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Initial Teaching Event (ITE) Purpose:

To provide baseline candidate and programmatic data in relation to

outcome standards for Standard V and the Teacher Performance
Assessment (edTPA).
The assessment system and program for Residency Teacher Certification at Pacific
Lutheran University begins with an Initial Teaching Event. The purpose of this event
is to provide you, the candidate, and the program, baseline data regarding your
current level of knowledge and expertise in the craft of teaching and learning.
At the next class session, all candidates will teach a Brief (no more than 10
minutes) lesson to a small group of peers and faculty. Your teaching will be
videotaped and posted on You will be sent a private link to review your
You will be able to use this video, along with specific feedback (exit slips) from your
peers and professor to reflect on your current understanding about teaching in
relation to the standards for Washington State Teachers.
Please fill out the attached lesson plan template to the best of your ability. You
may teach any type of lesson that you feel comfortable with, however, you must
use the suggested lesson topics (ITE LESSON TOPICS also attached as the basis for
your lesson. We recognize that you are new in the program and some of the terms
may be unknown. Again, do your best, but also know that the purpose here is to find
out what you know now, so your growth and learning can be measured over time
against the standard for Washington State teachers.
You will be assigned a group, time, and room for the teaching event. Be at your
assigned room location at least 5 minutes prior to your assigned time. At your
assigned time, your group will enter the classroom and teach their lesson. Peers
and faculty will complete feedback forms after your teaching time.
You will be able to access your feedback forms (exit slips) at the end of the day in the
School of Education office.
After the completion of the Initial Teaching Event, in class your professor will work
with you to complete the next steps of the process.
Welcome to the School of Education and Kinesiology.
Best wishes for a successful candidacy.

Initial Teaching Event

Instructional Plan Template
Candidate Name:


1. Context Description: Describe the grade level, age range, and

any other pertinent information that impacts the instruction in this
Insert your response here

2. Lesson Title/Focus: Name lesson, and curriculum focus

Insert your response here.

3. Target: What do I want my students to learn today?

Insert your response here.

4. Assessment Strategies: Describe how you will assess your

students in this lesson. How will you know if they have achieved the
Insert your response here.

5. Learning Experience: Describe the procedures - teacher

actions/student actions that will take place during your lesson (the

Insert your response here.

6. Instructional Materials, Resources, Technology: List those

materials, resources, and technology you will need to implement this

lesson fully.
Insert your response here.

7. Analysis and Reflection: To be completed after teaching the

lesson, reviewing video, and exit slip feedback.
Brief description and analysis of what actually happened as the
lesson was presented; what data presented itself, what needs to
happen next time.
Include in your response:
What information did you use to help you design and implement
this lesson?
Did your students learn what you wanted them to learn? How do
you know?
Based on your assessment, what would be the next lesson?
(tomorrows target)
Did you challenge all of your students? (high, medium, low) How
do you know?
Were your students engaged in the lesson? How do you know?
What did you notice about yourself while teaching?

Insert your response here.