these problems are way beyond my
scope, and would require an 'army' of concerned Patriots. I am only
bringing the diagnostics forward so that when we have more incidents of
destruction of law (i.e. high school shootings, massacres etc.), some of us
will understand that extreme pressure many times greater than what the
last two previous generations had to cope with, is heavily applied onto our
youth of today, and this is why they react the way they do. Requesting
Government to step in and do something is masochistic because the

problem is generated primarily by too much Government. You see,
Government's solution would be to create more laws, more bureaucracy,
more credence to thought crimes, more leverage to purge the wicked gun
from honest Americans....In other words accelerate the problem instead of
correcting the sources....All 10 basic Elements.......[Presently].

FUTURE: A tall tale!
Written in 1996;’ at the start of Bill Clinton’s second term of office.

5:36PM Year 2001.5

US population now over 300 million

100 million attorneys are now in the inner circle of the life in
America. They all belong to the secret order of the BAR. All that is
required is to have a high school diploma and to swear allegiance onto the
BAR. If unable to graduate, any two members of the BAR can sign off,
providing the powerbase for the new applicant meets minimum

Law enforcement growth has now leveled off at 70 million

"Blessed carriers of the GUN". Most gun enthusiasts eagerly joined this
Fraternity to not only enjoy the shooting sports, but to go onto better
programs such as drive by shootings that are approved by the Government.
The tactics learned from Waco Texas (the Gideon's Mount Carmel), and
the other raids afterwards, have been improved; and rewards for these
adventures are quite handsome (sure beats midnight basketball).

2 fully employed Employees now are left for all of America;

interchangeably volunteering to take time off so that the unemployment
rate stays at the advertised 7%. Both work for the same corporation to
maintain the national product i.e. RAT TRAPS. All other corporations
have no declared employment and prove it by producing nothing.

Newsflash: Production rate of 4 federal Rat traps ahead of

schedule! (5 have been produced) so the American Stock Market is up on
the International Exchange. The insiders are secretly informed of
success....A trap actually caught a mouse (and a close cousin of a rat is
good enough). Advance orders were slow in coming until now because of
the high cost of liability insurance i.e. 70 million dollars; however, now
with the signs of success the traps will start snapping; and with any luck,
insurance costs will stay down as long as Gail Sugar isn't a registered rat
trap owner. After Hillary Clinton takes her profit of 22 million for her
1000 dollars invested, it will only take hard work for the next few years
for the organization to get back onto its feet with merely a huge deficit
before it. That will put this corporation in step, and balanced with all the
other great corporations (that have tremendous debt, but produce nothing).

Speaking of the Clintons, Bill is still recovering from his bout with
drugs 3 years ago, and is improving at the sanitarium, in fact he is
celebrating his first year away from padded walls. Hillary is doing so

good a job at managing the country during his absence that most do not
see any difference, in fact the election during the year 2000 went so
smoothly nobody realized Bill was missing . It's as if she had the reins
from the start; however, when it comes to election time it will always be a
success for our President..... Bill Clinton who will swear at the next
election that he has learned his lesson while being confined, and this time
do the job right!! (Little does he know Hillary already made arrangements
to send him back to the happy farm as soon as his charm captivates
America for another win at an election).

The war in the Ukraine is still at a standstill. Russia has totally

retracted all their troops and have insisted the US army straighten out the
mess that the American Taxpayer paid for!! 6 Divisions of the meanest
bitches on earth under the command of the UN have been assigned the
bloodiest task of overpowering 500 million solviet rebels that have
decided they do not want the American type of Democracy. What made
the American women so mean, and effective as super soldiers was a subtle
brainwashing that has occurred in combination with Orwellian (1984)
mind control. First they were given the vote, which meant they, the
minority, really had two votes per family. When they were a protected
gender, the Government convinced them they were being discriminated
against, and they should have equal rights (that will be just as unavailable
to them as they presently are to men). Once no longer the protected
gender, they were turned out to compete with men!!! That is work like a
man, plus keep a home, plus have and raise children, participate loyally in
political matters, and still have less status then a man because status in
America is based only upon a financial attribute and the amount of extra
time a man can fraternize because of less responsibilities. Once they
learned sexual aggression was permitted with status of any kind; this
combined with feminine intensity, made them loose track of being a coy,
virtuous, introverted but loving creature. Instead they have become
aggressive, tenacious, and vicious creatures that would strike fear into a
Viking warrior. The truth is that if any work is to be done, let the women
do it. Fly the jets, bomb the villages, kill the survivors and / or the
innocent citizens to mortally weaken the rebels. Born To Kill!!!

