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Chapter 3: Ratio, proportion, and percent

3.1 Use ratios and proportions to solve allocation and equivalence
Question #1 - Set up a ratio for the following information and reduce to
lowest terms
Question #2 – Use equivalent ratios in higher terms to eliminate
decimals from the following ratio
Question 3: Use equivalent ratios in higher terms to eliminate fractions
Question 4: Use equivalent ratios in higher terms to eliminate fractions
Question 5: Kevin’s eatery budgets food costs to account for 62% and
beverage costs to account for 30% of total costs. What is the ratio of
food costs to beverage costs?
Question 6: A company 8 executives, 16 office employees and 36
temporary staff. What is the ratio of executives to temporary staff?
Question 7: The cost of operating the maintenance department is to be
allocated to four production departments based on the floor space.
Question 8: Overhead cost is to be distributed among manufacturing,
selling and administration
Question 9: Executive salaries are charged to three operating divisions
on the basis of capital investment.
Question 10: The cost of warehouse space is allocated to three
inventories: raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods.
Question 12: D, E , and F own a business jointly and share profits and
losses in the same portion as their investments. How much of a profit
of $4500 will each receive
Question 13: Four beneficiaries are to divide an estate of
Question 14: Find the unknown term in the following proportion
Question 15: Find the unknown term……..
Question 16: Find the unknown term….
Question 17: A van requires 63 litres of gasoline to travel for 529
Question 18: Suhami Chadhuri has a one-sixth interest in a
Question 19: Seven-ninths of Jesse Black’s inventory was destroyed by
Question 20: Last year, net profits of a company were six-thirteenths of
Question 21: Material cost of a fan belt is nine-elevenths of total cost
Question 23: A hot water tank with a capacity of 220 L can be heated
in twenty minutes.
3.2: Convert percents, common fractions, and decimals
Question 3: Answer each of the following questions. Complete (a)

Question 1: What is 198 increased by 30% Question 2: What number is 33 1/3% more than 240? Question 3: What number is …. What is the exchange rate? How many u. 62 ½% of the population Question 5: The direct material cost of manufacturing a product is Question 6: A firm’s bad debts of $7875 were 2 ¼% Question 7: A & E Holdings’ profit and loss statement showed a net income of 3.7 Questions 8: Suppose it costs C$260 to purchase US$245. 3. Question 14: The annual interest on a bond is Question 15: A special purpose index has increased 116% .s dollars? Question 9: A storekeeper bought merchandise for $1644.23. Daisy pays 37 ½% of her monthly gross salary as rent on a townhouse. X-35% of x=76.through (j) below Question 4: In the last municipal election. and net income was two-sevenths of gross profit. Question 12: A residential property is assessed for tax purposes Question 13: Ms. Less than 222? Question 4: What percentage more than 1310 is 1572? Question 5: What percentage less than #380 is $209 Question 6: The amount of $1500 is what percent more than $1250? Question 7: Solve the following equation. Question 12: The price of a carpet was reduced by 50% Question 13: Labour content in the production of an article is 33 1/3% Question 14: The Canada pension plan premium deducted from an employee’s wages was Question 15: Mei Jung paid $26 toward a dinner that cost a total of $125 Question 16: Gross profit for April was two-fifths of net sales.22 of tax.4: Find rates and original quantities for increase and decrease problems.3: Find percents and percent bases to solve business problems. Question 10: A clerk whose salary was Question 11: A 13. If she sells the merchandise at 16 2/3% above cost.5% blended sales tax on a pair of shoes amounted to $23. Question 17: A sales representative’s orders for May were 16 2/3% Question 18: The price of a stock a week ago was Question 19: A property owner listed his property for 160% more than he paid for it.

