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Architectural Services
April 2003

1.1. Standard services
The standard services for which the architect is responsible fall into the five stages.


Stage 1 : Appraisal and Definition of the Project

Receive, appraise and report on the Employers requirements with particular regard to site
information, planning and statutory regulations and budget.
Advise the Employer on :
procedures to meet his requirements
the need for the appointment of other professionals
methods of contracting
programme for the project


Stage 2 : Design Concept

Advised by any other professionals appointed, prepare a design concept in broad outline
showing intended space provisions, planning relationships and materials and services intended
to be used
Advise the Employer on:
the technical and functional characteristics of the Project as proposed
the estimated costs in relation to the budget
the anticipated Project programme


Stage 3 : Design Development

Develop the design concept in sufficient detail to:

define the construction of the building
spatially co-ordinate the work designed by other professionals and specialists
review the design with the relevant authorities


Stage 4 : Technical documentation

Compilation of technical documentation, including:

Prepare construction documentation and co-ordinate the documentation with the
work designed by other professionals and specialists.
4S03 Sample generic scope of
work for professional services

Architectural Services


Obtain approval from the relevant authorities.

Review the estimated cost of the Works in relation to the budget.
Prepare and compile documents to solicit tender offers for the execution of the

Stage 5 : Contract Administration and Inspection

Conduct all contract administration functions required in the contract, and fulfill the inspection
requirements to ensure that the works comply with the requirements of the contract, including:
Obtain tender offers for the execution of the Works and advise the Employer
regarding the award of the building contract.
Prepare contract documentation and arrange for the signing thereof.
Administer and perform the duties assigned to the architect in the building contract.
Provide the Employer with as-built drawings, certificates, relevant technical data
and guarantees from suppliers on completion of the Works.

1.2. Supplementary Services

The following services are supplementary to the standard services described in Section 1.1 and
require additional work:


Special Studies and Designs:


The preparation of the Employers brief and/or the drawing up thereof.

Site selection, survey and location.
Energy conservation
Economic feasibility
Market surveys
Town planning, urban design
Master site planning of future buildings related to the current works
Promotional material
Art work and graphics
Purpose-made items
Interior design including the selection, documentation and procurement of furniture
and furnishings and special finishes or fixtures.
Plant procurement, operational and production layouts.

Existing Premises

Surveys and inspections

Measuring up and preparation of documentation

4S03 Sample generic scope of

work for professional services

Architectural Services


Special Administrative Services


Rezoning or change of use or amendments of town-planning schemes.

Checking of cost plus or managed contracts where a quantity surveyor has not been
Extended and detailed inspection of the Works if required by the Employer.
Sectional title preparation of documentation or other work additional to the
requirements of the Sectional Titles Act, 1988 (Act. No. 95 of 1988), for which duties
and fees are not prescribed in the said Act.
Quality control and assurance.
Services concerning work arising from the insolvency or liquidation of a party related
to the building contract.
Services concerning disputes and litigation associated with the Project.
Additional services not contemplated in standard services, the need for which is not
attributable to the architect.

Supplementary or Revised Documentation


The provision of supplementary or revised documentation due to the exigencies of

the Project or revised requirements of the Employer arising after the architect has
received the Employers instructions to commence his work, provided that any other
additional fees do not cover such documentation.

Other Services

Maintenance and operating manuals

Special project management services
Mutually agreed additional services

4S03 Sample generic scope of

work for professional services

Architectural Services