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Ba duan jing

Eight "qi gong" exercises:

Qigong is a discipline in which you use your mind
to direct the flow and circulation of qi (energy)
within your body along the twelve meridian lines,
or jingluo; these exercises cure illness and
restore health and strength.
Form 1
shuang shou tuo tian li san jiao:
two hands lift up the sky, regulating the flow
of qi throughout the body
Form 2
zuoyou kai gong si she diao:
draw the bow to left and right, as if shooting
for hawks. This exercise strengthens the
lungs and breathing.
Form 3
tiaoli piwei xu dan ju:
to regulate the spleen and stomach, you
must raise a single hand. This exercise is
good for the digestion.
Form 4
wu lao qi shang wang hou qiao:
remove fatigue and injuries by looking
behind you at your heels.
Form 5
yao tou bai wei qu xin huo:
rotate the head and bottom to remove
fire in the heart. This exercise strengthens
the spine.
Form 6
bei hou qi dian bai bing xiao:
bounce on your heels seven times, thus
removing 100 ills. This exercise circulates
the qi and is good for the brain.
Form 7
zhuan quan nu mu zeng qi li:
make two fists, open eyes in anger, thus
increasing your qi and energy.
Form 8
liang shou pan zu gu shen yao:
touch your toes and firm up the kidneys
and waist.