6 is 80% more than what number? Suppose the Consumer price Index in 2009 is 114. convert. 2002 and 919. 5.5: Use proportions and currency cross rate tables to convert currency Question 1: How many US dollars can you buy for C$779.000 per year. Question 4: What is the price of gasoline per litre in Canadian dollars if a Question 5: Using the currency cross rate table.2 and for 2009. when he received an increase of $6000 per year. Chapter 5: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Break-Even 5. Allan’s gross pay Question 5: Matt’s gross pay had been $68.1: Construct and interpret cost-volume-profit-charts Question 1: A firm manufactures a product that sells for $12 per unit.Question Question Question Question 16: 17: 18: 19: The working capital at the end of the third quarter After real estate fees of 7% had been deducted The number 453.5 Question 4: Brenda’s annual incomes for 1992.4. Question 6: Using the currency cross rate table 3. If the Consumer price index Question 6: A stock index was 860.9 3... compute a series of simple price Question 3: Suppose the consumer price index for 2006 was 107.00 if one Canadian dollar is worth US$0.7361 Question 2: How many Canadian dollars can you for…… Question 3: Suppose the exchange rate was….2: Compute break-even values using the cost-volume-profit .3 on March 31.000 in 1995. it was 119. compute a simple price index Question 2: Using the indicated base period. 3. 1996. and 2002 were Question 5: Mario earned $33.6: Use index numbers and the Consumer Price Index Question 1: Using 2005 as the base period.7: Use federal income tax brackets Question 1: Matt calculated his 2012 taxable income Question 2: Nancy calculated her 2012 taxable income Question 3: Using the 2012 federal income tax brackets Question 4: In early 2012. Variable cost per unit is $4 Question 2: A firm manufacturers a product that sells for $11 per unit.

relationships Question 1: The neighborhood bookstore sells novels for Question 2: The operating budget for a certain company Question 3: A local car dealership has revenues Question 4: Xia-Ming is considering the expansion of her pictureframing camera Question 5: Samantha and a group of friends have set up a weekend baseball tournament. Question 10: Juan’s Question 11: Joy’s business had a budget of $227.4: Question 1: Ingrid is planning to expand her business by taking on a new product Question 2: A booth in a mall sells calendars. Question 8: Woody Woodworks makes and sells cedar planters boxes Question 9: A daycare charges $52 per day per child. Tarek. wants to set up a business completing tax forms Question 9: A local convenience store sells a large variety of snack foods.3: Question 1: Rubber and steel company is planning to manufacture a new product. Question 6: John wants to earn money this summer by maintain gardens and lawns. a college student. Question 13: A manufacturer of major appliances provides Question 14: Quickprint Services operates 5. 5. an entrepreneurial business student.000 Question 12: The following information is available from the accounting records of Eva corporation. is selling a computer Question 4: The date to the right pertain to the operating budget of Jones Manufacturing Question 5: Slicks Mechanics provides oil changes for vehicles Question 6: A vehicle accessory shop is considering buying a new style Question 7: Macdonald Elementary School needs to raise money for the new playground Question 8: Tina. Question 7: Melinda and Morris sell soft drinks at ball games. The calendars are purchased . Question 2: Rosemary is planning to make fancy. multi-tiered wedding cakes Question 3: To pay for his academic fees.

Question 2: A wholesale company prices its inventory at #120.00 Question 3: A sports store purchased tennis racquets for Question 4: Sheridan Service sells oil at a markup Question 5: A car accessory is sold for $40.613.50.Question 3: A sandwich store rents space for $985 Question 4: A news stand sells local fashion magazines.4: Question 1: A flavored drink was offered for sale at $2.09 at West Store.2: Question Question Question Question Question 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Bay Street Vending received an invoice dated June 12 Pallette Manufacturing received an invoice A company received an invoice What amount will reduce the amount due on an invoice of What amount will reduce……… 6.16 Question 6: On May 18. Question 6: Sportsbags Inc.1: Question 1: A barbeque is listed Question 2: An electric drill is listed Question 3: An electronic game listed at Question 4: Arrow Manufacturing offers discounts of Question 5: Shamin Jewelers sells diamond necklaces for Question 6: Compute the rate of discount allowed on a lawnmower that lists Question 7: A 40% discount allowd on a article amounts to Question 8: A freezer was sold during a clearance sale for $387.3: Question 1: Guiseppe’s buys supplies to make pizzas at a cost Question 2: A hardware store buys outdoor lights for $4. The cost to purchase the Question 5: Projected financial results for the university’s cafeteria. 6. an invoice dated Question 7: What amount must be remitted if the following invoices Question 8: The Peel Trading Company received an invoice date September 20 6. . makes and sells hockey bags for students. If the freezer was sold at a Question 9: A machinery company lists a long splitter Question 10: A ski jacket that cost a dealer 6.