The stockbrokers are no longer working with sophisticated 3 and 4

dimensional computer models to stay ahead of the stock market. Instead
this science has been completely overrun by the new America Mafia
(affirmative action groups at their epitome) and its gamboling technology.
If CEO's don't cooperate with the process, they won't find a whole
secretary in their bed the next morning.

There is now 792 Physicians in America thanks to the Hillary

health care program. All the Doctors that actually engaged themselves in
medicine have been replaced by the survivors i.e. those that stay hand in

hand with the legal profession, and really know how to dodge a
malpractice lawsuit. They are no longer necessary with the invention of
the Hemo-procto-scope; however somebody has to press the buttons.
Today modern computers are the pharmacists dispensing drugs, analyzing
your problems with constantly updated information that is specifically
biased for your locality. When a medical problem arises one simply goes
on line with your home computer, plug in your Hemo-procto-scope (at
both ends) and relax while your computer does the "driving". This system
is so complete that if it diagnoses a dangerous fatal illness, it makes an
appointment for you at a local euthanasia center. These centers are now
quite common, and attached to local prisons that allow the poor
underprivileged criminals the opportunity to maintain their long
as it done painlessly.

Al Gore is still pushing the "Clean the Environment" scheme by

requesting the manufactures of Automobiles to make a $2000 car [that
Americans will be forced by the government to buy]. These light weights
have some shelter, a 100 cc engine, travel at 20 mph. Need no license, but
have an ID number that can be read via a police survey gun. This number
is assigned to the machines owner. Typical mileage, 100 miles + to the
gallon of fuel. The owners of these machines, that appear to be an
improved golf cart, will be restricted to live their lives in a 7 mile radius
from their homes. Yes, if your status is sufficiently high you can own a
$92,000 chevy and drive on special roadways, however the majority of the
people will have the restrictions, and the monitoring, as they roam within
their limitations. If the little machines get stolen, they can be picked up
quite fast with the scanners. Since all traffic now moves at a steady snails
pace and financial risk low, traffic violations would be reduced to the
misdemeanors they were originally intended to be. There seems to be so
much resistance to this Utopian concept that the American traffic scene is
all snarled up in every city because the construction needed to modify the
existing roadways that started in 1996, and the auto dealers have not
received Gore- mobiles yet because the public doesn't want them.

Tax time has become a pleasant situation now that the word
income has been banished from this great land. Only real property is now
taxed. Social security no longer exists or is needed. Why, because the
money presses are no longer indexed against a market economy (or any
other known standard) so all adult Americans over the age of 13 receive
$10,000 subsistence a year regardless whether or not they are one of the 2
employees. If they have 1 to 3 children it increases to $15,000. Any one
with more than 3 children are taken care of by Hillary's health program. A
special division of her program, run by Janet Reno, teaches the delinquent
parents how to properly raise an excess of children. The financial
endowment can be used at the adults discretion i.e. education that will
enhance future investment, savings for the future, or live high on the hog

with easy money. The adult recipient is required to perform at the
governments request, and do the task demanded; otherwise they will no
longer be subsidized and could start to lose possessions (just like the old
USSR). Yes, there is a subculture (that is permitted) of those that refuse
government endowments and simply live off the world of investments.
The new monitory system beats the old because it no longer prints and
issues money, and then intensely try to get as much of it back as possible.
This way the public gets their share, and the officials take what they want
within limitations, and the country runs smoothly. Congressmen and
Senators only have a 4 year term in office at a fixed salary of 3 million per
year. State officials i.e. Governors, Mayors, Judges etc. receive a 200
thousand per year salary. During their term in office they can make no
investments whatsoever (other than the first lady).

North Korea has become the bulldog of the world, and is the
country responsible for restraining World War III. When they built their
22,000 nuclear devices in semi secrecy the world never dreamed that
35,000 of the missing 37,000 nuclear devices thought to be in the Ukraine,
were already in their hands. When the USA went bankrupt in 1997, and
all the world powers that it owed because of its huge debt were ready and
willing to take action, Korea intervened and threatened massive retaliation
against the survivor(s). This allowed the USA to "curl its tail" and turn its
priorities inward and try to repair the damage done; leaving only
experimental wars such as the Ukraine going. (Naturally the North
Koreans are supporting the Ukrainians against the American ‘Bitches’
invading them).

Date written 7-17-96

Al Sugar

Note: The Author firmly believes there are only two directions America
can go in the future.
1. The way this article of comical charade, and exaggerations describes if
Bill Clinton is not impeached (because he and his supporters will find a
way for him to be a 12 year president).
2. The other less predictable way that the Author ran out of "Soothe to Sayeth."