to buy a car 4: Joe borrowed 5: Lin Yan borrowed from her parents to finance a vacation 6: Using the simple interest formula.2: Question Question Question Question 1: 2: 3: 4: Determine the deposit that must be made Find the rate Joan borrowed $3240 and is to repay the balance Determine the number of days . state the rate and time 11: Computer the aount 7..44 for a dinner plate set. to buy a car.6: Question 1: A merchant realized a markup of $42 by selling an item at a markup 7. Leah deposited $435.00 into savings 3: Billy borrowed …. If interest was charged 2: On March 28.5: Question 1: An electric fireplace cost a retailer Question 2: A department store paid $64..Question 3: Find the rate of markdown and the mardown Question 4: Luigi’s Restaurant offers a “buy one dinner get the other dinner for half price” Question 5: A lakeside resort offered a midweek package Question 6: Pat Putters Company sells golf balls for $29 per dozen. compute the amount 7: Same as question 6 8: Compute the amount of interest 9: Compute the amount of interest 10: Using the simple interest. a store priced a book Question 9: A bedroom suite that cost a dealer $1800 less Question 10: An appliance store sold GS coffeemakers for 6. Question 3: Aldo’s Shoes bought a shipment of 682 pairs of women’s shoes for $42 per pair Question 4: A clothing store buys shorts for $49. Question 7: Homeward Hardware buys car litter for $6 Question 8: Using a markup of 35% of cost.1: Question Question account Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question required Question 1: Joe borrowed ….00 less 45% Question 5: A jewellery store paid a unit price of $250 6. 2006.

00 Question 3: Manuel wants to invest an inheritance of $26.4% in three months Question 2: What amount of money will accumulate to Question 3: Determine the present value of a debt of due in six months Question 4: The annual Tennis Club membership fees of $10. Question 6: On October 15.000. 2006. Question 10: Mac’s credit card statement included in cash advances and Question 11: On January 18. Question 5: The lawyer for a credit union member has sent a cheque.00 interest on a 100-day term deposit Question 9: Xi-Yong’s Dress Shop borrowed to buy material.44 interest Question 14: If $680 is worth $698. 2006. Question 9: Compute the accumulated value of $4200 at 7.4 Question 1: What principal will have a future value of $4572. 2006.000 for one year. Toddler’s Toys borrowed money with .00 in a 349-day term deposit. Ben bought a governmentguaranteed short-term investment Question 7: On October 15. a company invested $32.75% in 156 days? Question 16: At what rate of interest must a principal of Question 17: In how many months will $2500 earn 7.3: Question 1: Arthur invested $2698. Low rider Automotive established a line of credit Question 12: Find the loan principal Question 13: What principal will earn $34. 2006.00 are due on June 12.87 at 4.70 Question 15: What principal will earn $24.2007.32 interest from Question 7: Pablo wants to supplement his pension by Question 8: Bunny’s Antiques received $50.Question 5: Determine the number of months Question 6: What principal will earn #40. Question 2: On May 24.380. His credit union offers Question 4: Find the future value of Question 5: Find the maturity value of Question 6: Compute the future value Question 7: Find the future value Question 8: Mountain Grains Cooperative wants to invest in a shortterm deposit.00 at 6.

000. nine.00. Question 4: Dan borrowed $740. Question 8: Find the principal and the interest amount Question 9: Find the principal and the interest amount Question 10: What amount of money will accumulate to Question 11: What is the present value of due in nine months if interest is Question 12: Payments of …. and….00 on June 12.00 today and is it repay the loan in two equal payments. The Loan is to be repaid Question 7: Find the equivalent replacement payments Question 8: Find the equivalent replacement payments. Are due four months from now and nine months from now Question 13: Schedule payments of $800 due two months ago and $1200 due in one month are to be 7. . A noninterest bearing note for Question 9: Determine each of the items listed . Question 9: Find the equivalent replacement payments for the following scheduled payments Question 10: Payments of $4000 each due in four. and eleven months form now are to be settled Question 11: Loan payments of $700 due three months ago and $1000 due today Question 12: A loan of $5000 is to be repaid in three equal installments due 60. on the date indicated. 120 and 180.00 was due 30 days ago and another payment of Question 3: Jane was due to make loan payments of $1984 eight months ago. 2007.5 Question 1: Two scheduled debt payments of Question 2: A loan payment of $1000. 8. she agreed to repay the loan in two equal payments Question 6: Krista borrowed ….a promise to pay $10. and $430 in six months. 5. Questions 5: When Ruby borrowed $1249.1 Question 1: The face value of a two-month.6% note dated Question 2: Use the future value formula to compute the maturity value of the following promissory notes Question 3: Compute the maturity value Question 4: Computer the maturity value Question 5: Determine the amount of interest on a 45-day note for Question 6: A $1388 note is issued on December Question 7: A 120-day note for $1977 with interest Question 8: Find the present value.. $4895 six months ago.

4 Question 1: Suppose your business has secured a line of credit and receives the accompanying statement Question 2: Suppose you have a line of credit and receive the accompanying statement Question 3: Suppose you have a line of credit and receive the accompanying statement Question 4: Suppose you have a line of credit and receive the .25 Question 4: On April 1.7% Question 3: An automotive dealer borrowed 75000 form the Bank of Montreal Question 4: The Tomac Swim Club arranged short-term financing of $12. a four-month promissory note Question 15: Compute the proceed of a five-month.000. 91-day Province of Nova Scotia Question 3: An investor purchased a 91-day. $10. $25.396.3 Question 1: On March 4.5 percent Question 14: On June.000 with an interest rate of 9. with interest Question 11: Determine the maturity value of a 120-dfay note for $1250 dated May 23 and bearing interest Question 12: The maturity value of a seven-month promissory note issued July 31. dated April 4. Question 5: The continental Bank made a loan of 25. Fat Tires Ltd. Borrowed 12. 2011. 8.00 T-bill on its issue date for $99. is $3275 Question 13: What is the face value of a three-month promissory note dated November 30.00 364-day treasury bills were auctioned off to yield 2. 2012. $100. 2012.28% Question 5: Government of Alberta 364-day T bills with a face value 8. with interest at 4.000 for investment purposes on May 17 Question 7: Quick Print Press borrowed 20.000. 2012.00.000. Question 6: Dirk Ward borrowed 13.000.2: Question 1: What is the price of a 364-day.00 Government of Canada treasury bill that yields Question 2: An investment dealer acquired a $10.000 from the Provincial Bank 8. The loan was repaid in full Question 2: Automotive Excellence Inc.00 on April 8 with an interest rate of 4.Question 10: A note for $844. 2006. $7000 promissory note dated September 6. borrowed $20.8%.000.000 on March 6.000 on July 10 with the Bank of Commerce.

accompanying statement Question 5: Exotic Furnishings Ltd.00 from his uncle at 5. Julio borrowed $1. Interest was charged at 7% Question 3: On June 15.5 Question 1: Shelley borrowed $1002.00 loan were $418. Has a line of credit secured by the equity in the business 8.00 per month.010.6% per annum calculated on the monthly unpaid Question 2: Blended payments on $2040.5% per annum calculated on the daily balance Question 5: You borrowed $3000 at 9% per annum calculated on the unpaid monthly.00 from Sheridan Credit Union Question 4: On May 8. Manuel borrowed $640.00 from the Dominion Bank at 7. .